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Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Mini Pita Bread

  Joseph's Mini Pita Just doing a product review. I am not being paid or asked to do anything for this product. I wanted to share a great alternative to the regular pitas. I use this for all kinds of stuff. I love it with homemade hummus, egg salad and even to use as a flat bread. It is really a great way to watch carbs and calories. They also make other items. They are just as good. I love the flat one, lavash. You can make a good sized buritto or a flat pizza. Just wanted to share my find. I am doing WW blue now and I have lost almost 30lbs and this is 1 point a pita. So I had a very nice egg salad on it. for a total of 2 points. Keep it simple. Stay Well

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