Thursday, April 26, 2012

Normandy Blend Veggies (ww friendly idea)

I found another nice food to add to our families pantry. It is a really great blend of frozen veggies. Even if you are not dieting, or doing Weight Watcher's these are a nice way to get your dose of vegetables into your day. I even posted an easy way to get them done for a side with your meal..

Normandy Blend Frozen Vegetables

I found these at Sam's Club. I was actually looking for the large bag of string green beans and the brocolli. I came across these and seeing as they are really weight watcher friendly. It has brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, and yellow squash and that makes for a tasty combination.

We always used to make frozen veggies and load up on the butter. I have since found, if you need the butter taste, that Molly McButter does a great job. I am actually a lemon girl. I find that a little lemon just really makes the veggies pop.

For a real quick, less mess way to make them. My kids really enjoyed them this way.

Pour them into a lasagna pan, we have to make a bunch, but don't worry I have a tip for any leftovers.

In a 2 cup measuring cup put oh, about 1 and 3/4 cup of water. Put in a few boulioin cubes ( I used powdered, because it is quick and I am always in a hurry) next a bit of lemon juice and a few dashes of lemon pepper seasoning. Pour over the top and mix it in.

Pop it in a 400 degree oven for about 40-45 minutes, stir it a few times, until they are all tender.

Here's a picture of how tender and good they were.

I actually saved the broth and used it as a base in the soup I made that week.
I also took the leftovers and pureed them down and used them in my porcupine meatballs. So see there is nothing that goes to waste.

I love sharing what I find, so it might make your life style of eating a bit easier. These vegetables are a staple now in my freezer. If you ever find something to make this easier or tastier, feel free to comment. I am also open to any critisms, I am new at this and I just want it to be nice.

So get out there, enjoy the day.. make it yours..

Breakfast Pasta wwpp=8pt

Breakfast Pasta

Pasta doesn't have to be just for dinner. I actually can find a great many ways to have it for every meal. With the different variety's you can actually make it as healthy as you want. My family really don't care much for the whole wheat pasta but they will eat the high fiber ones. I think my favorite spaghetti pasta is Smart Taste, it comes in at a 4 points for the ww. Which always saves me a point for something else. Even if you are not doing weight watchers, this dish is still got nice carbs, vitamins and protein. A great way to start the morning. A little more time consuming than just grab and go, so maybe this would be nice for the weekend.

I have a family of 5, including my husband, myself and my 3 children, so I always have a little left over. Actually when I plan to do this I have to make sure I make extra just to make breakfast pasta.

I have been watching my diet, and that includes doing the Weight Watcher Plus Plan, but more important I have been really strict on watching my portions.

Tip: In the beginning of the week, I usually try to make a box of smart taste spaghetti and then portion it into 6 containers (1 cup) and put in the fridge. Helps to make a quick meal and only a portion.

If I was going to make this for the whole family I would probably go ahead and cook a new box of pasta.

Breakfast Pasta     wwpp=8pt


10 cloves of garlic (That is because I just love garlic, you can make this less, but I can guarantee once you start to brown the little slices, you will want more)

1 cup of bite size fresh spinach (at this point you could use any fresh veggie you have screaming to be eaten) (if you use frozen you will have to thaw and squeeze all the water out.)

1 small egg

1 tsp of olive oil

Sea Salt

1 cup of pasta (for the numbers above I used the Smart Taste Spaghetti (it came to 4 points per portion)
(so if you use regular pasta re-work the numbers)

Sprinkle of Parmesan cheese (for the finish)


1) Cut the garlic cloves into slivers and saute in a pan with the olive oil and sea salt. Saute on low and keep stirring, until just brown, then remove from the pan and set aside.

2) In the same pan, throw in the cut up spinach and pasta. Using tongs, just start to get everyone warm. This makes the spinach start to wilt.

3) Push the spaghetti to the sides, creating a hole in the middle. Crack and egg and scramble it with your tongs.(not cook it, just to mix it up)

4) Using your tongs start to incorporate the uncooked eggs into your pasta, and throw back in the saute garlic with it. Getting everyone all mixed together. I just keep using the tongs until the eggs are all cooked.

5) At this point you can remove and plate, sprinkle with fat free Parmesan cheese knew there was an or...leave just for a minute and it will get this little crust on the bottom. That is my favorite part.

This is a real power packed breakfast. It should give me the energy I need to do laundry, kids, bill, etc.....So for me the extra little time it took to make this, will keep me going all morning.

I made this and my 3 year old, stood beside me, threw down his cinnamon raisin toast and ate bite for bite with me. So if I didn't get it all, at least he ate all kinds of good stuff for him. He ate it all. Little pig, and he is now asking for me to make a new batch. My kinda kid.

Well for now, I am off to begin my morning, it is all just waiting for me.. If I come up with something else to share.. I will be back soon..

So get out there enjoy the day.. make it yours...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baked Sweet Potatoes Fanned Cut wwpp=4 pt (medium)

I have been wanting to try to do the fanned cut potatoes, but of course when I actually wanted it, the only potato I had was a sweet potato. Actually this turned out so much better than I thought.

For the medium size sweet potato it is 3 points to begin with, 4 for the large one. I absolutely adore sweet potatoes the kids not so much.

Baked Sweet Potatoes Fanned Cut   (wwpp=4pt)


As many Potatoes as you like, I usually make one per person and then two extras for leftovers. ( when you have leftovers you can scoop them and mash and fill a won ton wrapper for a sweet potato won ton..I know another post in the making.)

3 tbs of olive oil

2 tbs of splenda

2 tsp of cinnamon

sea salt


1) Let's cut that potato. Make slits all the way down the potato, without cutting all the way through.

2) Now lets put the oil, sea salt, splenda (you could use sugar, it doesn't take much) (splenda also makes a brown sugar blend..sigh I didn't have any on hand.. next time) and cinnamon.

Tip: I put all my potato in a bag and then pour in the above and shake until all coated.

put in bag with stuff to coat with

shake up to coat

all shook up

3) Lay on a foil lined cookie sheet (less mess)

4) Cook at 400 for medium..hmmm 45-60 minutes...large...60 minutes. Poke them to see if they are tender.


I found these to be a great side for any meal. They could just be good just by themselves.


I have been doing ww for about 15 weeks now and I have lost a grand 30lbs. I have just really been motivated to get this weight off.

As I experiment with the ordinary stuff I have around the kitchen. I believe this has to be a life change and I want it to come very easy for me to make the right choices. I, in turn, teaching my children to make the right choices to nourish their bodies.

Having to be aware of what foods make me function better. I find that if I stay clear of, or maybe just a little of the white carbs I seem to even think better. If I am going to have rice or mashed potatoes, I may make a nice big side of veggies. Kinda balances out, how those carbs are broken down. I just don't feel like taking a nap, every time I eat. You know that feeling.

I am although having problems, giving up the soda. I think I drink it when I am stressed. I have been enjoying that stuff...Mio, you squeeze it into your water. Not sure if that is any better than soda.

All I can really share with you on this diet stuff, if...shoot thank goodness, every day is a new day.. because I really have to continue to figure this out.

As I find new stuff, or inspired ideas, I promise to come here and share.

So get out there enjoy your day.. make it yours..

Taco Pizza wwpp= 6pts (per slice makes 4 slices)

Now you can't tell me that baby, isn't just pretty..

I made this from the leftover taco meat that I made the other day. (recipe is on Wed. April 18th).
I was searching in this crazy refrigerator of mine and decided to do something with my leftovers so I made a new meal completely.

I tallied this in the ww recipe maker for it all and it made the total 6 points per slice. Not too bad seeing as it is sooo pretty and I put lots of lettuce on it...

One of the great things about taco's at my house is that they love the sour cream on it. So in this recipe I thinned it down with a bit of water and it made it go farther and with less points. No one seemed to notice.

Taco Pizza   (wwpp=6pt per slice)


1 pizza crust ( I found one at Big Lots that was 3 points for a quarter)

1/2 lb of taco meat

1/4 cup of salsa

1/4 cup of shredded fat free cheddar cheese

4 tbs of fat free sour cream

1 small onion (diced)

1 small tomato ( I actually used my grape tomatoes and diced up a big handful)

2 cups of shredded lettuce


1) Pre-heat the oven to 375. I find an already warm oven makes my pizza do better.

2) Put crust on a pan, and spread on it the taco meat. Evenly all the way to the edge (my kids think that pizza stops where the topping stops...hmmm)

3) Next put salsa on top of that.

4) Put on the cheese.

5) Pop in oven until cheese is melted and the crust is brown.

6) On the hot pizza, lets put some toppings. Lettuce, tomatoes and onions. (if you like spicy, some jalapenos..and more salsa if you like)

7) Then lastly, I took my 4 tbs of fat free sour cream and put a little water in it (made it pourable) Pour this all over the top.

another shot

Then get ready for a feast.. It was really good. the hotness of the pizza and then the coolness of the toppings made this a nice contrast. Kinda addictive. I am now already planning for the next post of taco meat...
Taco Pie
Taco Pizza
Taco Soup
Taco Burritos..
Seems like this list could be endless.

I hope that you are enjoying my posts and find some use from them. I enjoy sharing and letting people into my world. If you ever have a question, please just leave a comment..

If you have something and you are wondering what to make, leave me a comment and I will get back with you.

So for now...have a wonderful day.
Get out there and make it yours.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Burka Sister's Donate Kidneys in Memory of childhood friend Dawn Gallo

The Burka Twins with Dawn Gallo

I am reposting this link to the actual article written on what they are doing..

I am truly humbled by the whole thing. Truly a very unselfish act.
May God Bless them and keep them safe.

May we all learn to be as giving as they are. May God watch over them and keep them safe.

In Memory of Dawn Gallo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tacos with Corn Tortilla Shells wwpp=2pt per taco

Doing the Weight Watchers diet has left me always searching on how I can take what I have at home and make it not only for me, but so that my husband and children will eat it too.

Everyone knows that ground turkey ( I buy the 99% fat free) is now the better of the ground meat and I don't know about you, but my family sometimes really misses the beef flavor of ground meat. Usually in taco's, because it is one of the favorites.

Also doing ww I have been turned on to corn tortillas.  I really couldn't tell you why I waited so long. The taste alone of them is really a big difference from the already cooked and molded taco shells. I also prefer them cut and baked and seasoned the way I like, sometimes, salt, and sometimes with salt and lime. The bag stuff just doesn't cut it.

This recipe is on the big side, because I used half the batch for one dinner and then I pre-pkg the rest in 3 oz baggies and then into a freezer bag for quick use.

First let's start with the taco meat. I think my meat tastes aload more flavorful than I used to make because I now do it in my crock pot.

Well let me get started.

Tacos with Corn Tortilla Shells   wwpp=2 pts
(this made enough for 27 single taco servings)

(for dinner I used half and it made 3 each for 5 people)

(for single servings- I portioned it into 3 oz per baggie, which gave me 4 baggies to put up)

Taco Meat


2 lbs of ground turkey 99% fat free

1 small diced onion

1/3 of a cup of taco seasoning ( you can lessen this if you like, mine like it that way, and when they heat it up from the freezer it seems to keep that taco seasoning taste)(I am on the look out for a salt free one, so if anyone finds a salt free taco seasoning..just holler)

1/2 cup of water


Take your ground up turkey and put it into your crockpot.

Add into it the cut up onion.

I cook it with the onions until the meat is all cooked and crumbled up. This is on high and usually I have to check on it, every hour. If it is not frozen it took me an hour to get it cooked to the way I like it, and the onions were tender.

Then I add the seasoning and water and leave for another few hours..stirring every while.

When it is done, it is really flavorful. Now at this point portion it out. I could eat it with a spoon if I didn't step in to section it out.



Stack of corn tortillas (3 a piece)

Can of non-stick spray.


Now I know I made this for 5 which was 3 tortillas per person and I could have done them all kinds of weird ways to make a taco in the oven, but I was more impressed with the flavor I got just doing them in a hot pan. I did not cook them until crisp, but just kinda in between.

1) I sprayed my pan and put in one corn tortilla at a time.

Isn't that pretty!
Now we can create a nice taco.

For these in the picture I only put cheese on them. That was just enough for us. You could put lettuce, tomatoe, onion or salsa.. if you use sourcream you need to adjust points.

I also for my ww buddies want to show you what these look like
3oz of taco meat

1/4 cup of fat free cheddar shredded cheese

now lets get to it.
Just a little cheese (I took my portion of cheese and split into 3)
A little meat ( I took my portion of meat and split into 3)
I put these in a row on my cutting board and served them like that. My bunch ate them before I could even plate them. The next time I will add a few more extras to them. Or maybe not, they were pretty good just simple.

I can not stress enough, you need to try corn tortillas next time, before you buy the store made shells or the tortilla chips.

Well I gotta get dinner going, I have been at this long enough..

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strawberry and Spinach Salad wwpp=6

Okay here is the scoop. I usually buy the strawberries and leave them for the kids. Nope not this week I have eaten this salad 4 times this week. It is I promise very addictive. Not sure if it is the way the balsamic vinegar mixes with the sweet of the strawberry or the creamy of the goat cheese.
Then I found some pecans that had been glazed. Now I can't stop.

So let  me quickly share this before there is nothing left...teeeheee..

Strawberry and Spinach Salad    wwpp=6pt


Baby Spinach Leaves ( I buy the large plastic container and keep in fridge to use for all stuff. For the salad you can use as much as you want.)

Strawberries (about 6-7 cut up)

onion (thin little slivers, for some reason balsamic vinegar always makes onions taste good)

Balsamic Vinegar ( a few splashes to your taste)

Goat Cheese ( now you can use what you want, but I found that the Goat was a little more creamy and really added to the salad.)

I found this at the Trader's Joes.. It came to 2 points per little serving. I like servings keeps me in check.

Pecans ( or any kind of nut, the glazed really gave it a sweet crunch) 1/4 cup was 4 points, but so worth it. Here are the one's I used. I even took a pic of what a 1/4 cup looked like.


Lets build us a salad.
This salad not only tastes good, but does look pretty.
I made this as a one portion, but you could make it bigger. I would still think if you were making it for everyone, that the individually made would be prettier and let everyone adjust there own topping.

1) Put in a nice bowl. ( when I am home at lunch, I like to treat myself and make it pretty, we eat with our eyes first !)

2) Fill bowl up with baby spinach (depending on how hungry I am . Spinach is 0 on ww)

3) Lay on top, strawberries, onions, break up the goat cheese and lastly put on the pecans.

4) For the finish of the salad before you eat it, drizzle balsamic vinegar all over it.
(I have read where you can make a balsamic vinegar reductions.. I don't have time, one day I will give it a whirl)

Then pour a nice glass of tea and sit and enjoy. You know this would be a great salad to take for lunch and then save the vinegar to put on last.

(another picture of my lunch)

I am now out of the stuff to make any more, and I will have to go to the store. I am in love with this salad.

Give it a try, I can't explain why the flavors are soooo great together. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

So get out there, try something new... treat yourself nice...

Love to all...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Eggs In Green Pepper Rings wwpp=4

I was hunting to make a breakfast that was tasty and quick. I found a green pepper in my refrigerator and it was calling out to me.. (you know I hate to waste)

So I thought and thought. This actually is a good idea into another bunch of ideas for recipes. Stuffed green pepper rings...etc..

So here is my twist on peppers and eggs.

Eggs In Green Pepper Rings
wwpp=4 (if you use a fat free cheese you could actually make these for 2 wwpp)
(this made 4 rings and I actually ate 2 and was happy)


1 green pepper ( cut into 4 rings about 1/2 of inch thick)

a little minced onion

a little of the green pepper (I had the bottom and didn't want to waste it)
1/4 cup of egg beaters

1/4 of cheese (I used a Parmesan blend which was 3 points for 1/4) (you could use any cheese fat free would lower your points.)


1) Spray a pan with non-stick, lay in the green pepper rings.

2) Sprinkle in the onion, green pepper, and what ever else you want to add into the rings. (you know real bacon bits has lower numbers and that could be a great add in.)

3) Pour in the egg beaters (don't worry that they kinda bleed out into the pan, just don't touch them, it will be okay.)

4) Sprinkle with cheese.

5) Put a lid on, it will soften the rings, melt the cheese and cook up the eggs. Cook until no longer runny. ( you could also use a real egg - just count the points)

This all probably takes about 10 minutes, I don't like my eggs runny.

My breakfast.. I wanted to make one more shot, so for 2 points, I really enjoyed them. Like I said before this really could lead into some other recipes. I am sure I will share them.

Add some fruit, a yogurt and you are on your way.

With breakfast in my tummy, I am on my way. The sun is taking his time to peak out..

Will post tomorrow on my Spinach Strawberry Salad. I was so good, I was surprised.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mom's Egg Salad wwpp= 4pt ( then you have to add the bread )

"Mom's Egg Salad" 

Thought I would revisit this again, with my WW points.

I am in the cooking mood, which is all the time, just thinking of home and of all the good things my mother used to make.

My Mom had 6 kids and I assure you we were always hungry. By the time we sat down at the table, we were ready to eat. During my years at home there wasn’t a lot of eating out; it was just a special treat. My mother went out of her way to expose us to all kinds of food, and cooked every day for us something always delicious. When she wasn't doing housework, laundry, homework, church work, gardening, paying bills, running us around, loving us and making sure we all grew up to be decent human beings...and in one complete statement, The MOM. She would also be milling around in the kitchen, whipping up special treats for holidays. My favorite was Columbus Day, she took a banana and put a sail in it like a boat, talk about creative. She was always making custards, cakes and treats. Another favorite of mine was the jello parfaits. Now in this day and time, what mom has the time to layer cool whip and jello in parfait cups and still run a house and family of 6 kids? Gosh, I can barely handle three. I remember all these with a fond and warm heart.

I think that is where I get my passion “to do it better than the restaurants” and to be frugal and use it all up. It is almost like I am programmed to get that last little bit of mayonnaise out of that jar. Funny right?

So today I am posting, “My Mother’s Egg Salad” if you have never had it this way, then it is worth a try. I find that also by letting it sit and hang in the fridge that the flavors marry more together. I eat this as a salad or as a sandwich. When I lived in New York City, at the restaurants you would order a salad plate and it would have three mounds on it, egg salad, tuna, and macaroni, served with crackers or bread. So sometimes I make this into a meal like that.

My Mother’s Egg Salad

items needed:
10 hard boiled eggs ( I used my left over easter eggs)

3 tablespoons of real bacon bits (you have to use bacon, turkey bacon just won't give you that taste)

1 tbsp of minced onion

1 tsp of yellow mustard

1/4 cup of reduced fat mayonnaise (you could use really how much you like, but remember to recalculate the points)

A dash of salt and pepper
1) In a pan warm up your real bacon bits, till a little crispy.
2) Break up your eggs and add the mayo, mustard and onion, when all broken up then add the bacon.
3) Add in the mayo..
I like this so much better after it sits for a day or so. A portion would be about what a large egg would be or so. I usually can't wait so I have a nice quick sandwich on diet bread.
For a portion size, I think about the size of a large egg. That is how I worked it.
Be sure to add points for your bread. I try to find the bread that is one point per slice.

Chunk up the eggs and add the rest and mix together.

I made this today and already enjoyed some of it. It warmed my heart, and left me thinking of home when I was little. How blessed I am for the life my mom created for me when I was young. I try every day to give my children the same that she gave to me, "paying it forward " for the next generation. I had a wonderful childhood and a wonderful Mom and Dad. My siblings weren’t so bad either.

Take the time today to find something to remind you of home. Home is where the heart is, no matter how far away you are. Deep inside your heart and mind are the memories that shaped who you are today. Take a break and enjoy life.

I am taking this moment to say, “Thanks Mom for all you have taught me, without your love and patience I would not be the person I am today.” “I love you always!”

Baked Egg Pizza wwpp=6 (per slice)

This Pizza was the hit of the weekend. I have been every weekend trying to find things to make breakfast with. Different things that the kids would eat and still keep me within my ww points.

I have already lost 30lbs in the last 3 months and I have a ways to go; so in turn the more I will create recipes to make a life change in the way we eat. My husband has lost 40. I would love to credit it towards the Weight Watcher's and I do to a point. I learned from them what an actual portion was and that is really the secret of it all. Plus to loose weight you must take in less than what you burn. I am going to continue the WW plan for a while more, because I have no control with certain foods and I am finally learning that. I think one of my biggest things that I am so happy about is that when ever we would head out to shop, I would actually crave the take out. Not any more, I eat before I go and I get home I don't want anything. What a big hold that had on me.

Now, back to the baked egg pizza. If you have never had a baked egg, then you just need to try this. I have seen on TV, every now and again on those cooking shows, where they go to a pizzeria and they order a pie with eggs on it. I should to say...ewwww...

This weekend I gave it a go. The picture above is of one slice I made on Monday for myself, because it was such a great tasting breakfast. I actually took a crust and cut it into 4 pieces and took one, to make mine.

This recipe is for the whole pie.

Baked Egg Pizza   wwpp=6pt per slice


1 Pizza Crust Thin (look for the points the one I found made for 3 points per quarter)
I found this at the Big Lots for a dollar.

1 cup of marinara sauce ( I also found a 1pt for a cup sauce at the Aldi's)

1/4 cup of fat free mozzarella cheese

baby spinach leaves

1/2 can of mushrooms (small and drained)

1/4 of a small onion (minced)


1) Spread your marinara sauce onto your pizza crust.( All the way to the edge. Seems like my kids stop where the sauce stops and I hate waste.)

2) Lay your spinach leaves all over the top.

3) Sprinkle your onions on.

4) Lay your mushrooms on.

5) Sprinkle with cheese.

6) Make small indent on each quarter of the pizza. Crack an egg into each indent.

7) Slip into oven at 375 for about 15-25 minutes depending on how you like your eggs. I like mine cooked all the way. So mine took about 20 minutes. (I did find out that I had to turn the heat down near the end so my crust wouldn't get too brown and my egg could still cook.) So I am guessing it will depend on your personal oven.

Remove from the oven and let cool for a few minutes..

Cut into fourths and get busy.

Like I said, a baked egg gives it a nice touch. I am not sure if it is the egg, or the combination of the marinara and the egg. Either way this is a win - win for breakfast.

And  you can see I made mine individually for my own little breakfast..Yummy

Need I say more!!! (yes, more please)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Almond Encrusted Salmon Salad wwpp=6

Now that is just plain beautiful...and it tasted pretty good too.

Today I was trying to keep really close to my WW numbers, cause I kinda strayed into the Easter Basket Candy.. I know you feel me, those snickers and hard boiled eggs were calling me. I actually did the numbers for all the types of candy. I hid the one point ones from the kids, for my weak moments and ate their other ones with them. Oh my, I am guessing that candy... chocolate is a trigger for me.

I started out this morning with a baked egg pizza (which I will post when I get a minute) If you have never tried a baked egg, well, let's just say, I made them all weekend for a quick breakfast for the bunch here.

I wanted to post what I had made for lunch. I think sharing leaves ideas for people to take and make their own. I also like to show that you can eat well, and eat what you have and still eat healthy.

I am a salmon lover. When I was at Aldi's I found a package of 6 salmon fillets (portioned and put in individual pkgs). I calculated the ww points and it can to 3 points per serving. I want to say I think I paid 5 bucks for it. I pull one out in the evening and it is thawed in time to make my lunch, almost as easy as a can of tuna. You could also make this the night before and eat it cold, it still was good.

I also had a can of Blue Diamond Almonds Wasabi and Soy Sauce. Although I am on the WW Plus Diet, I vowed to use what I had on hand, because I am such a Waste Not Freak. I have hung on to these until I could find some use for them. They are 28 nuts for 5 points which equals to 6 nuts for 1 point. For this recipe I used 12 nuts = 2 points.

picture of them

For my salad that I put the Salmon on, I just used a container of Mixed Salad Greens ( I like these because they have all the different kinds of greens and it also looks pretty for a bed for my salmon) I do like to spoil myself sometimes. I am getting so good at the presentation lately, that I am even better than our local restaurants. My family is actually preferring to eat at home.

Almond Encrusted Salmon Salad   wwpp=6  (this recipe is for the one, but easily could be made for a family, just remember servings)


1 salmon fillet (mine were 3pts)

12 of the Blue Diamond Wasabi Almonds (you could use plain almonds if you would like)

1tsp of olive oil

1/2 tsp of lemon pepper (or just lemon) (lemon pepper is what I had on hand)


1) Take the almonds and put in a grinder, processor, or I use my immersion blender cup thingy, just to make the almonds into what degree you would like. I went to bread crumb consistency)

2) Into the almond crumbs, put in the lemon pepper and mix up.

3) Take the salmon fillet and lay on a plate, pour crumbs on one side and press them into it.

4) In a pan heat your olive oil. Then flip the salmon crust side down into the pan.

5) Cook on medium heat. I do not turn my salmon until I see the meat turning white all the way to the middle of the fillet (about 3 minutes or so)

6) Flip carefully and cook another 3 minutes.

7) Prepare you bowl with salad greens and toss with a bit of balsamic vinegar.

8) Put salmon on top.

Then you have a wonderful lunch. I gobbled it all up. I actually beat my little one to it. He wanted PBJ but then he saw the salmon..NO< NO< NO...just joking.. gave him a bite.

I enjoy this one, and will be making this for the entire family. It was filling yet, very light.

I hope you get a minute to give cooking a try.

For now, Have a great day... and I will be back soon. Had some great things I tried out this weekend.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Delight Almond Joy and York Peppermint Pattie Coffee Creamer Singles wwpp=1

A giant hit out-the park for these. Wow, if you are a coffee fan, these are just wonderful. If you are like me and could die for a Almond Joy then these are for you too. I found them to be wonderful.

Today I made an iced coffee with these. I really got a treat. I actually made two batches because the kids wanted to try them out. I will definitely be buying these again. I can just imagine what else I can make with them.

For the Iced Coffee:

2 heaping tsp of instant coffee

1 cup of skim milk

6 ice cubes (I used 10 because I like mine slushy..)

2 of the creamers

1 tsp of splenda (you could use sugar, I am doing ww and I wanted to watch my points)


Put all this in a blender and blend until the ice is smooth.

Pour ...

And enjoy.

This was so good.

It came to (the creamers were 1pt a piece), a 4 point iced coffee. It was so good that I made both flavors today..I had helping drinking them. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow for another one, if I have one more, I probably won't sleep.

Well I wanted to post this quickly so I could share.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful Easter Holiday. Happy Passover to my Jewish friends and for all the ones who don't celebrate, then have a wonderful weekend.

I will see what I can make over the weekend..

So for now, keep getting out there, be creative, bring the love home, enjoy cooking with your family.

Love is forever....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amped up Eggs on Toast wwpp= 5 per one toast 9 for both

I know the title left you wondering about the points. Well let me explain, I am going to explain how to make it for 1 person. I actually made this for 4 people. Only two of us needed to know the points, for the others it was just a healthy way to eat breakfast. I also made this 5 points for one Egg on Toast. I actually had 2 because I was hungry and 9 points to get my engine going in the morning wasn't too bad. We had a big day ahead and it keep us full for awhile (well until lunch, because since I have been doing WW I am on an imaginary schedule).

Amped up Eggs on Toast    wwpp=5 pts for one egg toast or 9 for two egg toasts
    (this is a recipe for one person eating two egg toasts... for more servings just x's it.)


1 cup of spinach (fresh, leaves, leave whole)

1 tsp of olive oil ( I had some infused with garlic, yummy)

dash of salt

dash of pepper

4 ham slices (I found a thin slice that was 4 slices for one point)

2 eggs (poached if you like, or a bit of pam and left sunny side up)

1/8 of a cup of shredded parm cheese

2 piece of diet bread (I also had one that was 1 point per slice)


1) Toast your bread

2) In a small pan, warm up your spinach with a bit of olive oil. (turn off when just tender)season with a little salt and pepper.

3) in another pan, warm up your ham slices. When done, put out and put to the side.

4) In the same pan as the ham squirt a bit of Pam spray and break two eggs ( this is how I make sunny side up. I put a small pan lid on top and let it steam itself until the top of the egg is covered and white, I also like mine a bit runny)

5) Now lets put this baby together.

Ham slices
Egg on top and
Sprinkle with a little parm cheese.

I served these with a little fruit salad. It made a very filling meal. It was also very pretty.

I made these for the weekend, and I just made them today, before I posted this, yummy..


I wanted to finish this post with a little note. I was asked where I come up with my recipes. I think a recipe is something that you create, you take what you have and make something. I consider them all to be originals in out of my thoughts. I just like sharing them with you. I can't say that I  own the copyright to all you can do with a zucchini, or a I am inspired  by other recipes that I look at and even try, I will even tell you if I have seen a recipe like it. I just don't want to step on anyones toes.. so these recipes I post.. take them and make them yours, change the flavors.. write me back tell me how wonderful you made them.. Share with me as I share with you..

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baked Potato Veggie Hash with Eggs on a Corn Tortillas wwpp=8 for the serving

Baked Potato Veggie Hash with Eggs on a Corn Tortilla    wwpp=8 for the entire serving. (You could split this and only eat 1/2 serving. I chose the whole thing, I had a long morning ahead)

The Hash part of this recipe serves 3 people very generously.


For the Hash:
 2 small leftover baked potatoes (I always make extra when I cook during the week)

1 small onion

1 small zucchini

1 small yellow squash

2 tbs of ketchup

For the corn tortillas:

2 corn tortillas per person

1 tsp of olive oil

For the eggs :

2 eggs per person.. ( at this point you could just have one and the wwpp would be 5 ) (but again we were having a long working morning.



1) Dice up your zucchini, yellow squash and onion (all the same size) spray pan with Pam and saute until slightly tender.

 2) Dice up your potatoes and thrown in the mix to warm up.

3) Add 2 tbs of ketchup.

4) I moved them around until I got a nice crust under the bottom.

5) When ready move to the side.

Corn Tortillas

6) In another pan, I took olive oil and put in the corn tortillas, ( I used a small pan, that only fit one, so be sure to split your oil, because the first will soak it all up and then the other tortilla won't get any) not cooking them until crisp, but just to brown them a bit. Put two on each plate.


7) Now for the eggs. I like them runny so I sprayed the pan with Pam, cracked two eggs and put a lid )on top. Took off just as the whole egg top of white. Yummy and runny.

Now to plate:

The two corn tortillas on the bottom,

The Veggie hash on top,

The eggs on top of that.

A little shake of reduced fat cheddar cheese (which I added a point) you could skip this and add salsa.

another sweet shot.. look at that egg running...yummy

This breakfast was really killer.

I had never had the corn tortilla, and what a different taste. Especially when you had the runny egg.

 I can't begin to tell you, but this was a very hardy breakfast. I will definitely be making this again for a weekend breakfast.

So my friends you should really try the idea with the corn tortilla, it brought around a whole new taste. Salsa would have kicked it up alot too.

Gotta Go now.. and seize the day....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday ... Just a drop in note...

Hi, I just wanted to stop in and say hello today. It is a beautiful sunny day here in GA. We are in the process of cleaning out our 15ft up ground pool out. My daughter is using the shop vac to get the last of about 2 inches of algae and water out. They are filling up a small shop vac and then dumping it into a 33 gallon trash can.. dragging it across the yard and watering all my plants. I just can't see wasting such good water.

I have been working on a few breakfast recipes. They kinda went up in to the 8 point range and if you put another egg on top. You would have got 10 points. I figured we were doing some heavy working today and the extra points, and they were protein, would keep us going for most of the morning. I will post these tomorrow, as this is Sunday and I am worn slap out.

I also have a crock pot of Chicken Marsala on. I will also let you know how that goes too.

I have discovered pinterest. Yes, it is addictive. Nice to know that I am not the only foodie out there. I tried this weekend the iced coffee..yummy..

I will make it this week again and post the ingredients and a pic and you can try it for your self.

This week in our county, it is Spring Break... meaning my kids will be home all week with me. I should be half crazy when we are done. I have a few Easter crafts to do, so keep your eyes out on my "Last One Home is a Rotten Egg" blog. I also have a learning tool, that I crafted.

In my horizon, I am also going to help get my husbands blog going. I want to post all the pretty handmade cabinets and wood working he has done for me. So please stay tuned for that.

Well as I have been sitting here my three year old has, eaten 3 donuts, 4 cookies and a banana. I am going to have to go and see if I can get my dinner going.

Have a wonderful, rest of your Sunday. Take time for yourself. Do something to relax..and take care always..

Until tomorrow..