Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chicken and Stuffing Crockpot Style

So, it is the middle of August and I know, but it just really hits me that would be a delicious meal.
This of course if going to be one of those, no recipe kinda dishes.

I am just going to tell you what I did and you can look around and see what you have for yours.

Chicken and Stuffing Crockpot Style


The main ones are of course Chicken ( you can have any kind you want, as long as it is boneless and skinless) I prefered the boneless because the crockpot cooks it down and you don't want to be fishing out bones. I used boneless, skinless thighs, and it made me very happy.

The other for sure ingredient is Stuffing. (I used two boxes of family stove top, that I got at mark down) I used alot because I wanted leftovers.)

And one more, some kinda cream of something soup, or chicken broth, package gravy. Just to amp up the flavor.

The other ingredients in mine, where what I had in my refrigerator. You could have used the last of your teriyaki sauce, any left over veggies you have hanging out.


I also use a crockpot liner, because I am a lazy, lazy woman...naw.. just makes it easier to clean up.

I took my skinless, boneless thighs ( I think I had about 2 per person x 5 = 10) I tossed mine with a container of leftover garlic butter spread that I bought a few weeks ago when I was diet weak and wanted bread. Layered chicken in bottom of crockpot.

Then in a bowl, dumped stuffing in, I used one can of turkey gravy (that I had since last year) filled it three times with water and I had a pkg of chicken soup single mix, that made my flavorful wet stuff to mix with dry stuffing.. just make moist. You will need to just eyeball that. If you have any veggies, now would be the time for that too.

I poured that on top.

Turned on crockpot on low..6 hours later...yummy

I had to test it at lunch time, so no one would get It was heavenly, and so tender and moist. I turned it down to low and will probably turn it off an hour before we eat. Mine don't like things too hot.

I can see my leftovers with this. I will make some tv dinners if I get any left over. If not just the stuffing, then I will go to the deli and get some turkey (ask for a medium sliced ) and put with stuffing and make those tv dinner. A little gravy on top and you are set.

I hope this was an okay way to describe it. It is just one of those recipes that you just throw in.

Good luck and let me know how it worked for you. Enjoy it, you can't go wrong at all.

Get out there and make something yours today..

Pineapple - Angel Food Cake (Tried it - liked it) wwpp = 2 pts

I am posting the actual website I got the recipe idea from. Of course I did mine all different, but I just wanted to give credit where credit was due.

Mine also was a bit dry for me, but I think that was because I used a tremendous pan and it was about 2 inches thick. We were still okay with it, cause it made the whip cream happy for more space.

I will make this again.. except next time, might throw in some cherries, and coconut on top or almonds (of course that will change the weight watcher points.. ) but isn't change good, sometimes. I am not talking all the time, but a diet is a lifestyle change.. and hey I figure I would usually make a cake and I opted to try the angel food, so it is a win, win.

Pineapple - Angel Food Cake


1 box angel food cake mix

1 can of 20oz. crushed pineapple


Mix together and pour into a non-greased pan  must be non- greased cause of the angel food cake. I really don't know why, but is came out perfectly.

Bake at 350 for around 35-40 minutes, until brown.

This turned out very good. It was not very sweet and actually would be really great with a little maybe pineapple fruit salad on top. Whip Cream worked out well too.

So there you go.. another one of those Pinterest things I tried. If you come across anything interesting just be sure to holler back at me..

Have a great day.. make something sweet...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tip of the week ------recycle that water bottle

I thought that I would try to start posting all the little crazy ideas I come up with. Saves me time, saves me money, makes something more efficient and it sometimes even a bit silly.

I have this habit, I really hate to throw things out, but unfortunately I try not to stock pile any of my empty bottles, I have reserved only one of each bottle for my ideas.

For this day, we were going to make ribs, my daughter was  going to go outside and brush them the old fashion way. Suddenly one of my ideas hit me. I had just finished a bottle of water, a nice tall one with a cool little pop top. I usually reuse for water, but today I found a new thing.

I took my bq sauce and filled it up.

Items needed, water bottle and bq sauce.
Daughter to pour in.

Woohoo, not a drop spilt.

Use as a pour bottle of bq sauce.

When you are finished, you could either just throw away, or store in the fridge for another time. When it become worn and old you can toss, and you lose no money, cause it was nothing to start with.

If you like any of these ideas, feel free to shout out to me.

 I use empty water bottles for lots of stuff. If you 3/4 fill them with tomato juice, you can freeze until you need it. Sometimes I don't need all the tomato juice in a can, so I freeze them until I make chili or what not.

As I always say, get out there today. Do something for yourself, make this day yours...enjoy!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peach Cobbler (New Recipe - Tried - Worked - Delicious)

Peach Cobbler

Okay I know I have wondered off the Weight Watcher Path, but you know life is multi-dimensional and there has to be a little treat to go with all that hard work every now and again.

This weekend my daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out and I wanted to find something soft and good to eat, in a few days after the swelling went down. So of course I piddled all over the Internet.
I just love the pinterest site. I actually found a recipe like this but they used frozen fruit. I didn't have frozen fruit. They also didn't embellish theirs like I am going to do mine.

So I tried to make this, and it really worked. It was really a nice taste.. the peaches were warm and there was like a light googy syrupy all around it (just sweet enough, but not sicky sweet), then with that soft crust with the crusty top...mmmm....and the best was it was even better cold. I had to make two of these.

Peach Cobbler
(Tried-Worked- Delicious)


1 cake mix (any kind, but white, yellow)

1 can of diet sprite ( light soda)

2 can of peaches (15 oz)

*optional * sliver almonds, coconut


1) Take a nice size pan (like a lasagna size), spray with Pam

2) Drain both cans of peaches (I just drained, not dripped dry)

3) Pour into pan.

4) Pour dry cake mix, evenly over the top.

5) Pour soda over top of that.

6) Is optional * sprinkle with coconut and slivered almonds

7) Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes

I really was kinda skeptical about the dry cake and mix and soda, but it worked. It really was worth trying and really tasty.

Give it a try for a quick dessert for your family. I did and it is gone..

So enjoy your Sunday and do something fun.. Until we meet again..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stuffed Peppers (with Cauliflower) in the Crockpot wwpp=4

It has been so hot here lately that I have been using my crockpot probably 4-5 days a week. If I am doing collard greens, my crockpot has to be plugged outside on the crockpot. Kids don't like the smell of it cooking. I can't imagine why? A big ole crockpot of collards with a big piece of spicy sausage in it.. YUMMY... starting to crave it now.

I actually went to the store and bought myself some crockpot liners. This I know is an indulgence, but hey it really makes for a quick cleanup. With kids and life the quicker the better.

Today, I went to Aldi's and bought some vegetables. Their green peppers looked so pretty. Bought two packages of three.

I am going to make stuffed peppers. I wanted to see if I could experiment and make them lower in calories and WWpoints. I had already experimented with turning cauliflower into faux mashed potatoes. I have also tried to rice them, and use them. Today I am going to rice the cauliflower.

In my freezer, I already had a freezer bag, pre-measure of ground sirloin, in baggies of 1lb.

Also when I made this I actually split it into two bowls evenly. Took one bowl of the stuffing part and put in a freezer bag, to pull out and just thaw and add to peppers. Another quickie idea. I do this when I am making egg rolls. I always make double and free the mix for another batch. Time,, save, save.

Prepping for the Stuffed Peppers


Rice the Cauliflower. That means to just cut and I just use a grater and grate into pieces that look like rice. In alot of recipes they pop it (riced) into the micro for 8 minutes and it makes it tender for the recipe. In this recipe, I didn't do that, because I figured with it being in the crockpot all day, that it would get that way all by itself.


I cut the peppers in half like two boats. With this I found I could only fit in 4 halves in the crockpot, but then I layed the other two over in the corners on top and they turned out just fine.
Next time I may just cut the tops off and stuff, that would make it able to hold more in a flat angle.


I used ground sirloin, because I had a double batch I used two lbs. I am going to give you the recipe for just one batch, you can double from there if you would like.

Stuffed Peppers (with Cauliflower) in the Crockpot     wwpp=4


3 Green Pepper

1/2 Head of Cauliflower (riced *see above)

1 lb of your favorite meat. I used the ground sirloin

1/2 onion (minced)

1 clove of minced garlic

1/2 can of tomatoes

3 tbs of your favorite bq sauce (this is just to make a little tasty topping)

Spices (anything  you like, I added a bit of worcestershire and mrs dash)


1) Do your pre-work. Rice your cauliflower, cut your peppers.

2) In a bowl put in riced cauliflower, ground sirloin, onions, garlic, seasoning and tomatoes. Mix well together.

3) Generously fill the pepper boats with the mixture.

4) Put liner in crockpot and lay the filled pepper boats into your crockpot. (I see to only fit 4, so I just put the other two in the corner and they turned out just the same.)

5) Put a little few decorative lines on each pepper in bq sauce (or ketchup)

5) Turn crockpot on low and leave for about 5-6 hours.

 Isn't that beautiful. They all turned out like that. The deal is that you can't tell at all that I used a shhhhh!  a vegetable in place of the rice. I fooled them all..

I mean they all ate it and never uttered a word, except wow, that was good.

Well guys, gotta run quick tonight. I am getting ready to fish the last one out of the crockpot to hide for my lunch.

A mom has got to do what a mom has to do. It was good and the points even made it better.

So if you give it a try, remember, make it yours, a spice, a sauce.

Live life like there is no tomorrow.. get out there...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Egg Baked in a Portabella Mushroom wwpp=3

Hey there and happy Wednesday! 

School is starting here in Douglas County, Ga, on Monday. All my kids will be off to school. Kinda sad, but always kinda excited on the new things ahead for them.

My littlest just turned 4, on July 22, and he is going to stay home this year, I will pre-K him on my own. I can actually teach him and he is not exposed to the routine of a school day. Next year he will be in Kindergarten and that will make him a little more mature and ready. Although, I have been contemplating homeschooling, just not sure I want to make the commitment. I struggle with that subject.

So as you can guess, I will be praying on that.

My 15yo boy will be in 10th grade. Ugh, I really should home school him, but he wouldn't listen to me. He really doesn't like school, but I am afraid if I don't make him go, he could not get any socializing, because he is so shy. So another subject to take up with my prayers..

My oldest is 21 and has a year and half to go at college. Wow, time has breezed by so quickly. She has turned into quite a woman, human being, she will make a terrific Math Teacher.  She got her first car a month ago and it really is so wonderful seeing her getting a break. I wish her the brightest future, and much success.

So we are off into a new school year.

I have renewed my Weight Watcher Membership and I am ready for my commitment to eat healthy and get this weight off. I figure if you keep trying then it counts. Right?

For the recipe that I made today, I am really loving baked eggs. This is actually very easy and just requires about 10-15 minutes in a 375 degree oven. I also find them good later, cold.

I went to our Aldi's and the had a big old selection of Portabella Mushrooms, so needless to say they were in my cart and my mind was whirling on how to use them.

Egg Baked in a Portabella Mushroom      wwpp=3


Portabella Mushrooms (One per person, or actually at this point value 2 is good too, but the one filled me up)

1/4 cup of fat free shredded cheddar cheese (per mushroom)

1 medium egg (that is per Mushroom)


1) Brush off your mushroom ( I choose not to rinse, so they don't soak up the water)

2) Turn over the mushroom and pull off stem (carefully) and I made a little hollow for my egg to sit)

3) Put mushroom on a piece of foil, sprayed with pam spray, and on a cookie sheet.

4) A little salt and pepper.

5) Crack the egg in the middle.

6) Sprinkle with the cheese ( any kind you actually like, just watch the ww points)

7) Pop in the oven at 375 for anywhere between 10-15-20 minutes, depending on how you like your eggs cooked.

This is the finished product.

It turned out very yummy, actually thinking next time I could have probably snuck a bit of spinach under there and maybe a laughing cow cheese under that egg..hmmm..potential..potential

So for all you out there, give it a try. Eat your veggies.

Get out there and make something.. live each day to the fullest...