Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Brooklyn Dream 8/7/2016

I wonder sometimes if you dreams are a way of letting go and excepting things, making it just a bit easier. Today I dreamed about Brooklyn. I know she has been missing and on my mind constantly for the last week, but this time it was a little different.
I dreamed I was back home in my tiny house on Lee Street. My mother kept the cat litter boxes behind the old foot tub, enough room for two boxes. I see my self finding Brooklyn laying on the floor near the boxes in my moms bathroom. My mother is there and she is watching me pick her up. I am so happy to see her, yet sad, because she was laying out like she was broken somewhere, and she was crying for me. I pick her up and it stops, and she clings to me, like she always did, I try putting her down, but she won't let me. The dream finishes with me laying her down to rest..
Maybe this was my dream telling me she was okay, and with my Mother in heaven. Or maybe not even that deep, maybe putting her down and leaving her there, was a sigh for me to let it go..

So I am letting go, the stages of mourning..

Tomorrow is the first day of School here in GA and my Paddy is in 2nd grade. Wow, time flies. Our goal for this year is to learn, get organized and be good. Hey that works for me. My Thomas is second year college, he is going to change his Associated to Biology and if he makes the 2 yr.. then he will go on. He wants to work in a zoo or an animal preserve. My Elizabeth is still a wonderful math teacher. She is such a go getter and is involved in all kinds of stuff at school. Do it while you are young.
My husband still works hard and brings home the bacon.
Me, I am slowly getting up and walking, some days are hard, some are like I have just a limp. I use the pool alot for therapy, but now I am trying to find a routine to transition onto dry land, cause the pool stop usually end of September.  I am trying to loss this extra 150 lbs that I accumulated being stuck on my hiney for days on end. I know it is a great big thing to do, but I am going to do it day by day. I believe even the smallest change is an improvement and we will get there.

I guess I will stop here, and I gotta get my self out to the pool, the direct sun , has left the pool and I can go out without burning my skin, although I do have a beautiful tan. It was 96 here today with a real feel of 120.
Shew can we say..we have slothed all day..(layed around)

Have a beautiful end of the weekend.. Will try to hit this again a few days a week. I forgot how much I loved to share and write. Pain, really masks true feeling and motivation.

Remember It really is the simple things..

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Brooklyn (missing since 7/31/2016) Family Cat

What a beauty. What a kind, sweet, loving hearted cat.  Brooklyn She was so little when we got her, I was so really afraid she wouldn't make it with our two big old dogs. I was so wrong. From the minute her little self came, my River (my lab) layed down and let her lay between her long front legs. I really actually think she thought River was her mother.
My River passed the summer of 2015 and the world just stood still. She had been with us since a baby and she was almost 17 years old. That is a long time. When she passed the other animals were just lost, as we were.
This summer, actually a week ago, our Brooklyn, strayed off and has yet to return. I really cant imagine her going far. She just always stayed in the yard, but I guess since River passed, she got braver and ventured out further.
I have spent a week, just in a  funk, we have checked, looked, called just about everyone and everything. I just don't know.
I am praying that if she is gone (passed) then I pray God takes her over the bridge and I sleep with the thoughts of what a great gift she has been.
If someone has her then I guess, I need to be faithful and hope that she has found a forever home. And maybe we were to train this beautiful animal to be for someone else. Someone who needed her. Because we really can't ever fathom Gods Plans.
And though my heart breaks, I can only pray that God finds the mercy to bring us peace and comfort.

I just thought I would write a little about her, it just seems that when you share the pain, it becomes smaller and sometimes, just posting it, kinda immortalizes her. 

So I bid you sweet sweet, baby Brooklyn...

Friday, February 26, 2016

Pozole Verde-ish Soup Crockpot Friendly

I have found us an oldie but goody, this soup has been around for years. Where have I been, we all know how to make taco soup from our memories, and we have tweaked our way.
This time welcome to


Pozole is a word for hominy (you know that white stuff in the can, that I don't ever hear about many eating. We ate when we were little with butter and salt and pepper. I still love it to this day. My family not so, but I don't have much to serve it with.

Verde means green. This is a salsa made with the green tomatillos and such to make a salsa.
(here is an example of one from Wally World)

Soup, well we all get this one. This one actually depends on how you like your soup. Do you like more juice? or you like more stuff. I lean more to the stuff. Also this one is a go on meat or not. Most recipes used the shredded chicken or the pulled pork. The next time I make I will skip the meat, I didn't miss it the salsa Verde made it so flavorful. Needed no salt, I didn't even put the chips in it.
And let me reiterate....Crock pot Friendly....Freezer Friendly..

Another thing alot of recipes, have condiments at the end you can add. Thin radish slices (that is kinda appealing to me, so maybe next time) diced onion, cheese, sour cream...well you get the idea.
I again just enjoyed it plain. Actually ate it with a side of an avocado, with lemon and sea salt and a few chips.

Regarding the meat. The pulled pork and the chicken. The pulled pork you would have to make it ahead and save some for this soup. The chicken you could throw in with it and at the end of day, just shred it. I am sure that would add to the basic chicken broth flavor that it needs. Also would actually keep you from adding chicken broth.

If you didn't want to add the broth, add water and the chicken breast, and 4 chicken bouillons along with the ingredients. I found it still the same and saved me about 4 bucks. In this first attempt I used 4 cups of water and the boullion with shredded chicken and got a tasty result.

Pozole Verde-ish (cause I thought it could use a can of diced tomatoes.) Soup

This was really good and very crockpot friendly.

1 medium size jar of verde salsa (any heat)

4 quarts of chicken stock

1 pkg of hidden valley ranch mix

Here is the tricky preference part if you like alot stuff in your soup, or alot of juice.(we like stuff) 

1 -2 cans of black beans(drain)

1 can diced tomatoes (juice and all)

4 cans of homily (the more the better, i think that is what makes it)(juice and all)

1 medium diced onion

Here is another tricky preference part if you like a meat in it, you can use shredded chicken (you can put a few breasts in the soup with a few chicken boulion cubes and leave all day and at the end, pull out and shred) or pulled pork. Honestly the homily and the verde sauce was enough for me without the meat.


 1) Dump it all in, and go.

You leave on low for hours to cook or 4-5 high for a great bowl of soup.

Now at your own delights, you can top it with all kinds of topping, but I preferred mine plain.

Easy Peasy

Crockpot Friendly and I am sure this will freeze really well. Make a few extra quarts and then just throw back in crock in morning and come home to a nice meal. 

So tonight we having this. It has been chilly here Ga. and it is a nice warming soup. I am also serving refried beans grilled tacos. Yes, I will post them after I finish, came up with a quick, new way. My beans are also the batch from the dried that I froze. You know I like the savings I get from that.

So my friends, I am off to another adventure.. Please don't be jealous...I am going off to the mountains....
you know them.....sigh....sigh...

LAUNDRY       the mountain of laundry

It really is just that simple..have a great day..

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Gosh, I was just in a hurry and wanted to tell you what I have been up to. I know everyone know I love to cook and share recipes. I love to share stories and family.
But this time I have become addicted to the SWAGBUCK frenzy. It seems for just doing surveys, watching videos, and purchasing certain items, I can win swagbucks.
The cool thing about swagbucks is that they are dollar for dollar. I have already cashed in 3 get you this 25 dollar Amazon gift cards. I just take them and add them to our Amazon Account, we order all the time from them. There are other options available too.

Here is a link if you would like to be my referal, it gives us points to share.(if trouble with link, copy and paste into your browser)

So come on over to the frenzy. You actually have nothing to lose, Even if you dilly dally on it, it can add up. I watched the videos while I worked on the Amazon Turk site...oh my, I gotta share the scoop on that one too. I will be back soon to catch you up.
Until then.. click my referal link ( if it doesn't work then copy and paste into your browser) and join swagbucks...check it out.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Greek Gyro Inspired Pizza

(updated must get the cucumbers and tomatoes for it. It made it heavenly)


I again, am cooking up a storm. The end of 2015 for us brought a relief , that we survived. During the  2015 year, we survived me having 3 hip revision surgeries, 2 disclocated new hips, the youngest, ear tubes, adnoids, and with a final end of the Daddy, falling and breaking his ankle, just with that in health problems, I guess we could have done worse. But we are all alive and kicking. We go into the New Year, with a little more hope and faith, that we made it through the fire and we can revitalize our lives.

Pinching those food pennies as always and trying to never waste a thing. I created this Pizza.

I have always had such a hankering for the Greek Gyro's. I think this comes from eating such different, cultural foods that I found while I lived in NYC. In the last few years that I lived in NY, I actually live in the Long Island City, Astoria part. It was known for alot of Greek restaurants and Diners. I always was a push over for a Gyro, with lots of the Tzatziki Sauce (white cucumber sauce) I would have to have oodles of napkins. MMMMMMMM I can almost taste it. Also in Astoria there were street vendors that would sell souvalakis, meat chunks on a stick, with a little piece of french bread stuck on the end. A little hot sauce and you were good to go (I think that will be next).I can smell them in my imagination.

Over the years, I have tried to duplicate this at home. I may just try to tell you that it is a challenge. I can always get just that taste, but then, you know.. I finally found this..
 I found this in the spices at our local Walmart. They have a no salt version. I think this is as close as I can get. I did try Alton Browns way and it was pretty good too, just took more time. I like this in meatballs. I actually last night mixed it into my turkey meat. We had Greek influenced hamburgers for dinner. With the leftover seasoned turkey, I browned up, and used on this wonderful pizza. My pizza was yummy, the next time I think thin slice cucumbers and tomatoes would take it even further and finish it out.

Isn't that a pretty pizza.. Don't forget when you make it put a little tomato and cucumber on the end with the lettuce and onions.

Greek Gyro Inspired Pizza


1/4 lb of ground turkey (or any meat..lamb would throw it out a bounds)
1 tablespoon of seasoning ( I seasoned alot, because we love the taste)
feta cheese
black olives (if you have them)
pizza crust ( I used just a Pillsbury quickie on) (pre-bake for about 5 minutes)



Tzatziki Sauce

1 cup sour cream (or Greek yogurt plain0
1 lemon
1 med cucumber
1tsp dill
1tsp minced garlic

( I peeled and de-seeded my cucumber, threw it all in a food processor and blended, at end tasted if it needed some sea salt, pepper or even a little more onion.)

1) Take the turkey and mix with the seasoning and brown and make into crumbles.
2) Take pre-baked pizza crust and sprinkle a little spice on it.
3) Take the spinach and cut into little pieces (sprinkle on pizza dough) a little sliced black olives(if you have them)
4) Sprinkle on the feta cheese (you could use a little motz if you would like, but feta was good)
5) Then add the turkey meat.. Throw in oven until brown

When it is done, garnish it with cold shredded lettuce, onions (julienned), tomatoes, and thin sliced cucumber. Not to overwhelm it just to add just enough balance of tastes.

When you serve it. Give each person a small container of the tzatziki sauce (cause I love it drenched)