Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas to All...


In Memory of Troy D. Tabor

In memory of a dear friend,
May you find eternal peace.
April 2, 1962- December 16, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

Potatoe Pizza

My new recipe invention at my house. I am sure somewhere else in this universe it has probably been tried and tested.

Potatoe Pizza

2 med potatoes (diced about 1/4 inch)
1/2 onion (diced about the same)
1/4 cup of bacon bits ( I buy the already real bacon bits at my Sams store, keep them for everything.
1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cheddar cheese
touch of olive oil
spices ( garlic, pepper, hot sauce, and a bit of salt)
pizza crust ( I also use the crust you just add water to. Got a few marked down ones at the store, simple and easy to use)

Make pizza crust accordingly to package. I go ahead and precook it a bit.

next take potatoes, onions, bacon bits, sauteed in a bit of olive oil, until tender..

Take crust and spread on sour cream, then put the potatoe mixture, then the cheese and bake like a regular pizza.

If you try it let me know.

Some other ideas would be to put scrambled eggs on it too, and you would have a breakfast pizza.

Just wanted to share another one of my easy, recipes.

I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. Keep in touch.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My 16 year old daughter

Well gosh, what am I doing... I am really hitting a writing spurt. So for all of those that like to read my blog... let me see....
I guess by now everyone knows that I have two children. My oldest is 16. Wow, 16, what will I do. I am praying that I have given her enough life skills to master this big world. I do know that she is a very independent, very determined to have a good life. I think that I have instilled enough survival skills in here to get by when the times are rough. She knows how to be kind, and although she can be a little sarcastic, she is a pretty easy going kid.
If I may say so, she has turned out to be a rare jewel of a young woman. She is so beautiful, yet she doesn't know it. She has a fierce desire to protect her brother from all things. She has always been his shield, I hope that they stay close through their years. He looks up to her even though she is at an age where she can't see it. They love each other, and they will always have each others back. She is so kind and soft hearted and sometimes hides that under a somewhat rough exterior. But as I think about it maybe it will keep her strong when her heart is sad. I have told her all about God, so hopefully she will turn to Him, when the world seems to fall apart all at one time. I have told her that God is all around her, all the time, not just when you step into a church, that you may call on Him always. I also told her that I had learned that even if you are fearful of doing something, do it anyway, and God will see you through it. She knows that I am always here. I hope that she will be able to tell me anything. But if she can't then I will love her unconditionally and be there to pick up the pieces. I can only give her advice, but she will have to walk her own path in life.
She has a great head on her shoulders and I feel she will be going places, yet she doesn't want to go to far from home, and that will probably change, but that is okay too. Love knows no distance. I am so happy that she wants a future, and I hope that we will stay close, like me and my mother. My mother is one of my best friends, my sisters are too, even though we don't talk everyday, I know that if anything happened they would figure out how to get to me. It is crazy but I have always counted on them as my safety net. I am very lucky to have a loving family, in such a time when the world is so crazy. There is alot of people that don't have that kind of love and support. I know that they would always be there to get my back. I hope that my children will always feel that bond also. I want them to know I got there back too.
So as my daughter is 16, I can only thank God for letting me be a mother and have such wonderful children. I dedicate this to my daughter, my best buddy, my love, and my crazy kid.
May your road of life be wonderful.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Trip to the Dentist

Hey to everyone.. Just thought it was time that I share a life story with you... As I step up on my soap box...nahhhh...
A few weeks back, I went to the dentist, to get my two root canals. Now get you this, I just love the internet, you can research anything and everything. So be sure that I researched the "root canal"by the time I was finished I could imagine myself one big toothless mess, living under a rock, or the first ever case of "root canal" induced coma. Don’t worry I don’t ever need to hear anyone’s horror stories, I do really well scaring myself.
As I prepared myself mentally, I woke up to get dressed and ready for the day. I took a bath, shaved my legs, put on clean new undies (saved those for the days I go out), all in case I scare myself into a coma, and the ambulance had to drag me off to God forbid, Douglas General, (closest one around, and it is such a place!) I also bought, get you this, a bag of those women’ big old pads for peeing, just in case I got to gagging and I didn’t wet my pants, since I am such a good professional at that, ( dag having those kids, really messed me up). I am also if I forgot to mention a big time gagger! Can barely brush my teeth without hurling my insides out. Well enough of that let me continue. You know I share these things cause I find them to bring great joy to hear the outcome of my great little visits.
As I arrive at the office, come to find out, I needed ID, well of course I could have been the root canal patient incognito, come on now, who wants a root canal. Anyway, I couldn’t fill out the paper work, I went up to the desk, in front of everyone, and I said, please don’t turn me away cause I will never get the nerve up to come back.. Big mouth me... I should have ran while I had the chance. Nope, there was a nurse in the back that remembered me from a week ago, (yes, I called and had a lengthy conversation over my plight, and what a big chicken I was. More or less, spilled my guts, no mystery left to me.) I never learn that maybe I am a little TOO MUCH INFORMATION, kinda person.
So the nurse came running up and said, I vouch for her, let her come back. Oh yea, now I am a celebrity for the root canal team.. NOT....no where to run.. so I had to go.....
I was a nervous wreck, The doctor came at me with a Q-tip (yes, I am hanging my head while I write this) and I thought it was a needle. For those who know me, I hate them little buggers... Well now they know how much I hate them. Plus they knew my whole life before he even got the first shot in. I had to recap it all, nervous chatter, oh my I am such a mouth! Why God didn’t gift me with an off switch.
Any way they take a piece of rubber sheeting, and lay it over your mouth and kinda cut out where the teeth they are going to work on will be and then clamp it to the tooth, forming like a tent around the tooth, which was cool, cause nothing fell in your throat. Which triggers the gagging. Which in turn left me without wetting my pants ( a plus for the morning, go team!) Well I did really well, as he poked, prodded, numb, cleaned and fixed. This went on for an hour and ½. At some point at the end I felt like I had one of those gags with the rubber ball stuck in my mouth. It was really uncomfortable. But I made it through it all in one piece. And I am ready to do it again... I don’t think so, still gotta go back and get some pretty crowns. I feel so special....
On a serious note, you didn’t think I would forget to tell you what lesson I learned that day? Lesson learned this time...... I was so afraid, I prayed over and over for God to come to me and calm me. I searched my mind for prayers I remembered, I at one point was kinda getting ready to panic, because He wasn’t coming to me. Then I focused on remembering the crucifix that hangs in our church and suddenly I started to feel calmer and before I knew it, it was almost over. When the dentist finished he said, "Oh, I don’t think you need to have the other as a root canal, just a cavity, so on top of it all God let there only be one. As I humble myself to share this with everyone. I figured out that God is everywhere and yes at times he comes to you, but sometimes we forget to look inside ourselves, where God also lives, and that one of the most important things to remember is that we must sometimes be silent so that we may hear Him.
Well now that I have entertained you all, I feel much better, I guess I like sharing so that everyone can see that I am somewhat normal, just more verbal than some, but in the end God is in control in my life. And that I need to always remember that, I am never alone, He is always carrying me when I am such a big chicken.
Hope this entry finds all of you happy and healthy. Please always keep in touch. I will keep on adding some new entries. Gosh, I got lots of living to do, so I am sure I got lots of writing to do.
Catch everyone in a bit....

Monday, October 1, 2007

Crockpot Lasagne

Okay new recipe. Great results.
Crockpot Lasagne
I love this because it is as good as Stouffers without all the seasoning.
meat (I use probably only a lb. but you could use more) You could also switch up and add italian sausage meat with it. Makes a richer taste)
1 container of ricotta cheese
1 small pk of motzerella cheese
2 cans of spagetti sauce
1 box of regular lasagne noodles.
Brown meat all together with onions, garlic. When done, drain, and then add the spagetti sauce. I also add the ricotta cheese (just cause I am frugal, and watching calories, and it goes farther)
pour in a layer of sauce in crockpot
then put in lasagne noodles (uncooked) I usually can get two long ones in and a few broken on the sides to cover the whole pot. Then I put more sauce and a bit of motzerella cheese ( I am also very frugal and calorie conscious with this one too.) Then noodles, continue till you have one last layer of noodles and just enough sauce to completely cover them. Then I put the rest of the motz cheese on top.
I set the crock pot on high (took about 3-4 hours) low took about 5-6
It is soooooo good. Please try it. You know you could pre-make the sauce and just freeze it in a ziploc, and put a bag of motzerella cheese in the freezer too, It would make for a meal idea for a hectic day.
Let me know how it goes if you make.
Have a Good Day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I bet you thought I forgot to come back

Actually I have been trying to get myself back on the self improvement track. I have found that since I have been a wife for the last 18 years and a mother for 16 of those years, that I have lost myself along the way. I guess it is only natural. I always did say that I was on hold until the kids got old enough to come home and be safe without the mother hen around. The time is coming to an end, the kids are starting to become independent and self sufficient. Well I take that back my 10 year old son, I feel will live with me until he is old and in diapers again. But that is a whole nother subject.
I have really through out the years, tried to watch my weight, exercise and do all the right things, but with kids, husband, family, stress and just over all life, I never felt that I could get it down pat.
So for the last three weeks, I have changed eating to portions and incorporated exercise into my day. It just kills everyone when I say, " Can't talk I am in the me zone". I am hoping that I can succeed with this routine. It will make my life healthier.
I am also feeling like my creative brain is coming back to life. So we will see what it will be producing in the next year to come. I am dusting off all my children books (that I wrote and never tried to publish) and articles for children magazines. In the hopes of revamping and seeing if I can get published. Maybe accomplish just a little bit of an adult life.
Well just thought I would come and post, what I have been up to, will come back soon.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Beware Life is Only Getting better around here..... I am now starting my early hunt for Christmas presents.. If only I could keep myself from giving them away. I have to learn self control. My mother used to say, Christmas is everyday, I get presents everyday also, so it is really hard to find something that I truly need. I use everything until it is old and abused. Just when it is ready to retire, someone, somewhere is donating another one to me. Gosh, I figure I am recycling and what a bargain. I have some of the best friends and family in the world. I think that I am one of the lucky ones.
I guess I need to get back to introducing you to my family. My family and I live in the state of Georgia. I really like where we live, we are fortunate enough to have a nice home, (a little packed, can you guess who the pack rat is), and a nice neighborhood for my two children to grow up in. The simple things are usually the sweetest. My husband is terrific, and I am sure he sometimes wonders why he took a ticket for this carnival ride, that he can't escape from. But over all he's a good sport. My son brings home anything thats alive animal wise and I collect people in the same manner. Boy could I fascinate you with the collection of friends and acquaintances I have made over the years. Names withheld.. to protect..
My two children are both sweet and kindhearted down deep, but mean and nasty on the top. Just joking. I can assure you that no one will ever take advantage of them. They have learned to really love and appreciate the true things and to separate the bad. They will with the Grace of God conquer the world. I have taught them well. Mini-me..
On that note my first born is my daughter, and she is slowly turning into me. A scarey thought. I really think that by the time I get her into college she will rule the world and all around her. She is a real go getter. Very good in school, naturally. Very, Very selective on who she is friends with, unlike her mother who would befriend the homeless and give away her valuables. My daughter is so kind, and so endearing, always was a layed back kinda kid. Very protective of her brother and family. On the outside she can dominate a situation in a snap when she wants to. Gets what she wants and can even figure out how to get it without casualties. Does that sound like I have taught her well. She has a very deep regard for family and her friends. She is an unconditional kinda kid. Gosh, I would say she is growing into a very lovely woman. I am very proud to call her my daughter and my friend. I know she will read this, and I will have to live with her joking with me for saying all this goooshy stuff. But thats okay.
My time is short, the kids are all watching me, So for now. Beware of Life and remember BLOG... Catch you soon for my next edition. Next time I will share with you a short look at my son. Believe me it will take a full page.. Everyone take care, Your heart feels no distance or time, so always keep in touch, and it will be just like yesterday that we talked...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


BLOG's meaning... In my realm of my world BLOG is the start of a new medium in which I can share with all my family, friends, and those who want to get to know me. It is about a small look into my life, struggles, triumps, lows, highs, and lots of funny in between. So lets say that BLOG means Beware Life Only Gets....?... better, or could I guess sometimes worse, but that depends on whether you are a glass is half full or a glass half empty kinda person. In my opinion I go for the glass half full option, because atleast I still have hope.
For those of you who know me, hopefully may come to understand me better, appreciate, or even find me intensely amusing. Those who don't know me, will find me possibly odd, weird and may at times find me inspirational. I prefer the last, you know like I am contributing to the world in some odd way, by sharing my crazy life. Either way I hope that I am atleast reading worthy. Everyone is welcome to leave a comment. I love to be motivated to write even more.
I feel the only way to start out a new thingy ( that's a made up word that I have used for years describing things I have no idea what to call.) So first in my insert of BLOGGING I will take a moment and introduce myself. Later I will tackle the job of introducing my family and friends. But first thing first. Now if you are my family reading this I am sure you are all wondering why I would write about my life. I promise that I will with hold all names to protect the innocent ( unlikely that they are all so innocent.) and I will try to tell it the way I see it.
Let me start for my first BLOG, with me, I am you get what you see kinda person. I am usually so honest and blunt that I am hard to get at first. I wasn't always like this, but I have learned over the years it is better to keep it up front and honest. But you know, if you did it, you did it. If you said it, you said it. I have to own up to everything I do and say so why not everyone else. Also having a memory for the exact words in a conversation, sure doesn't help me out either. I am a Mom, a wife, sister, daughter, friend, therapist, bookkeeper, maid, cook, and all the other titles that a Mother would assume in her lifetime. I am very fortunate that I can stay at home with my children while they are in school. I like being a Stay Home Mom. I am always busy and on the go. I am trying to become a freelance author in my little spare time. I am also an artist and very creative. In my spare time I also watch a few kids, you know just so I don't get lonely. I think they really watch me.
I am 46 years young on March the 1st. I personally just think that age is nothing. I keep getting younger all the while my mind just keeps picking up bits of wisdom for me to pass on to other people. I do think that one day I will find the time to be a Mature Adult. Probably in my 80's and in diapers.
Well I think I have given everyone enough to process for the time being. So for now, Keep Hanging on for dear life... Cause BLOG... Beware.. Life.. Only.. Gets......? Better.. I promise.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Beginning..

Interlude from insanity is to be a place for me to take a break, share my thoughts and relax from then craziness of being a woman, a mom, a wife and just a human being. This world sometimes get to going so fast, that it is important that we can just stop for one second. Like the saying stop and smell the roses. So the purpose of this blog is for the bloggeee, ME to start a new. A beginning of a union of my thoughts printed in word. I have plenty of things to say, share, vent and write. For those who disagree with me, I welcome your comments. Please be easy on me, I am but a student in the world of Blogging, and I have lots to learn. All are welcome to read and share my ideas, hopes, dreams,frustrations,recipes, thoughts and just my day to day rambling.
So here it is a beginning....
See you soon.