Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Uncle Donald Moran RIP August 6, 2012

Donald Moran

Catherine Lynch

"May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. May the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, May the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand. "

This is dedicated to the passing of another great person who is part of the Lynch family. "Uncle Donald Moran" went to be with the Lord yesterday. I am sure he was greeted with a huge bunch of family that has gone on before us. May he find eternal rest and may his family here on earth, remember him always. May they find peace and comfort in the knowledge that we all be together again one day.

Please pray for my husbands family as they deal with the passing of a grand old soul.

Rest In Peace Always...

Alice J Watson's Milk Toast

This my friends is the cure all for a great cold, well it sure does make you feel better. Some have to get passed the look of the toast all wet. This is another favorite from my house. There were a few of us that wouldn't eat it. That just made more for me.

My mom, made this all the time, right up there with oatmeal, egg on toast, half boiled egg with toast in cup. She was so creative and would try almost anything. She would go to restaurants and try something and then come home and duplicate it. I guess probably because there were so many of us. I thinking cooking was really her gift to us.

This was called Milk Toast. I would list ingredients, but it is just too simple.

Take a measuring cup and pour 2 cups of milk (nuke 3 minutes - very hot)
Add 4 pieces of white toast ( white just keeps any other texture, tastes funny)
Butter, margarine to taste ( i like it till i see the melted butter )
Salt and pepper to taste (the more the better for me, if I have a cold I use more pepper.)
Stir together and eat while hot.

So if you try it, maybe go on the small end, might not be your cup of tea. I wanted to post this recipe just so it could be documented and when people go searching old recipes, it will live on, in the Internet.


Remember " keep it simple"
Life is really just that simple

Holiday Breakfast Fried stuffing and Egg

Waking up on Thanksgiving morning or Christmas morning in our house is just as exciting as the full dinner meal. We make a special Sausage dressing, passed down through my family and my husbands. I truly make about 10 gallon bags of the stuff. The recipe is in another post in my blog.

My mother in law used to stuff her turkey and the part that everyone liked was sticking out and crispy and crunchy. She would catch everyone sneaking a pieces. So she came up with one of the most delicious ways to satisfy everyone and in our house it is a tradition.

With you already cooked stuffing, create small patties, place in a pan with butter, now squoosh patties down so you get some great surface crunch. Flip and make the other side tasty. Put that on a plate and cook up two or three, old runny eggs. I promise you it is a treat. Season it and have at it. The kids make toast too and dip first. Either way it is a great way to eat a hearty breakfast for the holiday. Then of course back to a nap.

The holidays are to indulge.

Life really is that simple

Childhood Throw Back.. Fried Spam Sandwich

I came from a large family and I find that sometimes the stuff we ate growing up, kinda stick with you. You know the really odd stuff and you wonder..hmmmm do other people eat that? You almost kinda wanna share so people can see into your world, or maybe even try it and experience something new.

Now we know SPAM has always been a shelf stable family thing, in my house. I think it is because it was just so there, so compact, so easy.

One of my mom's favorite was to make it was to fry it and then place it on two pieces of white bread (now this bread has to be white and squooshy, really fresh) You know, we all like that. Sunbeam is actually what I buy just for this and peanut butter and jelly. The only way to go.

She would place these two little slices that have been fried on the white bread, place dill pickle chips on it, and then slather the other piece with mayo. Put together and it is heaven.

The warmness of the spam against the cold pickle and the cream mayo. mmmmmmmm
Need I go on..

Try it, you will maybe like it????

It really is the simple things...

Mom's Cream of Turkey on Toast

What a great way to use up left over turkey.
When I was growing up my mom, seemed to always take that leftover turkey and make such wonderful meals. This was just always one of my favorites. I think it is the way the green pepper really compliments the turkey. Kinda gives it such a fresh new taste.

Alice J Watson's Cream of Turkey on Toast


2 cups of left over turkey, dark or white, chunked up, picked
1 green pepper (diced into bite size pieces)
3 tbls  of flour
2 tbls  butter
1 cup of milk
salt pepper
toast to put it on


1) In a pan melt your butter, and add your green pepper until slightly tender.

2) Remove pepper from the pan and then add the flour, mix around a bit until the butter has absorbed the flour and it has cooked slightly (this is a roux)

3) Add in the milk and slowly stir, letting it thicken a bit. (if you have issues thickening, turn up the heat a bit.

4) Add in the leftover turkey and green pepper. Stir until warm and gravy like.

5) Pour this over two pieces of toast.

6) Season with salt and pepper.

I could just sit back and enjoy this, and think of those days, when my mom was feeding  6 of us. She never wasted and always stretched that food budget. I always enjoy sharing her gifts that she left with me.
So enjoy and let me know.

As always, It is just the simple things.