Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To my sister... she knows which one I am speaking about....she just spurs me on to blog. Blogging is a great release of all the fun I have around here.

What's new? Well so far we have had the baby for over a month now. Yes, as your mouth is dropping, I am trying to talk them into letting me adopt him. I checked around though and it is going to be 2000 dollars. Wow, and then you wonder why people don't step up and do the right thing. It seems everything is about money. So now I guess I will be saving up. It may take awhile but hopefully between that time, their situation keeps them away from us and the baby.
He is happy, healthy and growing.
I can't for the life of me understand why some people have children. This particular situation is really kinda of a mess. It seems that a grown man (45) and a grown woman (24) can not seem to see what a priority is. They would rather beg and get assistance than get a job. I am just appalled. I have however just given it all to God. It will be whatever He wants. But for now the baby is safe and here.

As for me... I have an orthopedic appointment on Tuesday, Nov. 25. And if I don't give myself an anxiety attack before I go, I will be fine. I have always for the last few years had problems, getting up, down and just walking around some days. I lost the weight thinking that it would help. 298-238 but it seems to be worse. It seems to radiate around my hip and into the legs. I can probably come up with a million diseases. I just hope it isn't too bad. I really try not to think about it. I will keep everyone up to date.

As for the kids, Elizabeth is enjoying the senior life. I will post one of her essays for college soon. What a tear that from her mother..hahahah
Thomas is on a hiking field trip to canyon mtn.??? never heard of it. But he is in the Science Club. He can be so shy and now he is doing something he loves. I thought this year in school was going to be the same as years before, but he is really holding his own. He has a few weakness' but who doesn't.

Well I am gonna go.. gotta get all the kids up. And the baby.

I just want to ask everyone for their prayers for the baby and for myself.
Will keep everyone up to date..
I swear....
Love to my sister...
and love and keep in touch to everyone else..


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