Nope I haven't disappeared...

Nope, haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth. Just having some changes going on at my house.. Some of you may know that my brother in law had a new baby 6 weeks ago. And what comes next some of you may not want to But I watched him 4 days last week and we are watching him 4 more this weekend. So that they can get some work going on and get paid. They are like super behind and super sorry....
My husband felt that this was only right, thing to do to help. Yep, I am taking care of a newborn. Weeeee, I know it is crazy.. But I will tell you this some people shouldn't be allowed to pro-create (hope that means pop them babies out!!!) . I know that is probably horrible to say. But I can't understand any one these days.
Well just wanted to stop in and say hello.. Just sooo busy, when I get to a lull, I will try to catch up.
Pray for this baby, that what joy I can bring to him, will carry through his toughest days..
Thanks for all the thoughts ..
Catch you soon


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