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Cauliflower Rice Sushi

Wow, what a game changer for me. I love sushi and I love the sweet sushi rice that they use.
So today, I decided that I would try my cauliflower rice and see if I could at least imitate the flavor, and I got alot more than that. I feel I got the flavor and the texture. Just kicking myself, that I didn't do few more kinds. Next time I will do the spicy tuna, or shrimp, or the crunchy shrimp kind. This time I just did a plain, kinda a californ-ish roll maybe. I am not real savvy for sushi.
This can be made and rolled and cut into sushi rounds. Or you can make a sushi bowl. I did both, I also showed you the different kinds of seaweed wrap or the seaweed sprinkles with sesame. One of my new aquistions. I love the flavor it brings and a plus some good vitamins.

Cauliflower Shushi


Cauliflower Rice

Bag of cauliflower, ( 12 oz ) (cup and 1/2) fresh or you can grate your own.
Rice Wine Vinegar (quarter cup)
Truvia (or you can use sugar) (1tsp) (but you need to add per taste0

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