Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Kitchen Tip Baggy Salads

I will first state, I hate plastic containers. I have a million, always missing a lid, never the right size. I like them to be stack able to fit in my refrigerator. I feed a family of 5 and if I keep everything rotated, then I have very little waste and it in turns saves me money.

I basically cook everything, sometimes I will buy a pre-made if I need a quick potato salad.

My husband takes his lunch every day. I make usually a sandwich and if there are any salads left I try to find that right sized container to fit in that lunch box.

This week I decided to try a new thing. You will need a 16oz cup, sandwich baggies, (I used quart for my husband because he wanted more) and your salad.

Insert one baggie into the cup and pull over the sides.
Fill with your favorite salad, potato, coleslaw or what you have on hand.
Seal the baggie and pull out of the cup.
little larger portion for the husband..
This also made more space in the refrigerator, I just stored about 6 of them in a container.

Now when my husband takes his lunch, he puts a red cup and a fork in his lunch bag, and takes a bag of salad. Slips it back into the cup and peels back the bag. There you go a great salad and when you are finished throw the bag away and put the cup up for another day.

I am going to try to do a regular lettuce salad in them and use smaller snack baggies for the toppings. I will let you know how it goes.

I wanted to share our new idea for lunch. Things cost a lot and waste is not an option.
If you ever have a great idea, feel free to drop me a comment and I will certainly share.


I guess I just dream up stuff all the time to share with everyone. I am a wealth of information of all the little stuff.

My blog has been a place which gets my mind going with all the things I want to share.

I hope you enjoy ...

Have a great day...get out there and make it yours!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Food Find Chunk Light Tuna in Oil with Jalapenos

I found a few of these different kind of tuna on the shelf. I chose the Jalapeno one to start with. I wasn't too thrilled it being in oil, but after opening I enjoyed it.

This is a combination of tuna and jalapeno and oil. I was very pleased with the taste. I did not make this like a tuna salad, I actually ate it out of the can.
My daughter makes this killer English muffin bread and I toast it.
I spread the tuna-jalapenos on and ate it.
Here is a picture I wanted to share..again...yummy right..

Food FInd PopTarts Gone Nutty

What more can I say but Peanut butter and Chocolate. The two best combinations I know. I am usually do not even touch the pop tarts, I leave them to the kids too many calories and sugar for me. As I walking the isles of our neighborhood Wally World these little buggers jumped right off the shelf at me.. naw, but it is the story I am sticking with.

They are even wrapped in a gold wrapper, gold for for yummy..wish they were packed in ones, cause two means two at one time right. You don't want these babies getting stale.

These did however make a nice treat this weekend, well until the kids found them and they were gone. They were 50 cents more than the regular ones. I wanted to share with you that they were good, for a treat.

If you give them a try, and you like them...hide them..

Have a great day, get out there and make it yours...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Dinner of the Week Chicken Thighs on the grill with veggies and curry seasoning 7/19/2013

Grilled Boneless, Skinless Thighs with Curry seasoning and Dales

Grilled mushroom, onions and peppers, curry and dales

My all time favorite was this week. I love having two electric grills, I position one on top of the stove (my husband made me a plexi - glass shelf that sits over top of the stove) and when I am not using the burners on the stove, I can put my crock pot or grill on it, saves me lots of room.

Tonight we had grilled veggies, combination, mushrooms, onions and pepper. Any kind can do. My kids love asparagus when it is in season.

(*veggie tip> any leftovers, save and puree down and make my meatloaf recipe)

For the veggies, just cut up bite size or a bit bigger and place on grill, sprinkle with seasonings you like.

I am in love with Dales Seasoning and this Curry Seasoning I found. I think it just gives it a great flavor.

there you go

I run the two grills until everything was finished. I also made just some easy minute rice to go with it.
(* tip for the rice- always make extra and a little later down the week you can make fried rice and those baked egg rolls, for that Chinese kinda meal)

I made that much chicken and for a family of five, I had enough leftover for veggies for meatloaf, fried rice and it made 3 single servings of the same meal for leftovers, not too bad.

And if you really been a good kid, at my house, a waffle with vanilla ice cream. mmmm

My friend handed me down a Belgian waffle maker, you know the real kind that has a handle and flips over. With it she gave me a box of Belgian waffle mix. It tastes like an ice cream cone.

I took all the made waffles, (after everyone taste tested them) split up the parts of the waffles, and put a scoop of ice cream and smooched.. Everyone got one. I even put up about 6 in the freezer.

Here's a pic of my littlest enjoying his waffle.

I posted the silly one, cause he made me laugh...I wanted to share that face.....


The weekend is on its way, hoping for not such a wet one. If it is, then we will be all stuck in the house together, and there is no hope for a clean kitchen.

My daughter got a new kitchen aide mixer for her birthday and she is getting real creative. Will try to share soon. Everything she has made has been from scratch, and saves incredible amount of money. We love pizza and used to buy it in the pillsbury case, now she makes it for pennies. The cakes are fluffy and even better than the store. We have even tried to grind our own chicken patties, and they were yummy.

So maybe this weekend will yield a new recipe or a new memory.

My friends, get out there and make the day yours, create, dream and enjoy. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kitchen Tip ----------- recycle those water bottles with the squirt lids into dispensers

This is my spagetti one (works only with a non-chunkie sauce)

This is my BQ sauce one (be sure to label)
Thought I would share one of my cool, tips for my kitchen. It really works to keep the mess down and with kids it is just a squirt away.

One of my all time favorite recycle is my water bottles, it has to be one with a squirt top.
When I open my spaghetti sauce (non-chunk) I but what is left in a squirt bottle. At that point, I can squirt it on pasta, or even a small pizza, less mess and I keep from wasting it.

I also use recyclable water bottles to store my tomato juice. I use tomato juice as the base for soups or chili and when I open a bigger can (because they cost less) I don't want to waste, so I fill them 3/4 full and slip into the freezer until I need them


Today in Georgia I am hoping we don't get a rain shower, we have had rain since the 4th of July. I guess it is going to be a wet summer.
I had to transplant my container tomatoes into the ground. I am finding out, that no matter what container you plant in, the fruit is only that size. My peppers are doing great in the gutter garden on the side of my deck.
I am in need of a way to keep my sweet banana peppers, If anyone has a suggestions holler my way.

Well gotta get are yelling...until I get a moment...

Get out there and make the day yours...

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 Menu for July 15, Monday - July 20, Saturday

Menu, Menu, Menu.

This is the third week that I have created a menu to keep up with. It actually works, and keeps you from fretting over what to make for the next day. Although I need to create a list of easy meals (like a sub list) for those days when even a menu seems daunting.

For this week, breakfast and lunch is still about the same.
When school starts I will only have to feed myself and send a lunch for my husband. The kids will eat breakfast and lunch at school.

The Menu for this week is:

Monday  - Baked Chicken - stuffing - algratin potatoes - green beans - frenchs crunchy onions.

Tuesday - Twice stuffed pork and cheese potatoes - side salad

Wednesday - Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo. (not together, kids really don't like the shrimp)

Thursday -  Hot Dogs and Potato Wedges (always toss them with olive oil and put on parchment paper, a guarantee non-stick, perfect)

Friday - Chef Boy Ardee Raviolis
( I came from a large family and every now and again for a treat my mom would buy the institutional size can and we would just be so amazed. I do it every now and again, too. Just to keep the memories alive.)

Saturday - I am leaving this open, we are thinking cookout.. I am thinking fresh corn on the cobb.

What are you thinking?

So as I post my silliness, I hope that maybe it will inspire someone to create more meals at home. I find that this really saves me money.

If you ever have any grand ideas, I would love to hear from them.

Now get out there and get that week step in front of the other...

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Helpful Kitchen Find TACO PLATES

I decided to start a thread about different kitchen ideas that I come across. I actually will post on the ones that I use and use again.

My new acquisition are these plates. Taco Plates. This made my life so much easier. No more holder every ones taco and trying to balance them together to keep them from falling over. No extra money for a flat bottom taco (for real) and the other nice thing is the plate has a few more areas for rice, beans or other stuff..

I bought these at http://www.fresh
I have never posted a link before, so if it doesn't work and you are still interested let me know and I will email you the link.

This nice plate even came in 5, fit my family perfect. No company. Naw just joking. Only 5 allowed.

We had pork tacos last night and they were so good. I will post a recipe for them next week. A great recipe for a hot summer night.


Looks like it is still going to be pop up rain storms all week. So everyone stay safe. Catch a little sunshine when you can.

Be kind and make the day yours. Make memories that you will keep forever.. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


And you probably thought I would run out of ideas to fill my little snack baggies..
Fooled you...

This week, as with every week, I buy a big bag of small carrots and a container of ranch. I also but the 2oz dipping cups with lids. I make a big batch of carrots to go, and then put the containers with ranch in the same area, so they can pick up and go.

By doing these small things, my family chooses the better snacks. I like that it is proportioned out. Saves money, makes you think about better foods.

So get out there and Snack Bag it..

If you have any good ideas, always feel free to share with me.

So have a great day...make it yours..always

Jiffy Cornbread Made into Waffles -- A Nice Way to Have Cornbread Without Turning on the Oven.

Summer time cooking. We all know how hot that kitchen can get. Time for grills, crock pots and other ways of cooking our favorites.

Last night we were really hungry for cornbread. I love Jiff Cornbread. I got about 4 waffles out of each mix. Then you break them down into sections, I got 16 servings. These also were good the next day, I re-heated mine in a toaster oven and they were just as fresh as when I made them.

Jiffy Cornbread Made in the Waffle Maker


Jiff Cornbread Mix (make as per package)

(You can make your own cornbread mix, which is probably what I will do next time, would cost a bit less)

Pam Spray


1) Spray the waffle maker, each time.

2) Load in mix (I pour from the middle then spread out with a knife)

3) I let the green light come on twice. It makes them more crispier.

Then enjoy...


We had them with pork roast and baked potatoes. I bet they would be killer with fried chicken strips on top and a little syrup....waffles and chicken...

I have also put these in bowls and cover with chili and cheese. Another yummy way.

I hope you like this idea, kept my kitchen cool and was a treat to our meal.
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We have had rain forever, and ever it seems.

I wanted to share this way to make cornbread with you right away.

So all of you, get out there and make it yours.. a little jalepeno, a little onion,...mmmm cornbread...yummy

Monday, July 8, 2013

Menu Monday July 8-14th

I take an inventory of my freezer and my cabinets, periodically to purchase things to go along with what I have already. Keeps me from wasting and not using up what we have.

For this week:  Food Saving Ideas
>I will boil eggs (we have a few too many ) and make some egg salad.
>I am also going to make the mixture that goes inside my baked eggs rolls. (my coleslaw is getting ready to go)
>I also pulled out a frozen pork roast. With this I will make three or so meals. I will cut off about 4 inches and save to make pork fried rice to go with the egg rolls. Then I will do a pork roast. With the rest I think I will put in a crock pot and make shredded pork tacos.

My groceries this week will include a good amount of veggies.
>brocolli and cauliflower > thinking about making that cold salad again.
>green peppers, onion, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, zucchini > going to do a veggie roasting. I will use them the first night as a side dish with the pork roast and the rest will be either a stromboli on Saturday or pureed into a meatloaf.

My Menu for this week.

Monday: Cajun Sausage with onions and black beans / served on rice / grilled chicken for the kids.
(* Tip I make double the rice so I can use it in a fried rice later in the week)

Tuesday: Baked Ziti / Grilled Romaine Lettuce Salad

Wednesday: Pork Roast / Baked Potatoe/ Roasted Vegetables

Thursday: Soup and Sandwiches (Egg Salad)

Friday: Pork Fried Rice and Baked Eggrolls.

Saturday: Homemade Pizza / Veggie Stromboli

Sunday: Turkey Burgers / Fries


I am hoping everyone had a great Fourth of July Weekend. It was a very wet one here in GA.
We did however have a good time. Just alot of movies and great food.

Now it is a new week, ready to get out there and get it going...make it yours.. please take time for yourself too.

Until later....

Friday, July 5, 2013


Another "Snack Baggin' It" Idea...

I buy a big jar of whole dills at the store and I put one in each snack baggie and put a container to hold them in the fridge. When my husband makes his lunch he pulls one out and puts in his lunch bag. I know you say they make them pre-packaged, but this is really less expensive and works just fine. I only bag about 10 at a time.

Pickles are also really low in calories and studies are done that they can stop cravings. I find a good cold dill pickle very tasty. With kids this also keeps the dirty hands out of my pickle jar. Keeps the juice from being all over my refrigerator too.

Every week I am going to try to share my super snack bag ideas. You may find they make your day a little easier..

Well I am off to finish my Fourth of July. I hate that there was a work day in between the Fourth and the weekend.

Be sure to have a safe and fun weekend.

From the Lynch family to yours...HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY>>....

Make it yours, make some great memories...

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st Monday Weekly Menu

This week will be an odd week to plan for because the Fourth of July is going to land on Thursday.
I however am trying to stay on course with my planning and shopping so, here it goes.

The usual, cereal, poptarts, pancakes, sausage biscuits and such.

Grilled Cheese, Hot Dogs, PBJ, Hamburgers, Chicken Nuggets and Fries.

Dinner Menu

Monday - Spaghetti Casserole and garlic toast (this is a great way to use up any leftover buns or bread you have from the weekend, just butter a bit and alittle garlic salt and you are good to go)

Tuesday - Shepard's Pie (special request by 16 yo.) I am going to try it in my crock pot. Will post when I finish.

Wednesday - Egg Salad Sandwiches and Soup. ( Once a month I try to go and make boiled eggs and some egg salad. Might get me a can of beets and make some pickled eggs for the week too.)

Thursday - Fourth of July-  I am thinking hamburgers and hot dogs. (we always make extra to keep in fridge for the next day and for leftovers.)

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Homemade Subway Sandwiches - ( I buy that subway pack from Oscar Myer, and it is just the right amount of meat, and then I add all the veggies that I just bought for the next week)

Sunday -
Breakfast - We will have a breakfast bubble, yummy and quick.
Dinner - Pork Roast, Corn pudding, cornbread with jalapenos, potatoes and green beans.

So with this all complete, I can put my mind into other things.

My daughter got a Kitchen Aide Mixer for her Birthday. I just love when she gets that out. This week she is going to make choc chip cookies, fill with ice cream and refreeze into ice cream sandwiches. She is also going to make a loaf of English muffin bread, another yummy thing, tasty for in the mornings.

If I am a nice mom tomorrow, she is going to try to make that ├ęclair cake that is circling on the Internet. Will post the recipe and a picture when she is finished. Wish me luck.

Well seeing as I am writing this at 4am in the morning, I have a cold and can't stop coughing, decided to use my time wisely.

So to all my friends who check in and see what's up.. Get out there today and have a great day..make it yours.