March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to me.. well yesterday in fact. Yes, I turned 48, not such a bad number 50 will probably be my new 30. lol. I am hoping that one day I will get back to being my old self.
This hip pain is such a major pain. It is especially bad when it is really cold, and guess what ... GA got snow yesterday. And today is so cold. Just feels like I am sitting on spikes. Any way that you move causes pain. I can live with a can or hanging onto the buggies when I walk. The pain is the worst. Especially when I sit down. I have now purchased the most beautiful, ensemble to my underwear collection. The most beautiful, Girdle....oh my gooodness...ugly...I know TMI.
But it seems to hold it all together and keeps my hips from feeling like they are slipping out of place. That is what causes the pain. The only down side is that the only time I can' wear it is to go to the bathroom and take a shower. So I just gotta pray before that I don't get that sickening, sliding pain. But as soon as the warm weather comes it seems so much more bearable. Physical Therapy help too.
I have to go back and see the doctor in a few weeks. Then what ever is next. I think with insurance all the protocols will have to be tried first. So needless to say I am just a passenger on this ride...
The adoption is going smoothly, hope to hear from the Lawyer this week to get our fingerprint and background done. Then I think he said a home interview...Oh doesn't that sound pleasant. I don't see any hitchs... I just have to keep positive and pray for those answers.
My daugher is getting her own room made in our basement. Has it's own enterance and she will be able to come and go. I already treat her like an adult, so I foresee no problems. I think she has turned out to be a great adult and will do well in life. Her passion for the one's she loves shows all the time.
My son, still poking along in 6th grade... He is a handful...
As for my husband, still just putting up with us all. I don't know how he keeps going. He makes me tired. Always pulls a 100 plus around here. He is my rock and without him, I would probably be blowing away, like a ballon. I am so crazy at times...
Well just wanted to stop in and say hello and share a bit..
Keep in touch and take care always.


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