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Edamame - Air Fryer

These are one of the best finds that I have ever made in my air fryer. Even better than the cauliflower when you get it all charred up a bit. I found these frozen edamame in the shell at the store. This is a plus, because you can keep them on hand and use when you want. Like some veggies fresh bought go to fast.   As far as I know eating the pods is a not kinda yummy thing, so you want to get the bean.

All you need is 

One bag of frozen edamame (I use just from the freezer

Sea Salt / Pepper

just a dash of olive oil.

What to do:

Take a gallon bag and throw them in, season and a bit of olive oil.

Then I put them in a 9" throw away aluminum pan I use for my air fryer oven. The air fryer drawer I use the 7". You can order both of them from Amazon. Or just spray the rack and put on, I use the pan so I don't slop them all over when I stir them around. In the air fryer with the drawer, just spray drawer and throw them in.

If you preheat about 5 min. You can cook them 400, stir a…

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