Time just slips so quickly.... Feb.12 2008

Hello to everyone. I know, I know....I barely have two minutes to rub together...lol
It is so hectic around here all the time.
My hip problem, seems to be there all the time. I have kept base with the doctors and have been back in to see them. I have to do physical therapy for 8 weeks and then be checked again. I really think people think I have all the time in the world. I guess this is my cross to bear. I pray every day that God is going to take it easy on me a bit.
As for the adoption. We went and finished the paperwork for the petition for adoption. We now have to wait while the birth mother gets a new birth certificate. She conviently lost it...any how, I won't let anything get me down. Just gives me a bit more time to get it all together. And the baby is with us, and he is going nowhere. They have signed their rights away. Next step is to submit it and then a guardian of the court will come and talk with us. Like a home visit. Go over health, money, and all the other stuff. I sure hope my hips don't become a problem.. But I am under a doctor care and I have been taking care of him for 4 months now and 4 others during the day. So it is not like I can't do it. I don't know sometimes, you can see how difficult the laws make it for good people like us to do the right thing. I mean the cost, the days off, the running around.. It is work. But I know down deep that this is what we were meant to do. He is a part of our family. I am positive that God will lead me through all of this.
In the middle of all this, I am doing taxes, financial aid for Elizabeths college next year. Trying to get a 12 year old through school and finish highschool on a great note for my daughter.
I feel so overwhelmed at times, I find peace when I lay down. I know that this is just an endurance run and we will all come out at the finish line, wiser, happy and successful...and broke..(no.. just joking)
Well I just wanted to say hey and let everyone know that I miss blogging and I will try more later.
I am in the process of getting a laptop so I can carry it around with me. That way I can stay more on top of stuff. Just got my wireless router today...yea
Well everyone take care and I love you all


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