Monday, September 26, 2011

Cherry Lime-aide

Okay I have to admit that I am a Sonic Addict, if I was allowed to be one. My all time favorite drink that they make is a Cherry-Lime-aide.

So the other day I was fooling around and had a few key limes laying around. Yes, for real, I was into a lime kick, lime sourcream, lime salt for my popcorn. So I was at the Sam's and you know they don't just sell one of anything. I bought a bag of them.

Here's what you need:

6 limes

1 cup of lime juice (don't be quick to put up, I kept adding to make it how you like it)

1 jar of marashino cheeries, juice and cherries

1 cup of sugar

3 quarts of water

Here's how I did it:
(please wash hand well if you do it like i did it.)

Take the 3 quarts of water, pour in sugar.

Cut up limes in half and squeeze ( you really don't get much so I dropped them into the water, and then took my thumb and actually cleaned the pulp and the juice into the water. (this is the part you need your hands washed before you start, unless you need a little dirt with that drink..yuck)

Pour in Lime Juice

Pour in jar of cherries and juice.

Stir well.

It was well worth the work, delicious, on ice. I would even imagine if you indulged it with alchol how much more better it would be...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kale-Spicy Sausage-Bean Soup

Today is actually to be chilly all week in the morning. Hmmmm, we will see. Cool mornings remind me that it is time for belly warming recipes. Soups are a great way to save money and fill the stomach. I am forever experimenting with ingredients. Trying to find a great way to save money, leaves me with lots of cheaper ingredients that once cooked taste so wonderful. Making soups, leaves me some for leftovers that become a quick lunch.

Today's invention was the Kale-Spicy Sausage-Bean Soup. I mean it didn't have a name but it was soooo good.
You can use your crock pot for this, but it takes a few prep stuff in the soup pot. Today, I made it in the soup pot and then transfered it to the crockpot on warm. It will be eaten on all day.

Kale-Spicy Sausage- Bean Soup


2 bunches of Kale (wash them and cut out the spine and cut into bite size pieces)

1/2 of a ring of spicy sausage (it contains a lot of calories, but if you cut it in small bite size pieces it goes so much farther and remember it is spicy and it is kinda salty so hold back on salting till the end)

1/2 diced onion

3 cloves of garlic (minced)

1/4 cup of vinegar (you might want to add more, just taste at the end, I like the tartness of the vinegar)

3 cups of water

4 chicken boulion cubes

1 cup of chicken soup (I only use this if I have it)

1 can of bean (rinse them off, I wanted white beans, but I had a can of pinto, they were just as good, just not as pretty as the white would have been with the green Kale) (remember you eat with your eyes, before your mouth, so make it pretty when you can.)


First step is to take sausage, onion and sautee in a pan with a bit of olive oil. When the sausage gets brown, cut the heat off.

Take the water, chicken soup, chicken boulion, vinegar and garlic and add to the pot.
Turn back on and stir around scraping the bottom to get all the flavor.
(at this point you could put right into the crock pot, add the kale and beans, and put on low all day)

When starting to simmer add the kale, simmer on low until tender, then add rinsed beans.

Note: I bought this jar of peeled garlic cloves, so I dropped a few extras in for me. After a bit on the stove, they were like little delightful, sweet garlic bites.

Just had to share, hopefully I won;t be talking much to anyone face to face.

I posted this for those who were asking about what I was cooking.


Fall is upon us, so take every opportunity to enjoy the days ahead. My family is doing well. My oldest is doing her student teaching and it makes me smile at what a beautiful person she has become. My son, Thomas is in his first year of highschool and is really coming into his own person. Patrick is three and of course keeps us all very busy. I, myself, I am walking and all over the place. Gotta get the weight off, but you know what everyday, is a chance to improve ourselves. Just don't ever quit.

Drop me a line anytime.. nylynga@bellsouth...let me know how you all are doing.
Love to all

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Salmon Pattie-Less

Salmon Pattie-Less

I created this recipe, out of desire to have something quick and easy for the kids for dinner. Fish is good for you, salmon has really good stuff in it for your brain cells, and God knows I need that. Since I started making it, the kids ask for it on pasta and rice. They prefer the rice because they mix it in.

In one of my recent blog posts, I addressed the rice cooker. The best way and easiest to cook rice. Minute rice works in a pinch. Also on the same note, not wanting to cheat pasta out of any attention. Rice a roni now makes a three minute (about 4 maybe) pasta that is quick and tastes really good.

I am not always about quick and easy. I also love the taste of food and how to make it my own way. So of course any of these recipes I post you can transpose and make it the way you like it.

This recipe actually came about from my mother’s original salmon patties. I loved it when she would make them for us. So I had to try to duplicate the taste. So here is my version



1 can of salmon

½ diced onion

¼ cup (eyeball what you like) of frozen peas (often I will use peas and carrots)

¼ cup of bread crumbs (or 7 -8 well crumbled crackers)

Olive oil

Lemon pepper seasoning

Old bay seasoning


Dice your onion and put in sautee pan with a bit of olive oil,start to soften.

Meanwhile open your can salmon, drain juice into a bowl. Hold salmon in your hand and gentle pull apart. You will find a spine with thin little bones, (I was at a loss for words, don’t really know what it is, do not be intimidated, it is edible and there is no need to freak if you don’t get it all. Just crush it up in the salmon) just pull gently and it falls off.

Put salmon in another bowl and break it up how you like to eat it. I do it small, because they mix it into their rice.

When onion are tender add the salmon and the peas (in the picture, I didn’t add any veggies, I would out, but it turned out good anyway.) in and stir.

Add the seasoning (you can use what ever you like) and then the bread crumbs and add back just enough of the juice to moisten it enough to work with (looks almost like a hash).
>>>>>note: Don’t throw rest of juice out, if you have a cat, let her lap it up, it is really good for their fur and they will love you for it.

At this point is where I add a bit more olive oil and turn the heat up and stir (flip) as it sits it starts to crust on the bottom. Cook until you get it as crunchy as you like it.

I served this on the rice I just cooked with fresh lemon juice squirted on top. It really gave it a kick.

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Savor the moments and take a minute for yourself....

Basmati Rice and The Rice Cooker

The Rice Cooker

One of my most favorite things I ever bought for my kitchen was my rice cooker. At the the time I think I got it at the big lots for $8.00. So please look around, sometimes you can find them at a cheap price.
I cant even remember how much it can hold. I also know you can do other things with it.
I personally use it just for my rice. It does all kinds of rice. The favorite here is the basmati rice. I made a big batch, so that I can make the leftovers into fried rice, Spanish rice, or save to put into a soup broth.

I personally like how you don’t have to do anything to it. It does it all, and to beat it all it can keep it warm too. So when those days that I have a million things to do right when I am cooking dinner, throw it together and forget.

Basmati Rice

Take 4 cups of rice and rinse it three to four times. It removes some of the starch and it makes it more fluffier.

Put the rice in the cooker and add 1 and ½ cups of water per cup of rice (this varies with individual types of rice, when I doubt do what it says on the bag. )

Put a few squirts of olive oil in and stir up and turn it on.

When it clicks off and goes to warm it is ready to eat.

I usually add seasoning for it to cook itwith. My all time favorite is garlic powder and chicken boulion. I have been trying the tomato-chicken boulion. It makes a great background flavor when you are making Mexican rice, or Spanish rich.

I hope that you will get a rice cooker, or I have inspired you to dig yours out.
Let me know what you are doing with it. Anything cool, send my way?

As always, much love and be kind to each other.

Tip Tuesday - Pizza

Tip Tuesday

For making great pizza, besides the crust is the ingredients that we all seem to like. We are a supreme kinda family, so it is usually anything goes.

Great tip…

I keep those snack baggies on hand, and when I am cutting up veggies; onions, green peppers, mushrooms, or what else you love.

I portion out a small baggie or two and place to the side.

I do this when I am cooking bacon, sausage, Italian sausage.

If I am not going to make a pizza in a few days, I take all the little snack baggies and put them into a gallon freezer bag and label, pizza.
When I get it all assorted then I make a great pizza.

Walmart has a thin crust pizza, over by the boubolis, that is much cheaper and it turns out great.

(Buying cheese on sale and freezing it is also great for pizza's because it become crumbly after thawing, so you might get a good bargain on cheese on day for you fantastic pizza you are saving to make.)

Enjoy the moment and live your life to the fullest..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chili Cheese Tator Tots

Snack Time

I know, no wonder I will never lose weight. In my efforts to keep the dollar at home and make great food for my family. Going out to eat is usually not as good, as when I am in the kitchen cooking.

My mother was always cooking when we were little and I am guessing that it rubbed off on me. My sister's also are always making something good. I wish that I lived closer we could have collaborated and made some wonderful dishes.

My goal with this blog is to share, what I know. I hate waste and I love to do something helpful.

Today it is something as simple as

Chili Cheese Tator Tots

Take your tots and cook them up until brown(I like mine crunchy, and I always make extra for another time)

The chili can just be chili from the can or it can be the chili that I make and put in freezer when I am dividing up the ground beef.

On top of the Tots, I put chili, diced onions, and shredded cheddar cheese and pop into microwave to melt the cheese a bit.

Sometimes, that simple things make the best moments. So enjoy the moments!

Tortilla Pizza

I found these cool tortillas. They have been on the market for awhile and I was at Sam' and decided that I would give it a try. They are spinach, 74 calories, and 12 grams of fiber.

Lunch time post.

Tortilla Pizza

I made these today. I used a new tortilla I found in the store. They were spinach, 74 calories and 12 grams of fiber. So I figured that was off to a great start. Even for the kids I could make this and they would never know what hit them.

I took a sheet pan, put a bit of olive oil on it and then lay two tortillas on it.

They kind of overlapped in the middle.

Patrick said it looked like a race track. So who am I to argue? They already like the looks of it.

I popped it into the oven at 400 degrees until it started to crisp a bit. I figured that way if the topping were a bit wet, it wouldn’t get soggy.

While this first part is working in the oven; I took out of the fridge what I wanted on it. Some little bit of mushrooms, diced onion, pepperoni (turkey – low calories) I also diced this up. I put in a small pan with a bit of olive oil and sautéed until tender.

Next pulled out tortillas and sprinkled with a small amount of the mozzarella cheese and then the toppings. Finishing with the rest of the cheese.

Pop back into oven until melted.

It turned out so good. The baby ate up most of it. I enjoyed it almost guilt free.

* you know thinking about this if you didn't have time to make this, you do it like a Quesadilla and make it quick. Either way they were yummy.

I'm hoping that you enjoy my posts and keep coming back for more.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Loaded Hot Dogs and Baked Beans

Loaded Hot Dogs and Beans

I have been keeping with my menu, but I went a bit wild on the Labor Day weekend. I like any good cook knows, that I don’t like to waste and I must use what we have before I make a fresh new entrée. So here is what’s for dinner tonight:

Loaded Hot Dogs

This is a great way to finish off all of your grilling and cookout stuff.

The coleslaw is left over from the cookout. The chili is made from taking extra meat before I pattied the burgers. The onion is already cut for the cookout as a condiment. I had left over buns and dogs.

So tonight it is the loaded hotdog…I put two on the plate for the picture. In reality I could only eat the one, because I was holding out for the baked beans.

Loaded Dogs


Hot dogs

Hot dog buns


Onion (diced)




Load it up..For real..
I am sure some people can really put more on it. Just do it. Make it how you like it.

Now for the real recipes:



Shredded cabbage (I buy the pre-cut cabbage in the bag) (I buy the large one so that I can make other things out of it. Cabbage Soup, Lemon Cabbage Mini Pies, Cabbage Roll Casserole, and even for Egg Rolls – I will be posting these recipes soon)

¼ cup of mayo

3 tablespoons of rice vinegar or red wine vinegar (you can use regular vinegar too)

2 tsp of sugar (I use splenda)

Mix all together and let sit. Be sure to stir before serving.

Chili for Dogs


1lb of hamburger (browned and crumbled small) (when I buy my hamburger meat, I section it into different things to make. I will address hamburger soon in an upcoming blog)

¼ of minced onion

¼ cup of ketchup (or a can of tomato sauce)

Chili spices

Hot sauce (if you want it spicy)

Worcestershire sauce

Blend all these together and let simmer.

As an addition to the meal we are having the baked beans we made for the weekend also.

Amped Up Beans


2 cans of Bush’s (I like these because they have already been seasoned)

¼ cup of pulled pork (you can buy pre-made bq in the store) (What I do is when I make a pulled pork for dinner I section off 2 small containers for the freezer. They are such a great addition to the beans. It makes it taste like a steak house’s beans) I will address the Pulled Pork recipe in upcoming blogs also.

¼ cup of brown sugar

¼ cup of your favorite bq sauce.

Mix all together and let simmer a little bit.

I guess from the looks of it. I have shared a lot of information. I am going to have to get on it and get these blogs coming faster.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and can find something useful or at least something entertaining.

Tuesday's Tips

Tuesdays Tip:

Tip of the Week:

I am going to try and bring you a tip that I use in my home. It may be for cooking (which is my favorite thing to do) I really doubt I will do well with other idea’s especially laundry or mopping..yucky…

 My top thing I use in my kitchen the most is my grill. My flat grill or my George Foreman grill. When I am finished the one thing I hate to do is clean it.

My Solution:

Easy way to clean is to, while it is hot, place wet paper towels all over the surface that is dirty and let cool. When cool the paper towels kept the gunk soft and lose. Just take another towel and wipe right off.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fried Barbeque Bologna Sandwiches

Fried Barbeque Bologna Sandwiches

Talk about looking for something, when you have no plans on what to fix.

I was really stumped tonight so I began the search for a different kind of sandwich.

Seeing as I had that flat of day old buns (bread store man sold them to me for $.50, bargain. Score!) still left, I had to find something warm that would soften them and I could get the kids to eat them thinking that they were fresh, just for them.

I found in my fridge the two packages of light bologna that I bought this week at Krogers for $1.99. So I started thinking about a favorite of mine that my mother would make us.

One of my Mother's go to sandwiches (for 8 people) was the fried bologna sandwich. Her take on it was to put in the bq sauce.

Fried Barbeque Bologna Sandwiches


(this is for one sandwich, I never ever cooked for one, so just eyeball the ingredients)

3 pieces of bologna per bun (cut a little slit on both sides to keep the bologna from curling up in the pan)

A slap of butter

A pour of BQ sauce (any that you like, I usually have a half a bottle hanging out in the fridge)



Melt butter in the pan.

Put in Bologna, cook a bit until it starts to brown.

Pour in what amount of BQ Sauce ( you could also put a bit of hot sauce, if you are a spicey person) you like and coat it real well (watch at this point because it will start to caramelize and will burn.)

When warm, remove and put on the bun.

Take bun top and sop up the rest of the BQ Sauce in the pan. Don't leave any behind.

Be careful when you eat it, because it is hot.

Serve with your favorite chips.

This was a go to dish for a busy Friday.

I hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy.

Please have a safe Labor Day weekend.

Drop me a line anytime..share with me your favorite dish.

Have a great weekend. Much love from my family to yours..

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