Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Spaghetti Pie wwpp=4

I was rooting around in my fridge, and found a whole container of mushrooms, that I was afraid I wouldn't get around to, so I used what I had in the refrigerator to make this little lunch. 

Spaghetti Pie     wwpp=4


1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms

1/4 cup of diced onions

5 cloves of garlic

1 cup of spinach (dice into bite size, sometimes smaller so the kids don't rebel)

1/2 cup of marinara sauce, ( I bought one at Aldi's that was 1 point for 1/2 cup, you will need to read the labels to find a 1 pointer)

2 cups of spaghetti noodles (already cooked) ( I keep six one cups in the fridge, for a quickie meal during the week)

1/4 cup of fat free mozzarella


1) In a pan saute with a little water, the garlic, onions, mushrooms and when tender add in the spinach and finish saute until tender.

2) In a bowl mix one egg with the 2 cups of already cooked spaghetti, season with salt and pepper. Spray a pan ( I used a pie pan that was like a cake pan) and pour in spaghetti mixture.

3) Take the marinara sauce and pour on top.

3) Then the saute mix on top of that.

4) and at last sprinkle with your mozzarella cheese.

5) Pop in oven at 375 for about 20 minutes or so.

Pretty right? The egg set the spaghetti like a pizza crust. This idea really sparks some more combinations that I could do.

Broccoli and cheese; deep dish pizza with veggies.

Just a few ideas. The one thing that made this so easy was I had most of my stuff cut up and ready. It made for a light lunch. I am sure you could add so much more and have a bigger serving and serve with a nice salad.

Take this recipe, as I always tell you, make it your own. I am only sharing so you can see that it is obtainable and easy. After awhile you will get used to cooking at home. I really find it rewarding to always be able to use what I have and not waste.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on how to make this, drop me a line, I love to hear from you all.

So I am "outie " ... Got a beautiful sunshine outside, and my son is calling my name..

Much love and peace to all..

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zucchini Boats with a Greek Twist wwpp=2pts

I went to Aldi's this week and found an assortment of fresh veggies. They were all so tempting. I chose a 6 pack of small zucchini's ( maybe between 5-6 inches long). With the thoughts of zucchini sticks, or zucchini chips dancing in my head, I brought them home.

Thinking this morning on what I could do to make this an all together different dish, and what kind of flavors I could play with.  I am finding out that spices can make a dull dish, really great. I have a favorite Greek Spices that I have been using when I make a gyro tasting meat loaf, to make gyros (haven't made that in a while, I may have to pull out my recipe and remake it into a ww friendly (dish)

So this morning, I pulled it all out and here we go...

Zucchini Boats with a Greek Twist     wwpp=2


5 small to medium zucchini's (about 5-6 inches long)

6 oz of lean 93% ground turkey

1/4 very small diced onion

2 cloves of very small diced garlic

1/4 cup of egg beaters

1/2 cup of cooked rice ( I actually had leftovers, the next time I try this  I will probably try a wild rice)

1/4 feta cheese (small crumbly)

Tzatziki Sauce (recipe below for a 1 pt per 2 tbs)


1) Cut all the zucchini's in half long ways and scoop out the meat (leaving a nice enough firm boat)

2) Chop up all the zucchini insides, the onion, garlic and put into a pan.

3) Put in turkey and continue to saute, incorporating it all together.

4) At this point I put in about 3 tbs of the Greek seasoning.  When turkey was done and the veggies softened I added in the precooked rich.. Stirring this altogether.

5) Taste it and see if you would like more Greek Seasoning. ( I of course add more)

6) Put mixture in a bowl and add 1/4 of egg beater and mix together.

7) Spoon into the boats. Lay boats in a Pam Sprayed dish.

8) Top with Crumbled Feta and Bake at 350 for about 35-40 minutes.

Thought you might like to see it getting ready to come out of the oven. I could have crumbled a bit more.

When I did the numbers I came to one point for the zucchini boat filled and another point for the tzatziki sauce.

Tzatziki Sauce   wwpp=1


1 cup Sour Cream fat free  (16 tbs in a cup- just for info sake)

1 cucumber diced up

1/2 onion diced up

2 tsp of lemon juice

2 tsp of garlic salt


I took the cucumber, onion, lemon juice and garlic salt and pureed it, with my immersion blender cup. You can hand grate these into a bowl and mix.

Add to the sour cream. I like letting mine sit in the fridge to marry the flavors.

Add a bit to the stop of the stuffed zucchini. I actually only ate one, for breakfast. The flavors were wonderful. The warm Greek seasoning which absorbed itself into the zucchini and the turkey. Mildly tamed by the rice. Then a cool Tzatziki Sauce pouring down on the side. What a yummy combination.
I see this on my menu this summer. I am actually thinking you could do a zucchini lasagna with these flavors. If I give it a whirl I will be sure to share.

Well I am off to finish my Monday, got about 6 loads of laundry to do.

Stuffed Zucchini is on the menu tonight. I am thinking with a greek inspired salad. Kalamri olives, cucumber, tomatoes, onion and balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Sounds so yummy..

Prepping for the week

For me, I find that when I am prepared I can actually think of new recipes, and keep ahead of the game. Sometime this week I will start posting a menu for the week, and try to get near some point totals. For those who follow me, I hope I can get it to be understandable.

I bought these plastic containers at Walmart. They are throw-aways and have the lid attached. I found them in the aisle above the foil and such. I use them all the time. I normally don't reheat in them, but they have held up pretty good.

Today, I pre-diced my onion, green pepper, zucchini, spinach and my garlic. I put them all in separate containers, stacked up real pretty. I then took another containers and filled with baby carrots and celery.

I also cut my other green peppers in half to make the boats for the stuffed peppers. In a large gallon bag I added the ingredients for the inside of the peppers. I put these up for a meal this week.

In another bag, I fixed the meatloaf with everything and put in the fridge. I am going to make meatloaf tonight. Thinking though, I might just roll half into meatballs for later this week with spagetti.

I have pre-cooked one pkg of spagetti and divided it up into 6 one cup containers. I will use these for lunch.

I am going to in the morning try out a new recipe, that I have been thinking about. Stuffed Zucchini with greek seasoning and a tziki sauce..hmmmm.

So as I say goodbye, I just wanted to drop in a blog post, that didn't include a recipe.
I hope that everyone is doing well, and is atleast getting out there and enjoying some of this beautiful weather.
Drop me a line when you want..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brocolli Cheese Pasta wwpp=6

Just when you think, hmmm I have had three bowls of this broccoli cheese soup and it was delicious, and I have a few more cups left, wonder what else I can do with this. Sooooo... I made spaghetti last night and put it in the spaghetti. It was really so good, almost like a light Alfredo. My children ate it like it was the best thing next to the real spaghetti sauce. 

Broccoli  Cheese (and other add ins ) Pasta    wwpp=6


1 bunch of fresh broccoli (mine had three heads in it, next time I might add more) ( I am thinking you could add frozen too if you like)

(other add ins) this really depends on what you have, but for me I put in an onion (chunked), spinach, and carrots.

5 cups of water

4 cloves of garlic

4 bouillon cubes

1 jar of Ragu Double Cheddar Cheese Sauce

1 box of spaghetti


1) Prepare your pasta as per box.

2) Cut the florets off of the broccoli and put in the pot with the water, garlic, spinach, onions, carrots and the bouillon cubes. (I put the stems in, just to get the vitamins out of it, when it boiled till tender I removed them and threw them away)

3) Boil until tender.

4) Turn off and if you are careful, I put my immersion blender into it and blended it down. (I kinda splashed my self and it was hot) If you put it into a blender let it cook a bit too.

5) After all that was blended I added the jar of Ragu Double Cheddar Sauce.

I took 2 cups of it and mixed it into the pasta. Since I am doing ww I divided this into 6 one cup portions. That made a nice size bowl for everyone. The kids put parm cheese on top (if you do this is will add a point, I skipped it)

Salt and a little pepper and you were ready to go.

The reason I posted this recipe is because it really was so healthy and good. When you are at a loss to find that one recipe that can feed a family and be good for you too, it saves you a few minutes to keep these ingredients on hand.

We ate this last night and it left me craving some more. I am thinking, what about on baked potatoes, or mashed potatoes. What about a mix in for mashed potatoes? Or maybe an omelet topping? Endless possibilities..

I am sure you could probably do the rue thing with the fat free cheddar and shave off a point or two. But this was really quick and easy. I made a whole extra quart (put in a canning quart jar in fridge) for the rest of the week.

What do you think?

Remember take this recipe, use it what you will. Clean that fridge out of veggies, that are ready to be used or in a few days, wasted. Whip up some of this.. you won't be disappointed.

Get out there and enjoy your day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ragu Double Cheddar Cheese Sauce Brocolli Soup wwpp=3pt

Okay, I know, I know.. I really didn't think the picture made it look too good. I should have set a scene but I wanted to get this recipe out there. Maybe this weekend I can make it look all gourmey..
It may not look pretty, but it was so quick, easy and very good. If I had a little more time, I would have maybe toasted some fresh bread crouton with garlic.. mmmmm...

Since broccoli is at a good price, I wanted to share this quick. I actually went to Aldi's this week and got a few heads of it for 99 cents. I also got two heads of cauliflower, zucchini, green peppers and some fruit. Really great prices, cause when I ended up at my local Kroger's the broccoli and cauliflower was actually 2.99  a head. The woman at Aldi's said they get produce twice a week. You got my vote. Especially since I am doing Weight Watcher's and it seems if I stay near the grains and veggie end of the spectrum, I start to lose weight.

I am sure if you were to break this recipe down, you could get a few points lower, but my goal in this diet is to make it live able. In reality I have to feed 5 people and we all have to eat and they aren't going to always eat everything. Also one of the main reasons I chose Weight Watchers was so I could use what I have at home. I promised myself that I wasn't going to throw or waste anything. So I always have a jar of Ragu Double Cheddar Sauce. The kids love it on any veggies, I prefer lemon on mine. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do and if that is cheese sauce on veggies then that is what it is.

Ragu Double Cheddar Sauce Broccoli Soup     wwpp=3pt
this makes about 8 one cup serving


1 bunch of fresh broccoli (mine had three heads in it, next time I might add more) ( I am thinking you could add frozen too if you like)

5 cups of water

4 cloves of garlic

4 bouillon cubes

1 jar of Ragu Double Cheddar Cheese Sauce


1) Cut the florets off of the broccoli and put in the pot with the water, garlic and the bouillon cubes. (I put the stems in, just to get the vitamins out of it, when it boiled till tender I removed them and threw them away)

2) Boil until tender.

3) Turn off and if you are careful, I put my immersion blender into it and blended it down. (I kinda splashed my self and it was hot) If you put it into a blender let it cook a bit too.

4) After all that was blended I added the jar of Ragu Double Cheddar Sauce.

*** also you could add whatever else you have in the fridge, onions, carrots, spinach. Just throw them in with broccoli and then blend. Kinda changes the name a bit if you do..

I actually had my children taste this. They thought it was good. My daughter thought I should use it on mashed potatoes. My friends daughter thought it would be tasty on chicken.

So all in all, it was a nice soup. Filling and satisfying.

I like how quick it came together. My next one I think is going to be a cauliflower one. What could be easier and even healthy to boot.

I am learning that seasonal veggies are the bomb.. So get out there and buy something you normally wouldn't and make something yours. Take my recipe and vamp it up.. Sprinkle it with some good cheese, croutons. If you aren't on a diet, you can add much more, maybe on pasta...yummy

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Black Bean Taco Salad wwpp=4

Here I thought I was done for the day, but I had to fix lunch. I was just going to go ahead and fix it quick, but I thought, gee, maybe there is someone out there that needs a little inspiration. Maybe just a little nudge on how eating healthy can be easy. Maybe a weight watcher buddy waiting for an idea.

Actually I opened a can of black beans and drained them, I got 1 and 1/2 cup of actual bean. Hmmmm, when you are watching what you eat or if you are doing Weight Watcher's like me, every point counts. So from now on I am  going to make my own beans in the crock pot, that way I get just beans and any juice I get, I got it without sodium and such.

Black Beans remind me of my days in Spanish Harlem, NY. I lived in a apartment building with many apartments occupied with my Brazilian friends. Most of my friends were from the tiny city of Tiros, a small country place. The food they made was from there. They were constantly making Feijoada, a black bean stew, with some kind of meat. They added a mixture of spices, I really don't remember what they were, but I remember it being a light green and smelled wonderful. They would cook this all day long.
They never needed a crock pot, just a giant pot. Along with that they would fry pork fat (torresmo) and yuka pieces (Mandioca). Feijoada, Mandioca, and Torresmo. Every meal always seemed like a hugh banquet of delights. Oh how my memory serve me well.. Those meals with my Brazillian friends are forever embedded in my heart. I made a lot of friends, taught English to them all, and enjoyed great meals. Sadly I haven't heard from them in years, but I hope I left them with a few good memories. Maybe one day, one will happen along my blog....wouldn't that be cool.

Okay... Now that I am hungry again.

There are so many things that you can do to make this quick, so it can be a "go to kinda thing".

If you pre-made the beans you could just pull them out and warm them up.(I am sure that they freeze well, most beans do)

The lettuce, I prefer to use romaine or head lettuce, a little more crisper, stands up to the warm beans.

I also keep diced tomato, and onion in the fridge. I do this in 2 cup containers. I use it almost every day. So don't waste if you aren't going to use it.

Black Bean Taco Salad   wwpp=4   (this is just for one salad, you could make more just by adding more beans)

1/2 cup of black beans ( on the taco salad, I actually used all of mine, because I like them, So it was messy, you could have gotten by and just used a 1/4 cup)

1/2 small onion ( I love onion and I put more)

1 clove of garlic

1/4 Jalapeno

2 corn tortilla's

diced tomato

diced raw onion

2 tbsp of fat free sour cream

3 tbsp of salsa


1) Lets prep the tortillas to become a bowl.
a) two tortillas stacked and cut slits
b) line them up
c) weave them together
d) make a foil rectangly thing
e) put on cookie sheet and drape over the foil

2) Put in 400 degree oven for about 5 minutes, watch it until it is toasty brown.. yummy, crunchy.

3) Now lets prep the beans. In a small pan, pour in a bit of the bean juice, your diced onion (save a bit for the top of the taco, and your garlic and let them sweat on low to make tender.

4) Then put in the beans, to warm. I added a little salt, pepper, a jalapeno, and some hot sauce. The beans are the main source of your flavor, so get them tasting good.. taste them..

5) When everyone is ready, Put the salad together.
Fill your shell with lots of lettuce,
Pour over your warm bean mixture,
Then some salsa,
Diced tomato, onion, and what you like on top.
A little dash of sour cream ( on ww you are allowed 2 tbsp of sour cream fat free for one point)

I had this for lunch and it was very filling and good. I found no need for any cheese, I added a bit more salsa but that was really good.

Make some and let me know, If you have any great ideas for me, just drop me a line. If you have a recipe and you would like to see if I can help you remake it, give me a try.

So from here in GA, the weather is beautiful, get out there and have a wonderful day..

Faux Fried Pickles wwpp=2

I find it a fun challenge to take something we just love and re-invent it into a healthier version. Now don't get me wrong, there is no greasy, crunchy taste to these. The is however the taste of the fried pickle, and it is crunchy. I also made a ranch dressing to dip in.

Faux Fried Pickles   wwpp=2 (this made a tray of 14-16 pickles)


1 medium jar of dill pickles ( I chose the sliced ones for sandwiches, I was not in the mood to dip the chips, but that would be fine too)

1/2 cup of fiber one cereal (processed down into floury kinda,) ( you know you could probably use any kind of cereal just take into account if you are doing ww, the points.. all my points came from the cereal)


1) Process down the fiber one cereal and then season it. I used garlic powder, seasoning salt, and pepper. Be sure to taste it, cause sometimes I feel that the cereal is a little on the sweet taste.

2) Lay the pickles on a paper towel and slightly dry them, I left just enough so it would pick you the coating.

3) Spray a cookie sheet with non- stick spray and lay them on it.

4) Put in 400 oven and bake until crispy, took anywhere between 15-20 minutes.

Serve them with a little Ranch dressing and they were pretty good..

For the dipping sauce, I took fat free sour cream. Which in ww talk is 1 point for 2 tbs. So I took 8 tablespoons and that was 4 points, then I added Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix.. (which for up to 8 teaspoons is nothing) I used only 4 tsp...

I personally measure out two tbs of the dip and it was plenty ( I had 5 slices of pickles )

So my total ww point consumption was 3 points.

This recipe excites me, because now I starting to accumulate a collection of quick bar foods (snacklets that the family loves.)

* on a low calorie note.. this should also be a low one. A pickle is what 10 and the fiber one is like 100 and you don't even use it all.

I wanted to get this one done and out there, since St Paddy's Day is coming....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flat Out Flatbread BLT wwpp=5

Okay, who doesn't like a good BLT.  I really don't know where the concept of bacon ( I like mine hot ) on a cool mayo, with lettuce and tomato..and don't forget just a dash of salt and pepper.
The perfect lunch...dinner...or like today the perfect breakfast.. For a couple more weight watcher points I could have added a fried egg, but this was really enough for me.

Before I go into the simple basic recipe of a BLT, which I will show you how I did it, just cause I am getting better at taking pictures. I want to talk about a few of these products that I like.

This one is the Flatout Flatbread. For weight watchers it clocks in at 2 points. That is pretty good for a bread item.

The next is my mayonnaise. I use Hellman's Reduced Fat Olive Oil, is is 1 weight watcher plus point for a whole tablespoon. I still have to measure it out, or I could go mayo- crazy.

For the Bacon, I use Turkey Bacon, I have found that some have different points. The Great Value at Walmart is 1 pt per first piece, then 4 pieces are 2 points.
One smart thing that I do with my bacon is that I bake it, at 400 until I get it to where I want it. Usually I do two trays, the first is for sandwiches at the moment. The second is to put it up in the fridge, I will cook it just shy of being done, so that to warm it up in the micro, it will just make it slightly crispy.

Now let's build us a sandwich..

Flat Out Flatbread BLT      wwpp=5


4 pieces of turkey bacon

1 Flat Out Flatbread

1tbs of fat free mayo (mine is Hellman's Reduced Fat with Olive Oil)

thin sliced tomato ( I use Roma so they aren't such bit bites)

Lettuce leaves ( I have a container of pre-washed salad mix in the fridge and just pull out when I need it.)


** up date to this..this morning I made it again. I took the flat bread and toasted a bit on both sides on my grill. Then I built the sandwich. WOWOWOW.. it made it so much better.. you must try this

Let's build:


And fold over and cut. Sometimes I cut it into smaller little squares, seems to make it last longer and keeps me feeling like I ate alot. It is a diet thing.

I know this is a basic sandwich, but I wanted to share with those who are fighting the battle to get healthy, fit and trying to lose weight. I figured if I shared and at least one person saw this and it helped then I did what I set out to do.

Get out there, cook, and find things you enjoy..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tortilla Wheels wwpp = ? depends on what you put in them

Lunch was coming and I was hungry. So I looked in my bread drawer and there were my Ole Extreme High Fiber Tortilla looking right at me. At this stage in my diet, at the moment high fiber did not trip my trigger, but I thought.. hmmmm.. lets see and if worse comes to worst I can give it to the dogs.

So to begin with the extreme tortillas (high fiber); the three that I have regular, spinach and the tomatoe all clocked in at 2 points a piece on the weight watcher points plus.. figuring oh what 70 calories a piece. They have 12 grams of fiber though, so that is a good thing.
The one in the picture is made with what I have at home. So it came out just a little higher.

Salami Wheel   wwpp = 6


1 spinach tortilla (or what you like)

1 laughing cow cheese ( I had the garlic herb on hand)

5 leaves of spinach

3 pieces of salami (thin)


Spread the tortilla with the laughing cow cheese.

Lay down the spinach leaves

Lay down the salami ( I had this on hand and it did make a nice little contrast against the spinach and the cheese)

Then roll up and cut into little rounds. I got about 8 bites.

When I sat down to eat these, I dipped them into yellow mustard.
They were believe me, very good. I was surprised because I just wasn't into the dieting today..
Funny how things worked out. The other funny thing is my littlest son, came over and ate half of it. He was loving it.

** my note on these, I checked the points for thin sliced turkey from the deli and I could have gotten 2 slices for 1 point. So next time I visit the store I will check it out.

So I decided not to stop there, well he ate half of my points anyway. So now I am thinking something a little sweeter, keeping with my points.

So along came this one.. This one was even better in the point department.

Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate Wheel    wwpp= 4


2 tbs of PB2 (this is a dried peanut butter, you can get it on Amazon.com. It is like only one point per serving. Which is 2 tbs and is 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. Just add water.)

1/2 of medium banana

1/2 of mini chocolate chips. (for those who are wondering that is 65)

1 xtreme high fiber tortilla (I used plain, but I don't think it had much of a different taste as to the spinach one.)


In a small bowl cream the banana with the PB2.

Spread onto tortilla

Sprinkle with the mini chocolate chips

Roll up and Cut into bite sizes.

They were really good, and oozy from the banana when you cut them. The littlest also ate half.

So really my total for lunch today was 5 ( the combination of two halves) and I am very satisfied.

I had a wonderful lunch with my wonderful, little son. He seemed very happy too. We also shared a drink. I thought these turned out really tasty and would be a simple thing to make quick or make for lunch..

Could be that things taste better when shared. So get out there and make something, share it and have a wonderful time.

Zucchini Tart wwpp=3

I have been having a few bad diet days, I haven't cheated but I have the want to just say forget it..I woke up this morning and decided to get back into the groove. I find that when I am trying to create a new recipe or vamp and old one. I seem to find the concentration and will power when I am cooking. I must be a real weirdo.

I have such a long road ahead of me, and sometimes I wonder what it is worth. It is worth the world, it is worth my children having me for a long time. It is worth me feeling good. I just have these periods of weakness. I know that is normal.. But when you look at the total numbers 80lbs is forever.
I now try to look at it, at one day at a time.

So here's my new creation.

Zucchini Tart      wwpp=3


1 medium zucchini (thinly sliced)

8 small mushrooms (thinly sliced)

1 cup of sauce ( I used Paul Newman Marinara sauce, because I like the fresh tomato taste)

1/4 cup of fat free motzarella cheese

1 cup of the spinach mixture ( the recipe for that is posted on March 13, 2012)


1) Spray the small pan with non-stick spray. Lay in the zucchin's.

2) layer in 1/2 of the mixture.

3) Put 1/4 cup of sauce on and then a layer of mushrooms.

4) Another layer of zucchini, then the mixture, sauce and rest of zucchini, mushrooms and top with the rest of the sauce. Sprinkle with cheese.

Cover and cook at 375 for about 20 minutes, uncover and let cheese melt.

Let cool before you eat. I cut it into 4 pieces. This made it 3 points a piece.

It was very good, almost like a very light lasagna.  I enjoyed it and it was very filling.

Spinach Mixture wwpp=3 pt

This is my all time favorite, mash of mix. My favorite spinach ( I really am digging the fresh spinach), garlic, minced garlic, and salt and pepper to taste.

This can be used in so many ways. Today I took it and split it in to 3 one cup containers. Each container was worth 3 points. I am figuring that 3 points is worth est about 120 calories. I actually could have put in another cup of spinach.

Spinach Mixture   wwpp=3


3 cups of fresh spinach (cut it up into small, small pieces)

1 small onion ( smaller than diced, not minced)

6 cloves of garlic (smaller than diced, kinda minced)

1 container of ricotta - part skim ( you could probably lower your ww points if you used reduced fat)


1) prep all your ingredients and mix together...

I took this mixture and divided it into 3 servings.
Now at this point you can make anything your imagination desires.

Here are a few of the things you can make with this. I will try to post them when I try them. So you can see what they look like.

Stuffed Shell > take the mixture and add an egg and stuff your cooked shells, cover with sauce.

Lasagna > could be used with an egg mixed in as the filling in lasagna

Pizza > a layer of cream cheese on the crust then this mixture with cheese on top.

Baked Ziti > mix this in with an egg and a jar of sauce and the penne noodles. Sprinkle with cheese.

Crescent Rolls > put inside the crescent like a little popover.

Stromboli > Mix with an egg and spread on to a flat squared piece of pizza dough and then put a layer of pepperoni and roll up.

Wonton Cups > mix with an egg and fill cups, top with cheese. (you could also add a little cooked Italian sausage.)

Spaghetti > saute a bit of bacon, put in spinach mix and add spaghetti.

Raviolis> with won, fill middle of one wonton, put another on top. Seal and boil. Top with some tomato sauce.

Tomatoes, zucchinis, squash, mushrooms> take mixture and mix with an egg and fill and roast.

The next recipe of a zucchini tart I will use this mixture. Be sure to check it out.

So for now..

Eat well. Experiment with a recipe.. make it your own. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Collard Greens with Spicy Chicken Sausage wwpp=1-2-3

This is another favorite of mine here at home.

Collard Greens.

You know I am close to 50 and I had never made Collard Greens until a few years ago. I was very intimidated by these, for what I have no idea. I think that I was afraid that I couldn't give them the flavor that they deserved.

When I first cooked them, my children asked me to put them outside (they couldn't take the smell..lol) Now I don't bother, they have learned that they are very tasty.

I put this batch in my crock pot last night. You can buy the ones pre-cut in the bag (which is now my fast go to) or you can buy them by the bunch and strip the stem out and cut them up. Either way is cool.

The sausage I use is any kind of chicken sausage (spicy is my favorite) seems to leave a great taste in the greens.

The reason for the wwpp= 1-2-3 is depending on the amount of sausage you put in. That is the best I could do for an estimate.

Make plenty of them. They freeze really well too.

Collard Greens with Spicy Chicken Sausage    wwpp= 1-2-3


1 Large bunch of Collard Greens ( one large bag)

3 cups of water ( I just love the broth, there are alot of nutrients in the broth)

4 chicken bouillon cubes

1/2 cup of vinegar .

2 large links of spicy chicken sausage ( you could also use ham bone, ham, pork back, pork fat) (I personally like the spicy sausage and then when they are done, they are so spiced well)


1) In the bottom of the crock pot put the water, bouillon cubes and the vinegar.

2) Put in the Collard Greens ( Mine I usually have to push the lid down. They will melt down to a half a pot full.)

3) Lay on top your sausage ( I keep extra sausage in the freezer. I always seem to forget to pull some  out to thaw, and have learned by experience that frozen is cool. So I put them on top like that)

4) Turn your crock pot on low and come back after while.

Now sometimes, I get up and stir it, but sometimes I am too tired. This time it smelled so good, I was dreaming that some one ate them all up.

I had to go running out to check. Too funny...

So needless to say, my son and I had collard greens as a side with our eggs this morning. It was so good, I fed my eggs to the dogs and had a second bowl.

I am now waiting for them to cool a bit and I will put them in the fridge. I am wondering if I should split it and freeze half, but I know that they are delicious. Tomorrow, if I feel adventurous I may take a portion and add in some garlic and beans, and make a great lunch.

Well all my friends.. I hope everyone set their clocks up an hour, and got moving on time.

Eat well. nourish that soul..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feed that Soul

Today was a wonderful Saturday. The sun was shinning here in GA.

I did all my grocery shopping today. I hit the Aldi's and found some great produce. Zucchini, mushrooms, and some Roma tomatoes. Their oranges and grapefruit were just beautiful I also at Aldi's found the jar of artichokes in water. I bought up 3 jars, these were wonderful in my creations this week.

For breakfast I made home made egg mcmuffins. Making them at home is a great way to get less points and they taste better. I make them and wrap in tin foil. Makes everything warm and melty.

 For lunch, my all time favorite on the weekends is a veggie sub. I buy the hogie rolls from SAMs and we did the numbers and the 6 inch is about 6 points. Now this being a white carb as I call them, I probably won't revisit anything that high end carb for a few days. I try to stay on the veggies and small proteins, with whole grains. But sometimes there is no substitute. I used all kinds of toppings, cucumbers, onion,green pepper,yellow pickled peppers, pickles, and lettuce tossed with a little vinegar. I use yellow mustard and a bit of low fat mayo. This sandwich is always very filling.

 For dinner, we just made a salad with all the veggies I had cut to put on the sandwiches at lunch, and of course my favorite thrown in was spinach. I take each salad and toss with 1 or 2 tbs of dressing depending on what kind it is. I pre-toss to coat it so we don't over dress. I put some grilled chicken on top.

So as you read this you are probably thinking...hmmm okay, Looks like she did good, watched her points and was on her way.


Now it is about 10 pm and the house is sound to sleep. I was wanting something to eat, a snack like a good dieting girl..


Here is the part where what I have to say is very important. sometimes:


I got up and made a bowl of Milk Toast just like my mother used to make me when I was little. Let me tell you it was so good. So hot, buttery with just the right amount of salt and pepper. I savored every spoonful. Every bite took me back to my mother's kitchen. Back to when we were a little under the weather or just a bit sad, she would make this. It was made out of and with pure love.

So tonight I kinda blew my ww points.

But as I sign off and wish you sweet dreams.

 I am nourished in my body and my soul.

So please my friends FEED THAT SOUL !

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pasta with Motzarella - Garlic Chicken Sausage wwpp=9

I am finding out more and more, how to take something small and let it lend a large flavor balance to what I am cooking. I also am learning to add in vegetables that make the serving of pasta more filling.
This week I found these at the Sam's Club, and I am now seeing them pop up in the Walmart.

Gourmet Mozzarella and Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage. These are really very good. They do cost a little more. Before I started the journey of getting healthy and fit, I would normally serve up all these and everyone would gobble them down, three at a time. Not any more.

This recipe I made today, I made in a one serving size. I am sure that you could adapt it to a whole family meal. I have gotten in the habit of cooking up my pasta (spaghetti, this week) and portioning it into one cup servings. Which I know right off I am starting with 5 points on WW. This time, the pasta dish was actually big enough to share. That would have split the number of points I consumed, but I was alone today, and it was one of those chilly days and I felt the need to eat it all.

I know, you say, oh I could just buy a freezer meal and be done with it. I like knowing just what I am eating. I start with a warm pan and a bit of water. I have also gotten in the habit of saute in water or a little chicken broth.

Pasta with Mozzarella- Garlic Chicken Sausage   wwpp=9


1 chicken sausage (if you are making more than one portion then one per person)

1 cup of pre-cooked pasta (any kind you like, I am using spaghetti, because I told myself I would try the ww but I had to use what I had at home. So there you have it)

1 or 2 cloves of garlic (I again, roast 5 or so head of garlic in the beginning of the week and can just pull it out and plop it in)

1/2 of a small onion (This particular time, I had a little more, but I adore sauteed onions0

1 cup of small cut up spinach (This gives me more bang for my buck.. I swear, try it, it picks up the taste of the dish)

 1 serving of fat free Parmesan cheese (you don't need it, I kinda like the look of it, cost me 1 point for beauty)


1) Here is where we start. Put your sausage in a pan (medium to small pan) Cook on Medium.

2) When it starts to brown. Pour in 1/4 cup of water and on the other side put in your onions, garlic and start to soften. As the sausage continues to cook, I pick it up. Scoot the onions and garlic to where it was, and put the sausage on the other side. I figure you are already calculated all the points of this sausage, so the flavor counts. As the onions and saute get soft, put in the spinach (still on one side) (you might have to add a little more water)

3) Remove the sausage.

4) Add in the spaghetti and stir with the garlic, onion and spinach.

5) Cut up the sausage (Little pieces give you little bites through out) (Big pieces, you get the idea)

6) Put sausage back in and stir around with everything, just for a few minutes. (this is important, because there is little bits of cheese in the sausage and by cutting it, you released a bit and it mixes in with it all)

7) Plate it up and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.


And just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.....

They have other flavors of this sausage and at 3 points per link that is a good bargain. I like the ones with the cheese in them, it really flavored and made the dish enough of creamy.

I hope if you give it a try, leave me a note..

I will continue bringing you what I find on my journey. Planning an outing to the Trader Joe's...I have never been. I will post what I find.

Oh and weigh in today.. I am at .8 of a lb loss this week, but I had a birthday..  for a total of 24.8 in the last 7 weeks

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shepards Pie Mini's wwpp = 1pt

I spent some time creating this one. The recipe is just a basic, Shepard's Pie, recipe. This time I made it my own. I made it more healthier, and the other great thing is that I made it with the stuff at home.

Let me start the recipe and then you can judge for yourself. I have already had three and I need to stop so I can write.

Shepard's Pie Mini's       wwpp= 1pt
(made 12 little cups)


8 oz of 93% turkey (that is a 1/2 lb)

1 1/2 cup Idahoan Garlic Roasted and Parmesan Baby Reds (4.1 oz package)

1 cup of fresh spinach (cut up, little iddy biddy pieces)

1 1/2 cups of Normandy Blend Veggies (frozen) It was new to me, It had the low carb veggies in it.
   *  yellow squash

1 zucchini

1/3 cup of a package of brown gravy

1/4 cup of shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Molly McButter
Garlic Powder

12 cup cake cups

I'm missing the cheese (oops)

1) In a pan start to browning the turkey in a pan, break it up into small crumbles.

2) Add in garlic powder, spinach and gravy and stir until mixed and spinach is softened. Set aside.

3) Take the veggies (if you are using frozen, I zapped them in micro for about 4 minutes to soften and thaw. If you are using fresh then right into another small pan.) Cut them up into small bites also. I just used a metal turner and broke them down. Season with Molly McButter and pepper. Set aside.

4) Prepare the Package of potatoes. At this point I am guessing if you had any leftover potatoes you could use them. Or boil a few potatoes and cream them. Do what ever you like to do. I just had these in the cabinet. Set aside.

5) Prepare the zucchini, cut into thin slices, you will only need 12.

6) Let's put this baby together..well little babies..

7) get a cupcake pan and put in 12 paper cups ( I used paper, so that they can just be put into the microwave to warm up and didn't want the foil ones to cause a fire..lol)

8) In the cups:
          Lay in one slice of zucchini
          Scoop of turkey mixture (it was about a tablespoon)
          Press Down.
          Scoop  of veggie mixture (it also was about a tablespoon)
          Press Down again.
          Scoop of mashed potatoes (kinda made sure it covered the whole thing. It also was about 1tbs)
          A tiny sprinkle of cheese

9) Pop in a 375 oven for about 20-25 minutes until the cheese melts and the potato is a little browning.

I did the numbers with the weight watcher recipe maker. Sometimes, I feel that if I listed them separately you might get less numbers. But that's okay.

For one = 1pt
For two - three = 3pt (that satisfied me)
For 4 = 5 points

This and a salad would be a great meal.


I have put the rest in the fridge, when the kids come home they will be gone. I have also froze one to see how it works, I will update this post tomorrow with the results. If this works then that is a great make-a-head meal and quick.

If anyone gives it a try. Remember what I say, take the recipe, make it yours...add different spices.. imagine the flavors.  Maybe a taco one, with cornbread on top instead of potatoes...(ooops, new recipe to create)