April 30, 2009

wow, I just realized how long it has been since I have been back to blog. It seems as if my life has been a whirlwind lately. In the middle of everything, I am having a health problem with my hips and low back. I am amazed at myself at my endurance. What I am going through would probably put a normal person down. I am still watching kids in the middle of this too. I can only hope that it will be something to learn from.
The court hearing for Patrick Daniel Lynch's adoption is Monday. I am praying all will go well. Also praying that God will carry me on his wings in. Walking is getting difficult. I will go back to the doctor next week, once his adoption is finished and signed, sealed and delivered.lol...
I am also been working on my facebook. I really come to enjoy it alot. I always loved keeping in touch with people I have known. I rememembered when I left Berea, I was sending back 20-30 letters to keep in touch. Wow, if we had only had internet back then.
Other than all my drama..I will try to get back here more. I really enjoy it also.
So to everyone, please keep in touch...
facebook.... louise watson lynch

I will come back next week and let everyone know the status of our adoption. Till then keep prayers up for us..thanks


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