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My Spaghetti Pie wwpp=4

Zucchini Boats with a Greek Twist wwpp=2pts

Prepping for the week

Brocolli Cheese Pasta wwpp=6

Ragu Double Cheddar Cheese Sauce Brocolli Soup wwpp=3pt

Black Bean Taco Salad wwpp=4

Faux Fried Pickles wwpp=2

Flat Out Flatbread BLT wwpp=5

Tortilla Wheels wwpp = ? depends on what you put in them

Zucchini Tart wwpp=3

Spinach Mixture wwpp=3 pt

Collard Greens with Spicy Chicken Sausage wwpp=1-2-3

Feed that Soul

Pasta with Motzarella - Garlic Chicken Sausage wwpp=9

Shepards Pie Mini's wwpp = 1pt