Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thin Pretzels - Great Value Walmart SNACK BAGGIN' IT

Decided it might be time to let you into my world a little more. I am a real foodie, but I seem to somewhat fall on the frugal side too. I have three children of my own and have been blessed to have taken care of many more. Snack time was always the best time. I also tried to keep that frugal so we could enjoy that variety. My husband takes his lunch, so he gets some choices too.

I just loved the snack bag size baggie. I was just so delighted when they came out. I snack bag just about everything we get. Keeps it into an individual size. Instead of paying those outrageous prices for the pre- bagged stuff.

I have decided to share one every week with you. You may find it fits your life style or not. You may just find me entertaining..or not..any way the coin falls, maybe I got your attention.

This week is the find from Walmart. Great Value Thin Pretzels. They were only 2.78 a bag for three pounds. Wow, and that was a nice find. I of course bought three bags.

I repacked one of the bags already. The nutritional list said it was 45 servings. I got 30 bags, cause I just wanted to use one of my big hands..that way I wouldn't count them out. So I would say makes my bags about 160. About equal to a bag of pre-packed chips.

As I bag them I put them into another container that I saved from before. Keeps them double fresh.

For this snack..
>baggies were 2.50 for 100 baggies.  I used 30 which is what ? .84 cents of bags.
>pretzels were 2.78 for 3lbs. I made 30 serving baggies at what? .12 a snack
> calories> around 160 est.

Now that is not a bad snack to bag!


With these pretzels you can also lay a layer of them on a sheet tray and drizzle melted choc all over them, let cool and you get a pretty affordable choc pretzel..sweet and salty.

We also dip them in honey mustard. Use them in chex mix.


So to all my friends and family... hope you enjoy this post and come on back.

Get out there and enjoy your day...make it yours!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dipping Veggie Chips and Fresh Salsa ( Snack FInd of the Week)

Found these chips at my local SAM's Club. They were sampling them there. I am glad I stopped. They were very good.

Here are the nutritional stat's ...

and the ingredient list..

In weight watcher points plus  those 17 chips is equal to 4 points.

With this I also picked up there fresh salsa

ingredient, nutritional

In the weight watcher points plus program this is equal to 0 points for 2tbs.
1/2 cup is 8tbs. So roughly I would guess at least a point for a 1/2 cup. It also was very good and very fresh tasting.

It tasted as fresh as it looks. This is also on my grocery list.

Made for a great snack. My over all calorie was 156 calories for a filling snack.

I loved it even before the calorie add up. It was a really great chip and this is now on our grocery list.

So for this weeks great snack find....

Have a wonderful time, if you ever try what I post, let me know what you think....

Until we meet again... make this day yours...

Wednesday's Veggie Cleanout

Hey everybody,

Every Wednesday or Thursday or around those days, I go through my fridge and collect all the vegetables hanging out, cooked or even fresh. If I do not have anything planned for them for the next 4-5 days then I start to work them into something else.

I usually on a weekly basis roast a batch of all kinds of vegetables. Onions, garlic, green pepper, mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, small tomatoes. Whatever I get my hands on. We eat them usually for the first time, with a nice roast or chicken. The leftovers, I try to take at least half and make a vegetable Stromboli.

What is left is usually put in a pot with a bit of water and cooked until soft and then pureed. I then take this and 1 lb of hamburger, 3 cups of oatmeal and a bottle bq sauces and make miniature meatloaves. The kids never know.

I seem to think in the summer the veggies never last too long. So I usually buy a bag of spinach. I chop it up and put into two small container, I pull out during the week and just add to foods that I am cooking. The kids really are quite used to this. I throw some in the spaghetti, baked ziti, eggs, even the macaroni and cheese.

On Veggie clean out day, I take all my leftover spinach and finish chopping the rest, put in a pot and cook it down. At this point I either baggie it in quart bags and freeze. Or sometimes I go ahead and make my spinach, ricotta, garlic and onion mix. I use this on pizza, or roll ups.

Today with my spinach I made my breakfast pizza and threw in shredded spinach. They ate it all.

Well here is to Wednesday....Have a great one...make it yours...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chinese Meatballs and Noodles

 I deviated from the menu this week, because of my older daughter. She was craving carbs and I was craving veggies. So we came up with this. I buy these meatballs at the SAM'S CLUB. They are the reduced sodium. I did the weight watchers point plus and came up with 4 for 3 points. I also buy the oriental sauce there, but you could just uses a sweet teriyaki sauce.

I julienned all my veggies, just gave them a more oriental taste to them. I looked for everything I had on hand, I even found a can of bean sprouts.

Chinese Meatballs and Noodles with Vegetables.


1/4 bag of the low sodium pre-made meatballs (or you could make your own, I was going for quick)

1/4 of a container of any Chinese sauces (something sweet and sour, or sweet and salty..teriyaki type sauce)
1lb of spaghetti noodles (pre-cooked)

1 carrot julienned

1small onion julienned

1 garlic sliced thin

1/4 cup of julienned cabbage

1 julienned zucchini

1 can of bean sprouts


1) In the morning, I take my meatballs and sauce and put in my crock pot, takes about 4-6 hours to get them all saucy and cooked.

2) When ready to eat I cook the spaghetti and put in a bowl. (Save back just a bit of spaghetti water)

3) In a pan, saute all the julienned veggies, until slightly tender.

4) Toss the veggies into the spaghetti noodles, add about 1/4 of spaghetti water and 1/4 of the sauce from the meatballs in the crock pot.

5) Serve in a bowl and top with a few meatballs. I like mine a little more salty so I added soy to mine. I also only like a few meatballs, cause they really soak up the sauce.


With this I always usually make my veggie baked egg rolls. I made a really filling meal.
Easy and Cool for a hot summer night. Might have to make leftovers next time, I bet this would be good chilly.


As with every post, I wish you the best of everything. Get out there and make something to make you happy and share your happiness with others.

Until next time..

Friday, June 21, 2013

Menu for Saturday, June 22 - Friday, June 28

I am now trying to make my life less hectic, save money and feed a family of five. With school out that leaves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I wanted to start posting what I have planned for my menu every week. I always find it helpful to see what everyone is eating.. That is the foodie in me.

This week:

cold: cereal, pop tarts, muffins
hot: egg mcmuffins, egg burritos, sausage and gravy biscuits, sausage biscuits, pancakes

cold: pbj sandwiches, home made lunchables
hot: soup and grilled cheese, mac and cheese and veggies, hot dogs and fries, sloppy joes and fries, chicken nuggets, fries and apples. pizza. cheese toast and tomato soup.

Popcorn, pretzels, chips, animal crackers w/ icing or peanut butter to dip, apples and cheese, pbj crackers, goldfish, and cookies, bananas, raisins and grapes

Those three categories are pretty much the same week to week, unless we get a craving for something.

The Dinner Menu

Friday - Hamburgers and Curly Fries

Saturday - Home-made Subways   (may switch to wings)

Sunday- Pork Roast/ Black Eyed Peas/ Jalapeno Cornbread/White Rice

Monday- Grilled Bacon Cheese / Tomato Soup 

Tuesday- BQ Chicken Thighs/ BQ Beans/ Rolls

Wednesday - Baked Ziti / Garlic Toast

Thursday- Egg Fo Young/ Egg Drop-wonton Soup/ Egg rolls/

Friday- Leftovers

For any night too lazy.. I have chef boyardee in the can..just waiting to get out.


I hope this week coming up is a great one for you. Appreciate all the people in your life every day...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Summer Fried Green Tomatoes Indulgence no ww points.

I think every time we make fried green tomatoes, it should be listed as the year with it. I think this is one of those recipes that evolve every year. A little seasoning here, a little less. A stouter get the drift.

This year I picked up some mighty stout green tomatoes, big too. They turned out to be the best one's I have ever had. Or are they, or because they are so seasonal, that your taste buds forget the great tender taste of the tomato with the cornmeal and fried. What else. I really thought I would cut the calories and try to bake, but I couldn't humanly distort a great, seasonal, fried green tomato. So I indulged.

2013 Summer Fried Green Tomatoes


4 nice sized green tomatoes (slice them about 1/4-1/2 inch)

    (Depending on how you like your tomatoes. I slice my kinda thick, I get about 4 slices and then some ends, I try not to waste anything.)

1/2 cup of cornmeal

1/4 cup of bread crumbs

1 tsp of season salt

1/2 cup of egg substitute..( you could probably use a few eggs)

1 inch of oil in a pan


1) Slice your tomatoes.

2) Put into beaten egg (I put them into a baggie and shake and coat them well with the egg)

3) Then I dip each piece into the cornmeal/crumb mixture.

4) Heat up oil first and then drop them in (I get about 8 in a pan)

At this time, I watch how fast they turn brown and how thick I cut them. If they are thicker cut, I turn heat down a bit to make them tender.)

Keep an eye on them.   Be careful when you serve them, they are very hot on the inside. This is one of those times, you might want to look at it a bit, before you enjoy them.   I made these today for lunch. All my kids ate them. I even have a few for the Daddy to try when he gets home. You can't really put these up and they must be eaten when they are made. But what a treat.   So again, for the second time today.. get out there...make something for yourself...indulgent.. Happy Summer!

Chocolate Waffles and Chocolate Oatmeal Waffles wwpp= oatmeal ones = 4pt

To the left is the plain chocolate ones and the right is the oatmeal and chocolate.

These are the chocolate oatmeal ones.. see how much more heartier they look.

I have when the kids were little, used a sandwich maker, and in them I would make just about anything in them. I would make little triangle cakes from cake mixes.

This time I decided to dig out my waffle maker. This in turn is going to make a bigger version and since they aren't babies anymore this size was perfect.

I made this batch and split  it in half. One for a regular chocolate waffle and the other I added the oatmeal and made the chocolate oatmeal waffle. I wasn't sure if the kids would eat them. Well, they were a big hit and I think the oatmeal one, made a fuller texture. I am at this moment thinking about all the other healthy stuff I could sneak in next time. Chia seeds, flax seeds, phylum...hmmmmm.

Chocolate Waffles and Chocolate Oatmeal Waffles   made 7

est 125 calories a waffle (with oatmeal)   (est 4 weight watcher points)
est 100 calories a waffle


1 chocolate cake mix

1/2 cup of egg substitute

1 individual cup of applesauce

1/2 cup of oatmeal (old fashioned)

for the plain chocolate waffles

1) Mix the cake mix, egg substitute, applesauce and 1 and 1/4 cup of water.
(at this point if I am going to make the oatmeal waffles, I will split the batter, If not keep it all)

2a) For the regular chocolate waffles...spray waffle maker and pour in. Wait until done.

2b) For the oatmeal chocolate waffles..add 1/2 cup of oatmeal to the batter. Spray waffle maker and pour in. These take a little more time to completely cook.

This is the chocolate oatmeal. I just poured in the middle and spread it out.

Ideas for these:

These you could make in the morning. Have them for breakfast.

Take them and split into the four sections and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream, squish and wrap. Put back in freezer for an ice cream sandwich later.

Serve them warm with a scoop of ice cream on top.

The Oatmeal Chocolate ones we just kinda walked around and ate.

So here I have provided you a quick breakfast, snack, and a dessert...Yummy..

Here is wishing you a very wonderful day..get out there and make it yours..

Friday, June 7, 2013

"Pinned it" - Did It Gutter Garden

So I feel in love with Pinterest. I actually like anything that takes something and up cycles it into something really amazing.

This is my old gutter, attached to my railing on my porch. I planted leaf lettuce at first, but the sun is too hot, so I replanted with banana peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, basil, radishes, onions, chives and some parsley.

They are growing quite well. I water every other day and it is just great. Will have to watch once it really gets warm.

So next time you have some gutter hanging out. Put in drain holes and hang on a rail, a fence or whatever. Plant and watch your crops grow.

My next project is to take two gutters and put on the bottom of my fence and fill with strawberries. I am just waiting for my husband to replace them on the new roof.

Well I just wanted to pop in and share..

Have a great weekend and be happy. Do something just for yourself..have a great one..

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Pinned it" Did it.... Hotdogs and Spaghetti

This was one of those "Pinterest" things that I put under my "Gonna Try". Anyone is welcome to follow me on pinterest.

I tried to track down who actually thought this up and the only blogspot that might have originated from is may this one, I always like to give credit where credit is due.,

I made this the day all my kids, who are now 13-17 years of age and no longer babies. They always like the octopus and elbow macaroni that we had when they were little. I will blog that one on my other blogspot it is a real good eat for kids.

The kids thought this was good too, took a bit of time to get it to cook the spaghetti, maybe we were just too hungry.

Hotdogs and Spaghetti (wish I could whip up a fancier name)


1 box of regular spaghetti (not angel hair, too thin)

1 package of hot dogs


1) Cut up the hot dog into fours.

2) Take 2 pieces of spaghetti and break in half. We found that this was much easier to handle than a big piece. Push all four pieces evenly into the hot dog.

3) Drop (all) into boiling water, until spaghetti is tender.

4) When tender dish up and enjoy.


We had fun doing this, and it tasted good. I will probably do this again. It was a really fun way to get kids to eat.

I think it is important to interact with the kids and in turn teach them how to cook. I like this because it teaches texture in food. The kids were all into how neat the noodle tasted and then the hard hot dog.

So as you read this, I will keep trying out new things and posting.

Have a great day...make it yours.