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My Birthday, My Mother..

Stuffed Mushrooms wwpp=1 (per mushroom)

My 8th week of Weight Watchers and my 3pt breakfast

Bean Salad wwpp=2 (for a whole cup)

Turnip Au Gratin wwwpp=4

Apple Pie Tartlett wwpp=1

Meat-Ball Calizone wwpp=5

Turkey Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomatoe Sandwich ---wwpp 5

Flat Out Bread Crackers wwpp 2

Roasted Garlic, Spinach Spagetti wwpp = 7

Cheesy Zucchini Ribbons with Roasted Garlic wwpp=1

Meatloaf - wwpp=7

Faux Milkshake ---Vanilla 2 - Peanut Butter Banana Vanilla wwpp=4

Salmon Patties - revisited - wwpp=2

Chicken Enchiladas --- wwpp=8 for (2)

Hungry Girl's Onion Rings -- Really great recipe--wwpp=2

Zucchini Sticks - wwpp=2

Baked Veggie Egg Rolls -- wwpp=1.5 a piece (3 for 4)

Quick and Easy Cheese and Brocolli Pasta - wwpp=5

Chicken Black Bean Nachos ---- wwpp=9

Soda Cake Cupcakes -- revisited - ww plus points 2

Spinach, Mushroom, Onion, and Garlic Flatbread - WW 4pt