Friday, October 31, 2008

Just dropping in to leave a few recipes

Well now that it is fall....
Happy Halloween to everyone
I tried a few things this week that I wanted to share. You know the prices of groceries and keeping it simple.

I made a thing called "crash potatoes" I found it on the internet..
It is just what it says it is...hahahha

In the internet recipe it said to use the red small potatoes, but I couldn't wait so I used the regular brown potatoes. I wish that I could tell you all about the differences of a potatoe.. but if it works.. why waste the words.

I took about 10 of the small ones, washed them, poked them and boiled them tender. On a sheet pan, I used parchment paper. (Let me talk about this stuff. Wow, I love it for everything, I know a bit pricey, but sure keeps stuff from sticking. Wings, potatoes,you get the idea. )
I liberally poured some olive oil on sheet pan. Put the 10 potatoes on it and took my potatoe smasher and smashed each one into a neat pile. I used a knife to push it back in one piece out of the smasher thingy. And on each pile I used garlic powder and sea salt and some more olive oil. Put the oven on 350 and they went on the top till they were really crunchy and brown.
The family loved it. I will definately make more.. a real quick side to a meal.

Now the next cool thing I tried.
Was Meatloaf minis rolled in bacon. I used the ground turkey I had hiding in my freezer, did the usual oats, bq sauce, garlic, onion and rolled in big balls and wrapped one piece of bacon around each and put in my muffin tin. I also put a sheet pan underneath, so I wasn't scrubbing the stove for dessert.
(See I love to clean..)

These turned out really cool. Leftovers were none. But I bet the could have been good. Made portions really easy.

Well I gotta get ready for the Halloween Night...BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Okay, Okay, guilty of temporary insanity....HAHA..missing in action, I know.
But I am back.
This month has been a bit hectic. My brother-in-laws new baby has been taking up space in our life. I am almost 48 and wow, couldn't imagine how my parents did it with all 6 of my siblings. My father was also 53 when I was born and even more when my other two little sisters were born. Imagine!
I have been also seen the Diabetes Doctor. I was just a perfect little patient. Go figure! I also lost another 5 lbs not too much of a success since it was for 4 months. But the summer is the most hectic around here and my exercise went to the wayside.
Total Weight two years ago was 298 now I am 242. I am still plugging along. I did however think that the more weight I loss the better the hips and legs would feel. But I think I am wrong. I have made a orthopedic appointment for November 25th. Hopefully it is just something simple, arthritis and muscle imbalance.. I will keep everyone posted.

Had a few new recipes to share..

If you ever have one of those great gyros at the mall someplace, and you get a craving for that taste.

Gyro (My new fab recipe)

1lb of ground lamb (my mother uses a combo of sirlion and lamb and sometimes just sirlion)
4 cups of minute rice (next time i will probably use my wild rice in the cooker, for the fiber content)
shredded lettuce
diced tomatoe
onion (kinda cut horizontal instead of minced or diced)then some minced onion (2tbls)
cucumber (shredded peeled cucumber, about 1/2 cup worth)
sour cream (med carton)
tortilla wrap
cavendar seasoning (greek) (bought this at walmart in the seasoning area)( you have to have this)(there are two kinds, one with salt and one without)

for the cucumber sauce:
put the grated cucumber, and minced onion and blend in the sourcream . (this was great the next day, when all the flavors were absorbed)
brown the meat and then season with the greek seasoning. Add meat and rice together and mix, (I added more seasoning, just love the stuff)

to put together:

Lay down a wrap. Put a scoop of the lamb/rice mixture on the wrap about middle. Then put sourcream sauce, tomatoe, onion, lettuce and then tuck up bottom over stuff. then wrap.

They were great. My family ate 3 each. I even had leftover for me the next day. I just ate the lamb/rice and the sauce. It was sooooo good.

Another one

Had hotdogs buns left over and they were kinda hard. Not bad just not the good squishy type.
SO I made mini panini's out of them . Rolled a piece of ham and cheese and then popped on the grill. When done put dijon mustard.
Also made the cornbeef with cheese and the a bit of sauerkraut on it.
They were really good with a bowl of veggie or chicken soup.

Just a kitchen tip on hotdog buns (kinda stale)
Cook the hotdogs till real hot. Pull buns out of bag, put a hotdog in each and then place them back in the bag. Close and wait a bit and they will steam them.

Well life is calling and I gotta run. Keep in touch and love to everyone...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am actually posting this on a Sunday. But I wanted it to be read on the Monday....

I sometimes contemplate my life and how much it has evolved and changed and changed. It seems every day, is a different challenge. I sometimes have to stop, and sit and take a deep breath, to remember all the important small things that are so precious to me and mine.

Today (well tomorrow) is October 13. That is the date of my son's birthday. This is my son that I had years ago, and was taken in a car accident. I know saying that may sadden some people, but please don't feel any sorrow.. feel only love and life. You know that old quote, "Better to love and lost, than never love at all" and it really is true. God takes and then opens so many other doors. I have been blessed with two other children and a great family. I look back at my life and I would never change any of it. I have no regrets. I only promise to keep going, keep changing, keep loving.. and isn't that our only true path. God holds him in his arms forever and I can't think of a better place to be. So I know when I sleep that he sleeps with the Lord forever.

This birthday however marks his 25th birthday. I guess a milestone. I have marked them all. What kind of person or mother would I be if I had forgotten the years?

I wanted to write something in tribute to him, but couldn't find the words this year. So I looked up in my past journals and found this one that I wrote for him when he turned 21. I hope you will take a minute and read it.

To Joshua Buchanan Watson

"Signature Upon My Heart"
October 21st 2004


You came into this world on an angels wing,
Making life a blessing and bringing meaning into my life.
You taught me the true meaning of love,
Love that has no boundaries, unconditionally, always,
Love that was full, hopeful and forgiving,

Your time was short.

Yet was it really?

The memories, They linger still:
At times like you were still here.
Unselfishly, I let you leave this world,
Leaving in the arms of the angels.
To live outside this world,
To sleep with the angels.
Timeless, never ending.

Tenderly you left your Signature upon my heart.
And took away all my fears.
And still I have more time here on this earth.
To use the gifts that you left behind for me.
Love, kindness, hope and forgiveness.
I do know this; We Will Meet Again.

Love is endless, enduring and forever.

I love you forever and that is along time.

Your Mother......

I know it was a bit wordy but it felt good to write it.
So for those who know me...those who want to know me...Have a great day and enjoy every minute you have with the one's you love. Time flies... so enjoy it...

Till I write again..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hey I am still

Hey everyone one.. still hanging on here.
I have picked up a few more kids to watch.. yep, now I have a year old, 2 year old and two 4 year olds..weeeeeeeeeee... they keep me young though...
I am sorry I am so behind.
I just also am dealing with the new baby issues with my brother in law.. Some people just can't see the writing on the wall. The only one that gets hurt will be the baby. He has to grow up with all that drama. We have kept him off and on. I know that is probably not the thing to do, making it easy for them. But what is the answer. I pray every night, to God. I feel this great need to hang back and assess all of the situation, not just dive in and fix it all. I am the great fixer and I am going against all my instincts to hang back.. But I have been praying for answers...
One day, when I get everyone down for a nap... I am praying for guidance and answers.. the phone rings... (now this will spook ya..) and it is a church calling to ask for people to visit.. it is pre- recorded.. didn't say...blah, come see our church.. It started like this" I have called you to tell you God hears your prayers and there is an answering come soon.. It is just right around the corner. " wow ... bout fell out of the bed.
So for now this baby drama is slowly playing out. I will keep everyone updated.. Just always when you say your prayers add us..... Like I do all my family, friends, enemies and strangers. We are all on this earth together, then we should pray for everyone.
Well enough.. on to other things

Haven't cooked anything cool lately..
Just craving...Has sonic chili cheese tator tots...ohhhhh. Remade them at my house..just as good.
Betty Crocker mashed potatoes and brown beef gravy. As good as KFC.. yes, our favs now.. just in case you need a quickie for the holidays

As for my diet, still holding on. Feeling so much better and more energized. Haven't lost but a few more pounds but did a measure tape thingy...
Head.. same size.... huge and full of brains... never could wear a hat
neck.. Sam Watson's kid never small
Mouth... still big and loud.
The upper area... I lost 3"
the waist...I lost 3"
Hips... I lost 3"
Legs still the same.. too much
I am happy, go to the Endocrinologist Tuesday... I hate them .. never will like them.. Just to get prescriptions filled.

Well I just wanted to touch base.. tell everyone, that I think of them often. Pray always, and wish everyone always just more love and understanding..
Keep in touch...