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Fall Family Update 2021

  Hi just wanted to let you Catch up on our world. I have actually gotten rid of my Direct TV and to be honest, it was just a habit. A habit to pop it on and watch the latest news. A habit to just mindless watch stuff. Now I kinda pick my shows and the mindless stuff better. I will tell you with all that watching news I found it rather hard to find any truth, or if you do the next day it is washed over and gone. So my need for the truth from the media or even the government is slowly leaving me. I am so Glad the I found God so many years ago. Seriously He never disappoints and I have found happiness, and sadness, abundance and loss through the years. I can actually say He is with me always. I know this. My faith, hope, and love for mankind will be victorious I promise. So with my extra time, I have found other ways to find peace. My yard is now turning - ish to fall. Slowly here in GA. My pool has that pretty, clean, blue shine, from the direct sun, that hits at 12 noon. Slowly it wi

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