Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crockpot Stuffed Peppers

Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers


1 lb of ground beef

1/2 diced onion

2 cans of diced tomatoes

Medium can of tomatoe sauce

2 cups of instant rice



4 green peppers


1) Cut all peppers long way in half, clean seeds, they look like boats.
Another way is to just cut the top off, about an inch from the stem and then stuff. They actually fit better in the crock pot this way.
However I still like the half cut  and it looks like boats and I just off set stacked them and they cooked just fine.
see picture:

Here is a picture of them in the crock pot.

2) Mix all the ingredients except 1 can of the diced tomatoes, can of tomatoe sauce and the ketchup above in a bowl and stuff into each pepper. Always stuff to the edge. The rice will cook and rise.
(any extra you can just put on top of them more, or just make a little place to put just stuffing.)

3) Put into the crock pot. You can shift stack them where you need.

4) Pour about 2 inches of water in bottom.  Pour can of tomatoes all over the tops of the peppers. Also pour tomatoe sauce on top. then  I also make a little trail of ketchup on top too.

5) Let cook on high for about 5 hours.

All one meal, in one pot.

This is one of my go to, kinda lazy meals. If you are even more lazy you can cut up the peppers in the bottom and lay mixture on top and cook like a casserole.

Either way, it is warm and comforting. A hot loaf of bread and butter and it is a complete meal.

"It really is just that simple"

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chicken Sausage, Onions and Sweet Peppers on a Quinoa

The new year comes and I am sure we are all making promises to be good, watch what we eat, save money....etc..

I too, have reached a point where I need to try to watch what I am eating and feeding the family. A great little grain, that I have been guilty of buying and forgetting I have it. Today I brought it out of the pantry. I cook it in my rice cooker. I have another post on Quinoa and the rice cooker.

When it was just about finished I began to think what would be tasty with it. I had a package of chicken sausage and that was just the thing. I can cook these up with peppers and onions and a tbs of olive oil and it will give it a little sauce to mix in the quinoa.

Chicken Sausage, Onions, and Sweet Peppers on Quinoa serves 2

(I actually thought I could eat it all, but with the quinoa I could only go half way. So I shared it with my husband)
****did the numbers with the ww points plus and it came to 8


2 chicken sausages (cut up)

1/2 onion medium dice

4 small sweet peppers (or how you like)

1 tbs of olive oil

seasoning : I just used a little garlic salt, you could use hot pepper to really amp it up


1) Put peppers and onions in the sautee pan with olive oil. Give them just a minute to soften, push to side of pan to continue cooking.

2) Place in cut up sausage, I kinda get them where they are all laying down, so I can get them kinda crispy brown. Continuing stirring veggies and then mix all together.

3) Place a bed of Quinoa on a plate and pour out half on top.

Easy Peasy and quick.


A great thing is to cook double the quinoa and then you can use it again in something else.

This made a nice lunch and it was really filling the quinoa is a protein and that really keeps me away from the sugars and carbs.


So happy to see WVa getting their water back and hopefully life can get back to normal.

I will be trying to cook a few more things every week. If you ever have an idea or a question I always love to be challenged. I can just about make nothing from nothing.

Wishing the winter would move on out. I want to start a garden and get my tomatoes in and basil. I just love fresh flavors..

So get out there make this yours, change the flavors, add some more.. eat it all...
"It really is just that simple!"

Guy Fieri Tequila Lime Chicken Sausage (Tried and did not like it)

First I usually try to buy a little something tasty for lunch, for me during the week. I love a good sausage with onion and peppers. I saw Guy Fieri and thought I would give them a try. I found them to be very unflavorful. I could taste nothing special. It didn't give my dish the umph I needed. They were really over priced for a package of 4. I would have had more flavor from the kielbasi that was on sale for 2.50, that week at the walmart.

Well I wanted to share, before you wasted your money. I just would have thought being him, there would have been much more flavor.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Blackened Salmon with Cannellini Beans on Rice

With a name like that above sounds like I have been to a restaurant. Everyone knows that in today's day and time things are getting more and more expensive. It has actually gotten us to almost never order out or dine out. Seems to me I can buy not only better quality of food, but quantity. I am finding the places we eat out seem to be cutting back too.

This I know probably you are thinking lots of work. Nope. I am going to lead you on my cheatin' ways.

Blackened Salmon with Cannelloni Beans on Rice  serves 2

Ingredients: (this is where we do the cheating)

1 bag of Uncle Ben's 90 second Rice. ( I usually get these on sale, with a coupon, but I keep at least 2-3 in my pantry for a fast start to a meal)
You can also pick the flavor you like.

2 Pieces of Single Serving Salmon (I buy mine already individually sealed and frozen from Sams, Aldi's also has some. I keep a bag in the freezer)

1 Can of Cannelloni Beans  (These are white kidney beans, a little more upscale, fancier)

2 tbs of Coconut Oil (you can cook in whatever you like, my new thing is coconut oil, if not then olive oil)

Some Cajun Blackening Spices (any kind)


1) Pop Rice in Microwave (rip top and 90seconds) Then divide into two shallow bowls.

2) Put coconut oil in a sautee pan and heat up, coat both sides of salmon with the spice. Slide slowly into the pan.  (Medium Heat)


4) Put your salmon on top of Rice.

5) Throw beans into the leftover spices and oil, saute just a minute. Then toss to the side of the salmon on top of the rice.

I served this with my usual Sweet Southern Tea.. and it was a delightful, and really filling meal. 


I worked on trying to find a recipe that used no water, except to clean up. Maybe it will make your struggles less for a moment.

A shout out to all my hometown, friend and families in WVa. I am praying that they resolve the water problem and there is no other casualties from it.

Keep in mind, you are always welcome here. Gotta a warm bed, hot shower and good food.

Love to All.... "It really is just that Simple!"

Friday, January 10, 2014

Menu for Week of January 11-18, 2014

I am constantly finding a way to cut back on groceries, or even to the point where there is no waste. Money is getting hard to come by and spending at the store is crazy. We are now at the point where, since there are 5 of us, that is not even reasonable to do fast food. I therefore, continue to make, create and remake again...

One of the ways I find is with a Menu. I actually go to what I have and create a menu and then run a grocery list for the smaller things I need.
I am going to try to post one every week, gives me an outline. Now of course I am not that ridged a person and I have one or two, go to, floater meals..Soup and sandwiches, eggs, or hot dogs. You need these for the days you are bushed.

Menu for the Week of January 11-18, 2014

I try once a week to make a snack. Also I make a pot of some Soup.

Pork Shoulder / Baked Potatoes / BQ beans / Coleslaw / rolls
(this will also be able to freeze some and make pork tacos in a few weeks)

Chili and hot dogs / Tator tots
(leftovers here can be turned into a casserole for another day also)

Omelets / Sausage / potatoes / Bagels
(will use the leftover potatoes from Sunday to make a home fry)

Grilled Chicken Salad

Broccoli and Cheese Pasta / Home made wheat bread

Pizza (which I will use what I have - I could do a pork bq one )

will be what ever is left or can be worked into a snack.. they all like to snack on the weekends.


I am always wanting to try new stuff. I am wanting to learn how to batter, cook fish. So I can try and make fish tacos. I will let you know if I get to experiment. I also have the stuff to make egg rolls, probably for the weekend.

For the desserts and snacks.
I am thinking a jello cake. A cake baked, poked with holes and jello poured then refrigerated. I can then cut into individual sizes and put in container for every ones lunch next week.

I am also thinking Taco Soup for the go to soup of the week. I usually have this for lunch. This week was potato soup.

So for the start of this weekend, they are calling for rain here in GA. ugh...
Prayers for all those in WV (my hometown) that their water will be okay soon.
Happy Mid- January.. gosh it was just Christmas.

Get out or in this weekend and make something with your family or just for yourself. Indulge.. life only spins this way once..."It really is just that simple!"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Niblet Corn (crockpot method)

Seems as if I have found another way to cook corn, without the mess. Without the big pot of boiling water and the fishing out of the pot.

Everyone knows I love to wrap my baked potatoes in the foil and crock pot them. Well today I tried my corn. Oh how yummy.

*I also made 6 of them with a dribble of olive oil on them and lemon pepper seasoning and wrapped, they are at the bottom. I put one up top for me to try.. now I gotta keep it a secret.  Next time I am thinking chili and lime too. These little babies came out perfect.

Niblet Corn (crock pot method)

I bought the bag of 24 and they just about fit in my crock pot.
  I put them all in the crock pot and then put lid on it.
 Then I put foil over the entire thing. So nothing got out.
 Then I turned on high and cooked for 4-5 hours...never opening.
and then you get yummy pieces of corn.

This is one of the veggies with our dinner. What is leftover, usually gets scarfed up quickly.

I wanted to get this post done you never miss out.

"Life is just that simple! "

******I need to add that these were taken from the freezer right into the crockpot

Cheating Chicken Spinach Alfredo Casserole

This is one of those dishes that you never can mess up. I purchase 2 generic Alfredo sauces and keep in my pantry just for these times.
The chicken I usually use is leftover, but this time I actually baked up a few breasts to keep on hand this week. And we know I always have spinach hanging about.

So let me get to the recipe..cause I am hungry..

Cheating Chicken Spinach Alfredo Casserole (ours makes a lasagna pan full)


2 jars of Alfredo sauce (cheap)

1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese ( or any you like)

2 cups of diced spinach

1 and 1/2 packages of spaghetti (already cooked)


1) Take cooked spaghetti and just put everything else in the pot.

2) Pour into a lasagna pan.

3) Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

4) If you want you can put cheese on top. My son and I like it when I take a can of French's Fried Onions and brown on a separate sheet pan and put on top..I love the crunch.

Now if that wasn't easy....all mix and dump.. looks like I took hours...

Yummy and warm and ready to go.. My family is ready too..
Hope you give it a try.. and enjoy a great meal with your family.. "It really is just that simple!"