Thursday, May 12, 2011

Okay, I know, I have to get a new camera, this one is so crappy, my picture is so blurry. I am going to keep it on there though, you can see a little of the colored pasta. It actually was so very good.

Bargain! Bargain!

I have been posting on my Facebook all day.. The Kroger’s in my area was running a mega sale and Ronzoni pasta was on it. I bought, and had enough coupons that it was actually free; 50 boxes of Ronzoni pasta. The Garden Delight, the Healthy Harvest (whole wheat one) the Quick Cook, and the Smart Taste brands. I went to Ronzoni web site and it will let you print two sets of the four types of pasta from each computer. We had three computers and therefore I ended up with 6 sets of the four coupons. I also had an extra quick cook from the paper.

For their sale of the $5.00 mega deals,you must buy in sets of ten. Each coupon was for 2/1.00. Their sale price after the mega deal left them at .49 cents a box; combined with the 2 for 1.00 made it literally free. Yay! For me. Elizabeth and I loaded up 50 boxes, we felt like the coupon lady on the TV’s. We also go some other good deals which I will share in a minute.

Here is the Ronzoni site: (if the link doesn't work you can paste into your browser)

Kroger is also selling Kraft cheese slices; I found a coupon for them also for a 1.00 off. They were selling for 1.79 and that left me with .79 pack of cheese. I also printed out 6 of these.

Here is the cheese one:

Kroger is also selling: The smart ones (weight watchers) for 1.38 and 1.88, you can go to their site and print one for 1.00 off of 5. Remember in the Mega Deals you must have quantities of 10.
Capri sun drinks were 1.49.

I think that is all the good deals that we got.

So back to this 50 boxes of pasta. Well tonight we tried the fettuccine Garden Delight (a whole serving of veggies in one plate.) The kids loved it. I actually borrowed the recipe from the box. I wanted to share with you the first of many, (I am sure with all the pasta I have)

Garden Pasta Alfredo
(From the Ronzoni box) (I actually stretched it and used two boxes and it worked great, you know I got plenty to go around.)


Meat: (you can pick your favorite, or just go vegetarian)
Chicken chunks
Ham chunks

8oz cream cheese
2tsp of butter
2 cups of milk Garlic (or garlic powder)
Parsley (just a bit)

1 box fettuccine


Cook the Pasta.

While the pasta is cooking put in another pan all the other ingredients to make the sauce, stirring and heating until it and melts together. Pour over cooked pasta and mix well. Let sit for a few minutes (it thickens) and be sure to serve with grated parmesan cheese and pepper.

In my effort to save money, use healthy ingredients I think this also would be good with brocolli,or veggies chunked and sauteed and put in it. You could also use a low fat cream cheese and skim milk. I think the possibilities are endless.

So there it is the one of many. I guess my mission is to keep that pasta moving.

I wanted to get this posted so, if any of you need pasta or is just looking for a good freebie, you still have until Saturday, May 14, 2011.

So keep reading my blog, I am on a mission to use this pasta and use it well. So also try when I can to keep you up on my bargains.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Perogies > from home

Good day to everyone.

I have again, saved the leftover mashed potatoes, that were lonely in the fridge and created something really good. So good in fact that I think they will be on the menu this week. I just get so excited to share things with everyone.



1-2 cups of leftover mashed potatoes

¼ cup of cheddar cheese

Handful of minced onion (sorry, no precise measurement, depends on how much you like, and depends here on how much I get in without the kids complaining.)

1 egg(beaten)

A dash of salt and pepper ( I always put alot of pepper)

Pkg of wontons (the small square ones) I keep these for all kinds of stuff


Mix all the ingredients together and place in a dollop on the wonton and wet edges and fold into triangle.

You can make up a lot of these and keep in fridge, I can bet you can freeze them too, but I never get a chance.

Sautee in margarine or butter and a bit of olive oil till brown. After removing them let them cool a bit, I think the flavors come out when they cool.

I know that you can buy them ready made and frozen and then just cook. Very easy. But I found it more satisfying to make them, because it made it so I didn’t waste those mashed potatoes, and I know the exact ingredients of what I am eating. Also anything I make for my family has to be large quanity and the small bag at the store just doesn't justify that price.

I researched and found that some people serve them with bacon and sourcream on top. Yum, nothing is bad with bacon on it. We ate them just sautéed in the butter and olive oil. I only have a few to share a picture with you.

So when you have some of those leftover mashed potatoes hanging out (or even that last baked potatoe, take it out mash it), enjoy this dish. I promise you wont be disappointed.

School here is almost out and I am sure I will be posting more. I have more people to try things on.

I hope this post finds all of you well and happy. Drop me a line anytime, would love to hear from all of you.

Take care til I post again.