Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31st 2008

My son, the Graduate of 2008 (Fifth Grade) He got the scientist award. On the left is my husband and the right, yep you got it ME....

May 31, 2008

Hello and well wishes to everyone..

This week ended in a celebration of my child completing 5th grade. For those who know me, know how difficult time we have had through the years. Not so much as with my child, but with the teachers that he seemed to get out of the lotto of life. But this will teach him about different people. I guarantee you he had a bunch. I think my fav was the one that called him "Billy" all year. To my surprise there was not even a Billy graduating. So who know’s where the woman got that name from. Knowing my son, he probably just kept answering the poor old thing. He is somewhat of an enigma. But hey he is my child, through and through. Finish elementary school was a great accomplishment and one of his milestones through the path of life.

Now the summer begins... "racers to your mark!!!!" I watch a few kids along with my own. So I can guarantee it will be a crazy 9 weeks. Gotta pace myself, Gotta pace myself.....

I was thinking of posting what us crazys have got planned for the week. Maybe it will be useful ideas for someone else. Kids are hard to keep entertained. My goal this summer is too keep them moving, and I will keep moving. See it is a win, win situation.

On a sad note, last Sunday. The neighbors dogs were lose (they swore, they didn’t know they could get out) now come on! I yell everytime they are around. I assure you I can yell sooooo loud that they can hear me a state over. Geeeee, I know my own talents. But anyhow.... We have been collecting and rescuing turtles. We made them an outside terrarium (10' by 12') they were so happy. We had them for over a year and we got to see their life cycles. Hibernation, egg laying and even feeding them every day. Well these little dogs, got in there and carried them off. I am praying that they used their defense and stayed in the shell and the puppies got bored. Talk about a combinations of emotions. I was so angry, but in reality, you can’t blame the dogs, it is only their instinct. You could blame the owners, but accidents happen. I could blame myself for leaving them exposed. The lesson I think we have to learn here it that things happen. No matter how much time, effort or love we put into something, sometimes, things happen to change it all. We need to take from this experience just the positive things and forget the negative. I guess there you go.."It is better to love and lost, than to never love." or something like that.
So here we go... get up, brush it off and start again.. I am sure there will be more turtles that need a little Lynch love..

My Tips ... Just me talking to you...

What's cooking this week!

Well it is going to start getting hot this week here in Georgia. I am going to try to keep less oven stuff going. Also with the additional kids, time is a factor, and take out is not the answer.
No recipes this week. But I am going to try the yellow slaw and if it is good I will post it next week. I am also working on recipes for the "sandwich maker" great for kids and summer time.

We are having:
hotdogs/yellow slaw and greek seasoned potatoe wedges
tuna noodle casserole (old standby)
Romaine salad with ginger dressing / boneless ribs
Miscellaneous appetizers (that is the small of bags of all the appetizers that we bought to try and had a bit left. ( always use everything)
Chicken and Brocolli and rice.

For the kitchen:

The garbage bowl. I know everyone thinks "Rachel Ray" invented the garbage bowl. But in truth I have been using one for years. Maybe cause it is easy to put it all in there. Or it is that lazy factor.... I love that term.

Healthy Ideas / My progress

(You know anytime, anyone has a comment or a cool idea I am always up to sharing.)
I wish that I had a great new idea to the word diet. But I don't all I can tell you is not to ever quit trying. These last two weeks have been a whirlwind for me.. In the positive I have not gained any, yet not lost either. I have been running ragged and believe me.. I really think you got to make a conscience effort. I think that sometimes, is the key. It has to be balanced. When you have so much going on. Have children, sometimes you get lost in it all. I have been trying very hard to take the time for me. Sometimes, I feel so selfish. Sometimes I feel that I need someone to say, "Hey, I got that reigns, you go do what you gotta do". That however is the feeling I need to deal with, and I really didn't want to go and vent.. But I decided that this blog was going to be real. I want to be as real and open as I can possibly be without incriminating any


Oh yea, I have now taken my walking dvd and put it in the portable dvd player. Balanced it on the old ladder of the pool... get this I do it in the pool. NO HUFFING<> EASY ON MY JOINTS>>>>EASY PEEZY>>>.. I recommend anything you do, get a splash pool. Don't need anything big. Mine is a pond.. BUT it is all mine

Well on that note, I will finish up. Wish me luck this week.. "Racers Take Your Mark"
Everyone have a good one.. Keep cool, keep happy, keep positive, drop me a line sometime....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

I hope this note finds everyone happy, healthy, and enjoying this wonderful day. Please remember to take a moment and remember all those that have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Also remember our troops that are serving.

This week has been a pretty ordinary one for me. Not much sleep, been a full moon and around here we never sleep, I am always just uncomfortable and the animals are always on edge. I guess because it lights everything up. But hopefully I can get a few winks before the weekend is over.

I have been busting my hump trying to get organized for the summer (9) weeks of kids. I watch a few kids along with my own two. Gives mine someone to play (fight with) hahahah. I have planned lots of stuff to do. I really get back to the basics, parachute, hopscotch, freeze tag, and all those things I played when I was little. I make everyone leave the video games at home. Also I only use the tv for rest time and maybe on Movie Day. I make everyone play together, no sissy marys around here. I have also gotten out all the games I had laying around. Everyone probably remembers these classics, monopoly, life, memory, scrabble, chutes and ladders and the infamous candy land. Weeeeee won’t I be busy, jealous? Come join me, the more the merrier.

We also got our 15' splash pool up. Like I said before it said 1 hour set up. We end up in a heated argument on whether or not it is even and will it tip over. Then right after that they get in it and splash the waves.. It holds, yea, yea! The splash pools works for me. I bought a timer and the filter kicks on for 3 hours during the week and 6 on the weekends. I only have to change and clean filter once a week. Then add a bit of clarify, and algaecide. It stays pretty nice. My neighbors have the big 24' up ground, and if I position my float just right it looks like I am sitting in their pool. Mine is a pond compared to theirs, but at the right angle I am on the ocean. So sometimes the grass is a bit greener in someone elses yard..HAahaha! A nice hat for my head, (yea, I look real purty) and some sunglasses and I am at peace. Until some one jumps on me.. But it keeps us cool.

My tips ....... just me talking to you.

Whats cooking at this house this weekend. It has been hot here lately so I think I am off to the crockpot this week.


I make a combination pinto and black beans in the crockpot. Then I brown the meat with onions and garlic. Adding the beans, one can of tomatoe puree, and meat mixture. Leave in crock pot for a few more hours.

Breaded Flounder sandwiches
(Sam's club, sells some awsome flounder fillets)

Pork potatoes

Pork Butt in crock pot.
Cook with no water for 6 hours on high, then drain juice and pull apart and add bq sauce.

Bake Potatoes: Clean potatoes, poke, rub with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake at 400 for one hour.

Baked Ziti

1box of penne noodles
1 sauce in can
1 container of rigatta cheese
1/4 cup motzerella cheese

Cook noodles, mix in sauce and rigatta cheese. Put in casserole, sprinkle with motz cheese and bake till warmed and melted.

For the kitchen

Inventory... a new word for me.. I am inventoring everything I have food wise in the cabinets. In this day and time with food so high. I decided to see what I really had on hand. I found a few surprises. I am using up all the stuff before buying again. I think that keeps me from overbuying. If anyone got an idea for canned asparagus let me know..

Healthy Ideas

I bought a clear quart container. I also bought a cantaloupe, strawberries, banana, apples, grapes (you could do what ever you like to mix.) I know fruit is expensive, but I tried to buy just a bit of everything so it made big thing. Crazy, but hey it works. On Saturday, I cut all this up and mixed it together putting it in the clear container. I use this when I have that sweet attack. When it gets to where no one is eating it, (before it gets to the point of bad) I save everything at my house. I will then make sugar free jello and pour the fruit mix in each 1 cup containers and pour jello over it and refrigerate. Then I have single serving cups. They then will last a bit longer.

Diet/ Exercise

Well now it seems that I am moving more than ever. I think that may be part of my success. Even if I am sitting, I have found something to move about. I also went our in our little bitty pond pool and did a lot of leg exercises. I felt really good when I finished. So my advice this week is just move. Even if it is only 5 of something, it is 5 more than you would have done. Please don’t give up. Every day for me is a battle. I am not super human and I have my bad days. Feel free to comment and share, sometimes sharing makes the bad days not sooooo bad.

Well like I said last week was very uneventful. Thank you!!!! Next week will be short too. It is the last week for my children at school. Next year my daughter will be a senior and my son will be 6th grade... oh, my. I just sometimes wonder where has all the time gone. I will close for now, cause I am sure I have taken some of your time. Thanks again for stopping by...see you soon....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008

Well hey to everyone. This week has been really nice.
My daughter turned 17 last Thursday and from that point on it seems as if the end of the week and the weekend have flown together in a blurr. I really can't believe that today is Sunday. A day of rest.... not here.
Yesterday, we had an outside party for my daughters birthday, the usual, hot dogs , hamburgers, lots of sun and water. It was really great. But it seems that as we party on the outside the black flies came inside to enjoy the cool air. I put up fly strips before I went to bed, got the majority of them.. but I came to find a very big, black one....ewwwwwwwwwww...
I am sitting at the computer and I hear the parakeets, just a chirping up a storm, so I proceed to get up and low and behold there is the big black fly....(?) on the end of the strip. I hung the strip on the end of a drapery rod in the front window. In a safe The baby kitten climbed up the cage to get to the parakeets and fell backwards into the fly strip. I find the cat on top of the parakeet cage with the end of the fly strip stuck to its butt. I can't reach it. So I take off the drapery rod, and it looks like a fishing pole with the strip as the string and the cat as the catch. I pull up and out and the kitten is dangling on the end. My son, grabs her and pulls one way and I the other, freeing her. Now we have a kitten with fly strip goooooo all down her back. Need I also say, she has bird feathers stuck to her.. And old fashion tar and
Oh, It gets better, I had to wash her in peanut butter, to get the sticky out. She climbed up me to get away from the water and peanut butter, up my tooooo big tank top (losing weight is great) and pulls it all the way down. Meanwhile I am trying to pull my shirt up, wash the cat. My daugher is yelling concentrate... I am laughing... and as usual having to run to the bathroom ( you know bladders!..) I rinsed the kitten as well as I could. Told my son to keep her with him, so the dogs wouldn't think she was a peanut butter cookie... and eat her. She is doing much better, she took a long nap after that and so did I ........
So I guess that was the cap to a beautiful weekend..

My tips.. Just me talking to you...

What's cooking at my house this weekend..
You know I have found that if I have a plan or a menu of what I am doing for the week that I in turn save money and time. Keeps the fast food away..
This week..
Leftovers Hamburgers and Hotdogs
Crockpot Lasagne
Tuna Casserole
No new recipes this week. I will try to find something easy and inexpensive to make next week. With the summer coming I want to try to keep it light.. any ideas, let me know.

For the Kitchen
I have found another tip that keeps me from giving up and doing the fast food dance it to keep my sink clear and clean from dishes. For some reason when it is full, it kinda makes me not wanna cook.. give it a try..

Healthy Ideas
Water, Water, Water.. I try to drink it all the time. But you know it still doesn't thrill me. I found these really cool packets of lemon and lime (real) powered. They have really been a help to the water..

Diet/ Exercise
COOL beans.. found a walking dvd Leslie Sansone. It is really cool. When you are done you don't even know you walked that far. I have only done it twice.. But I will get back and let you guys know how it is in a few weeks. I am going to make the kids all do it this summer. Made a rolling media cart with a small tv and a dvd player on it. Figured I could roll it out on the driveway and get the all moving.. worth a try...

Well enough of me for one day.. If you have any comments or ideas, please feel free to share..
My love to all and keep on doing the best you can every day..
And be sure to check all fly traps....hahahahaha

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soap Box Tuesday.

I came back to day, I guess to vent.
I really would like to know, why is that some people expect so much from other people, when they do nothing to help themselves?
I truly believe that once you reach a certain age.. (the age I am talking about is over 40) that you should be independent and responsible for your own choices. I know that life can throw some big curves and yet some of us, can't handle them. But there are some that keep making things worse. They eventually make it so difficult to even help. It then just becomes a bandaid. A waste of time, effort and money. The reasoning becomes so cloudy. But yet these people can keep partying, eating out, playing, and living in disgusting situations. They never want to change. But they always try to seek me out. Knowing that I can' stand the lies, and the cons. They never want to hear the truth, and yet they ask me for the truth. It really just blows me away sometimes.
I would never hit someone when they are down, I am always the motivator, a guide to positive solutions and outcomes. I always give much more than I recieve, even if behind my back they take and then talk trash about me. They are always soooooo innocent and a victim. But sometimes I am so tired of banging the drum.
I, years ago, had a child (in 83) which is no longer with me due to an car accident. But that is another story. I will share with you at another date. When I am feeling inspired to share and not venting about ugly people. Any how, I picked myself up, and did what I had to do to survive. I lived with family with 6 kids. I slept in a bed with 4 of them. With rats crawling on me.. flies and dirt all around. I gave them all my paycheck, they took it all. I walked back and forth, night and day, hot and tired about 5 miles every way to and from. I cooked and cleaned for them. Pregnant. When I left, no one believed me on how hard it was there. They also talked nasty about me. So I know how hard life can be, but I survived and I truly hurt no one in the process. The same kind of people are all around us. Users and takers that can't survive or move forward. I guess the world is full of ugly acting people.
Can't people grow up. Just be decent. Respect for themselves and those around them. I guess all I can say is I will not change, and I will not become petty and selfish. I can only pray for their souls. But please get up and try to survive.. without taking prisoners, emotionally. I know you all can do it.
Thanks you for reading my vent..... It does feel better...
Till next time.
Take care..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

I know, I know, I dated this for Monday and it is only Sunday. I was afraid that I would just get so busy, that I wouldn't make time to keep my commitment to this blog.
I hope that atleast I am making someone smile, or even a casual thought as to what the crazy stuff I can write about.
Let me tell you about my Mother's Day..
Help, can I come live with you?
First let me tell you, I love my family, wouldn't be able to do without them.. But today.. You know those days, when nothing makes a lick of sense and you are sooooo overwhelmed just trying to do the basic things. It seems around here as if you want to do something, you have to do ten things to get to that something. And besides that my two dogs, they are both over 50lbs., when someone raises their voices they run and they run up under me.. Yes, mother to two big dogs. I was aching from putting up the splash pool. That is entirely its own story. The end of this story became full of screaming, crying and finally the quiet hush, of everyone hiding, till, I cooled off. The one thing that kills me, is the bathroom. I have a husband and one boy, they are so much alike it is scarey. I can't for the life of me understand how it gets sooooo dirty.. and how two men can use sooo much toilet paper and still tread marks on their I just had to say it.. That really made me feel good....Well after finally laying down and cooling off, I came to the conclusion that I needed to stop and start again tomorrow.. Cause I can promise you, it will still be there.

Now yesterday we put up the 16' splash pool that we usually have. And I of course power lifted the side poles to let my husband put dirt under to level the pool. This pool says on side of box.. "easy to put together... one hour" yea and who wrote this one. Probably the same people who said to have a "happy period".... Another good one.. I am so making myself laugh. So I guess this blog is good for something. Every year for the last 5 years we struggle with the level of the pool and every year it still holds up. Now that I have written this they will dive bomb it and send it collapsing into the yard. Everything happens around here.

I posted a picture of my new kitten.. her name is Brooklyn. You don't think we are from NY or something do you???? I think though we should name her Sweeny Todd. The barber who sliced necks. She actually sat on the bed the other night and watch the movie with me and my daughter. Then the next morning under the chair is a dead mouse...with no joke...on its back..with its neck sliced... oh no...oh yes...

Well now that I have shared my wonderfull weekend with you.. I hope you enjoyed my blog this week..

My Tips.... Just me talking to you...

Whats cooking in my house this week:
>Steaks and Portabella Mushrooms (since I was angry Mothers Day..) I get to make them Monday.. yea.....
>Tuna Melts
no good recipes to share this week..
>oh no.. I got one.. on my Frugal Village we started a thread about Pantry Diving and what can you make from what you beans it was...yea
I had a can of sweetened condensed milk.. you know know what they said to do... take the can and boil it for 4 hours, keeping the water above it.. and then let it cool.. guess what it makes.. carmel sauce.. I am going to try it.. but the 4 hours watching it is a tough one..

For the Kitchen
I premade the PBJ sandwiches for my son. This keeps from waste and over doing it. I will make that jar of PBJ (it is all in one jar) last a bit longer

Healthy Ideas
I keep a container of precut celery and carrots in water. Quick and easy to get to.
I also found a carry container that you fill the bottom and put the dip in a container on top. All insulated with a small ice pack thingy under the dip container. Makes for a healthy treat.

I have order a new tape for the dvd for walking in your living room.. I am hoping that I can get them all up and walking with me.. Will post on how it does..

Well I am ready to venture into another week. This week my Daughter will turn 17. Gosh do they grow quickly..
Everyone have a great week and I will see you soon.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The new addition

Like I didn't have enough to do... here is a picture of the new Kitten.. Her name is Brooklyn.

May 10, 2008

Hey everyone, popping in early to say:

Happy Mother's Day

That goes for everyone. Even the women without children, I am sure they have someone that they love and tend to. When I am asked what I want for Mother's Day, I am always stumped. It seems that usually if I need it, I either wait for a bargain, or I figure out how to get it. A wise woman once said, " Every Day is Mother's Day" Every day you are a mother. It never changes, someone always needs lots of loving. Children, Family, and the animals. Shoot around my house, the birds, the cats, and the creatures of the house.

So for all those Happy Love Day to you all.

Will get back to you on Monday! So tomorrow, put your feet up and relax.. yea...right..You remember the joke, they mean well, get everything to cook and I end up, cooking it and cleaning it.. Sometimes only the mom...

Have a very Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday, May 5th 2008

Wow, can you believe it. I came back. I have actually made time for this. I feel that something great is coming of me writing. If not for anything, then for practice, venting, and letting go of all the stuff I like to talk and share. I hope it hasn't become to dull for you guys.

Last week, we adopted a baby kitten, and it is very wild around here. I would have thought it would have shyed away from the big dogs, but no, it knows no fear. Imagine if we were all like that. Just do it, get past the fear of it all. I think sometimes, that fear is an illusion. The gate to the path of the unknown. Just because it is unknown is not a bad thing. Like they say if you don't try it you will never know.
I feel as if in the last 6 months, that I too am on an adventure. Something separate yet tied back into my family. I think sometimes mothers feel, well I felt this way, that if you do something separate or just think about your self, that you take from the others. Yet if you don't take care of yourself you will not be able to give anything to your others. I know this by feeling so bad, and not healthy for the last 5 years. I always felt drained and lack of any creativity. I got out of this funk by just taking control of my life. Prayer is an important part of my life.
One of my main problem is that I like to control things. It still is important, yet as I get older, I am having to let go of somethings. It seems as if it pulls me down. I am learning more now that I have to trust myself and God. I really have to let it just work out. I can't always fix it.
I can tell you every day is a journey.
My diet is doing so great. All I did was pick the amount of calories I needed and try to stay on the healthy side and exercise. And trust myself to do the right things. I really don't know the outcome of this journey with my weight. All I can do is keep going, keep trying and let it work out.. get it.. work out.. okay...seriously..I have lost 26lb since December. Yea, Yea, Yea

Recipes of the week (be sure to leave a comment if you try these)

Talipia (I never do say this write.. it is one of those words that just throws me... So I will call it the fishy thing dish..hahah)
breadcrumbs (croutons)

I was short on the breadcrumbs this time, I looked all over and all I had was croutons. You know the kind that everyone liked in the beginning and then forgot about. Well I put them in my blender and made them the crumbs.. sprinkled in a bit of lemon pepper and that was that
I rinsed my talipia and just dipped in the crumbs. (didnt use any eggs or flour) placed on a pam sprayed cookie sheet.
Baked for about 20 minutes at 400. I had to go a bit longer.. you want it to be flakey.
It was really great.. made homemade tartar sauce. Mayo and a bit of pickle relish

Lemon Grits

4 packs of instant grits
1/2 water
1/2 the lemon juice
(optional lemon zest)
nuked like on package.

These went really great with the Talipia and even my salmon cakes from the other week.

Tips .... Just me talking to you.....

Kitchen Tip

For weekly salads I precut all the fixings, In one container I put enough for the week. And in 5 sandwich baggies I prepare salads, and the veggies. Then squeeze air out. In the snack baggies I put the salads proteins and cheese. My husband takes one everyday, with a squirt dressing and his collapseable bowl. Cheap and easy. Just prep.

Diet Tip

Everyone loves French fries. I portion them before they go on the baking pan and put them on the plate. NO seconds and believe it or not without the pan sitting around, no one even asks. Eat slow and they taste like you have been eating a ton.


This week I will just keep adding one more set to what I do every day. I have got to figure out how I can continue in the summer with the kids. I get so wrapped up, time flies and there I have missed my exercise time.

Well that is what I had to share this week. By no means think I got it all undercontrol. I am just leaning back and moving forward slowly.
Everyone have a great week.. till next time... keep hanging on.......