Thursday, October 7, 2010

It is Fall

Hey it is fall again. Everyone around here is just going about the daily I kinda like it quiet and drama free.

Just wanted to pop on here and share a few recipes, that I have created. Well one I created and the other went with a concept and it turned out pretty good. Really easy too.

Corndog Casserole

(inspired from the 5 left over hotdogs hanging out in fridge)

5 hotdogs (diced up)( personally I would use more, I made it for the babies)
1 corn bread mix (mix as per pkg)

Mix in hotdogs and dot with ketchup and mustard. (yes, right on top)
Cook until brown and knife comes out clean

I cooked this in a 8x8 pan so that the pieces I cut would be thin enough for the baby to dip and eat.

Status: we will make this again, might just have to add a few extras...and it was cheap.

Spinach Pie (or Greek Spanakopita)

After you have made this you will realize that you could have made much more of the filling and used it for other, was incredible

16 oz (or the big bag) of frozen spinach
garlic (4 cloves - we like garlic)
diced onion (small) (sautee with garlic to soften a bit)
12 oz feta cheese
12 oz rigatto cheese
2 eggs
phylo dough (I used both packages inside box
melted butter (enough to brush between layers and on top)

I also put down parchment paper on the bottom. I used a big ole sheet pan, like a flat cake pan.
I layered each sheet of phylo dough in and brushed lightly with butter. After 10 layers (divide up spinach mixture into two) I spooned on layer of the spinach mixture
and then 10 more layers and then mix and lastly the top (10 too) then brushed with butter.
>>>>DO THIS>>>>I had read after I had put it in the oven that you can take a knife and score the portions before you put in oven, to keep it from crumbling up after done..

Bake at 350, it took mine about 35-40 minutes to brown up. Keep watch after 25 minutes.
You must let this cool a bit, the inside is very hot.

Status: this was very delicious and very was even better the next day. We took cut portions and put on a sheet pan and warmed up, and browned even more.

I will make this again. I will most probably always double it and freeze in workable portions for those quick pizzas....
Also read you can pre-make the whole thing and freeze. Would be a great appetizer on the quick.

Well I just wanted to share my new recipes with you all.

Enjoy and if you try it let me know what you think..

My love to all....

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Happy, Happy Fall to everyone. It seems as if the seasons come so much quicker as the years just go chasing by.

School has been going on here in GA for the last month and half. It is now getting cooler and darker in the mornings and nights. Makes sitting on the deck so enjoyable.

The kids are all doing well. Thomas is liking school just a bit more, not much, but he is atleast wanting to try do well. Not that a new WII game is the prize for some much needed good grades.

Elizabeth is doing well in college, thinking of switching majors to Radiology, but not real sure. Gosh, she sure does have a head on her shoulders. She really wants something out of life.

Patrick, is growing faster and talking all the time. He is the sunshine around here. He has aquired the virus, "Croup" wow, it was scarey, Elizabeth and I went racing to the ER Saturday afraid he wasn't going to breath right. But all well that ends well, he is fine and up and going. These childhood diseases, I just don't remember the first two having them. But I guess that is how we cope, God erases all the scarey stuff so we are strong and ready for more. Funny how life goes.

Fun thing this weekend, I loaded the SKYPE on my laptop that has a webcam. Got to talk with my brother and my mother in WV. Wow, I was so excited, they got to take a virtual tour, see the kids, the house, and all the stuff they had never seen. I got to see my mom, and brother, and all the stuff they had changed since I moved away. It was just amazing. I recommend it to anyone that doesn't get to go home very often. I really made me so happy and I felt like I was right there.

A recipe from this weekend I wanted to share. I love sharing the easy and quick ones.

Stromboli (I think that is what the official name is)

Left over sandwich meat (makes it so much worth making if you think you are saving. Of course you can just buy meat to make it)
1 pizza crust (in tube)
any kind of cheese
dijon mustard

I spray a clean place on my table with pam and roll out my pizza dough. then spread on mayo/dijon mix and spread all the way to about 1/2 from edge. Then layer the sandwich meat in thin layers, next the cheese.
When finish roll up like a jelly roll and put on a greased sheet pan and pinch the edges. Slash a few lines to release the steam and bake. 350 for about 30 minutes. Be sure to let it cool. It tastes so much better. I also sprinkle sesame seeds and poppy when I have them.

Hope you give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Well I promise to get back sooner and share a little more. I love getting to say hello. Drop me a line any time.
Remember distance and time makes no impact on how much I love you all.

Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

I know two blogs so close together.. please don't faint.

I just wanted to drop you a hint for the week. I am finding that produce is not lasting very long at my house. Onions, celery and carrots are my main, complaint this week. So what I did....

Everyone makes stuffing for thanksgiving. So I minced up the onion (put them in a freezer bag) minced up the celery and the carrots too. Now when the time comes I will just pull them out and thaw (sautee a bit with butter) and add them to my stuffing.

See nothing gets wasted.

Today I am making my pulled pork potatoes.

Pulled Pork Potatoes

> pork butt in crock pot (I usually make a big one so that I can put half back in freezer for another meal.... bq pizza.. pork sandwiches...cubans..I sometimes put amounts (cooled) into the snack size baggies and then into a gallon freezer bag. This actually makes for single servings. Pop on out and take out of bag and nuke.. quick bq sandwich.)

> bq sauce ( I buy the gallon of Sony's BQ at Sams Club) but any kind will do

> potatoes
> ranch dressing
> minced onion (optional)

Put pork butt in crockpot (no water) on high (I do all day) Then an hour before you want it I drain the juices and pull it apart, put back in crockpot and pour in bq sauce.

Meanwhile after saucing your pork, in that an hour before I also wash my potatoes, prick them, roll them in olive oil and put on sea salt. Lay them in oven for 45-hour at 400. (I usually do a whole bag, that way with the leftovers, I can twice bake them, potatoe skins, twice baked cheese and brocolli, and I even make potatoe salad from the insides. Wow, another whole bunch of recipes. I guess I should have posted this all on another blog. )

To prep on plate.. cut potatoe in half and break up the inside, pour on bq pork, ranch dressing and minced onion....

This one of our all time easy recipes.... I will post the other ones on another blog this week.

I hope you find this helpful, or even entertaining...I am all about being busy with a family and still finding time to cook, while saving money, and even making take out nothing we really want. Nothing sounds better than. "Mommy, this is food is good!" Now if I could make a McD hamburger I would have it made..

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26,2010

Hey to everyone..
I am hoping everyone had a great summer. It sure was a hot one around here in Georgia. Thank goodness for the new AC and the pool (splash 15') lol. I swear if I get on my raft and at the right angle can look out across my neighbors yard at their great big pool, I feel as if I am floating away. Funny right?

I am doing great on the old hip recovery episode in my life. 5 years of pain, and surgery. Mmmmm, so actually I think it has been a long ride. I do all my exercises and yes, I walk around my little pool, I compare myself to the hamster in the wheel. I just walk and pray, walk and sing, well you get it.

School started here in GA. around the 5th of August. Ugh!. It has been so hot and they come in so hot and tired.

Thomas is now 13 and in 8th grade. I am hoping that he enjoys school just a bit more this year. I know, I said hope. He is getting so tall.

Elizabeth is now in her second year of college, to be a math teacher. She is kinda thinking about changing her major to something a little more profitable in this day and age, but we will see. She is such a thinker like her mommy.

Tom is doing well and keeps us all grounded. We just work during the week and play all weekend, doing stuff around the house.

Little Patrick turned 2 this summer, he is full of energy and sassy as the day is long. He is so very smart and so very crazy. He really keeps us on our toes.

Life is changing for us all the time. It seems that I will have to get a liscense to watch other kids, well I decided not to. I really don't need other people over my shoulder telling me how to do something. I really didn't know that I needed one, but someone (left no name) decided that I should know and report me to the Liscense people. I really hope that who did that got what they wanted.

So now I am looking for a new career also for myself. I still have 3 years to be at home with Patrick and when he goes to school I will try to find something part-time to fit his schedule. I am sure that like the old saying, "When one door closes, another one opens"

I just sure hope one opens soon. God has a plan for me, I am sure.

I have a new recipe to share with you that turned out really delicious.

Fried Raviolis

1 bag of frozen raviolis ( I went to Sams Club and bought the big bag)
2 eggs (mix together, for to coat in)
1 cup of bread crumbs (I used italian for the seasoning0
Oil in a shallow pan (just enough to cover them)
1 can of spagetti sauce

I dipped the frozen ravioli in the egg mix and then dipped in bread crumbs and then put in the oil and fried. I fried them about 3 minutes on each side or till golden.

Let cool a minute and dip in spagetti sauce...mmmmmmm
It was such a big hit..

Did I give you guys the fried sweet wonton one? I will post it again anyway, we seem to love this one too.

Sweet Fried Wontons

pk of the small square wontons.. ( I have used the big ones but the small keep it appetizer size and they feel they are eating alot more than they actually do)

1 egg
1/2 cup of sugar
1 pk of cream cheese (room temp)
1/ cup of water

Mix the egg, sugar and cream cheese all together. Lay out wontons and dab water around edge, put a bit of mixture in the middle, fold over and seal. You can make a whole batch before you start to drop them in the oil.

Drop into oil (about 5 at a time) till brown, remove and drain on paper.

Remember to please let them cool a bit, it makes them taste so much better. We dip these in sweet and sour sauce. You know I bet you could shredd a bit of crab into the mixture, and have those sweet crab ragoons..

Well I just wanted to give everyone an update and share a few good recipes with you.
For all those that read my blog.. enjoy and for everyone, my love to all.

Till I come back..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

Hey everyone, hope that your Memorial Day Weekend, was a restful and full of fun. We kinda stuck around the house, swimming, some projects, and just hanging out. Fun none the less.

School is officially out in our county. Summer begins. This summer I am back into the swing of keeping kids. Seems like that will be my direction for the rest of my life. lol. I really have the patience (like so many do not) so actually I see this as my one of my gifts. I really like having the kids around, the energy level is through the roof around here. I like to play, and they like to play so great combination.

My kids are all doing well. Elizabeth finished her first year of college and is doing great. She is a big hand around here. She is so much like me. Thomas finished 7th grade, boy he just doesnt like school. I hope that every year it will be different, but alas it is not. He is getting so tall and he is every bit as sweet as he is sour lol! He is also my big help this year, the kids I watch just about follow him all over. He is the coolest thing next to icepops.

As for myself, I am coming along with rehab very nicely. The main thing is that I can walk again. I do have a limp and I have to get back in shape, in time, but just to be able to walk again. I feel like a miracle. My chance to get back to life without all that chronic pain.

I wanted to share a recipe that I made this weekend (I know another one, but it was so easy and I know some of you like the easy, and this world is so busy, and money is getting tight)

Stromboli ( I think that is what they are called)

1 pizza dough (I used the pillsbury in the can)
any kind of sandwich meat ( I had leftover sliced turkey, ham, salami and provolone cheese)
parm cheese
mayo with a bit of dion mustard

unroll dough and press out on a lightly floured surface
start laying (1 layer at a time) of the sandwich meat leaving about and inch all around
last layer put the cheese slices
spread a thin layer of mayo/dion
and sprinkle with pharm cheese

start at top and roll down like a jelly roll
when finished transfere to a sheet pan ( I line mine with parchment paper doesn's stick)

bake at 350 for about 30-40 minutes
let cool 15min. ( you need this to let the cheese set)

We have had it twice and it was great. Quick and simple. Used up all the left over sandwich stuff.
Now I have been reading and some put veggies in it, some put sauce. I will have to try a few and let you know.
Well again I wanted to share.. It is now 7am and I have to get my baby and kids up.
Everyone have a great day.
Remember that I love ya....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I have been a busy cook this week. May 30, 2010

Just stopping in to say, " Happy Memorial Day to all and their families!" Also to take a minute and say thanks to all the Veterans, and active military people and their families.. Thanks for keep us safe!

This weekend I got to try out a few new recipes, and of course, you know I want to share them right away. I will post them on separate blogs so you can get them down if you want to try them.

Fried Sweet Cream Cheese Wontons

1pk of cream cheese
1 egg (beat)
1/2 cup of sugar
1 pk of wontons (or if you are like my family I had to have a few more, lol)
Oil (used Canola) to fry in, I put it in a deep small pan (be safe) cause I could only cook about 5 at a time (cause once the oil gets hot they go fast)

Take wonton and turn it with the point towards the top of your hand, take a spoonful of mixture and place in center, wet edges (little) and bring up and seal into a triangle. You may want to make these in advance so you can keep up with the demand and the hot oil.

Drop a few into the hot oil and let get brown, remove and place on paper towels to drain. You can eat these when they cool. We bought a sweet and sour sauce at the store to try and dip, but it was a bit too spicy. Becareful because these are really addictive.

Well gotta get back to the holiday, everyone take care and be safe. Remember it doesnt matter how far or how long the heart never quits loving..Love you all!

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

Tomorrow my baby girl will be turning 19. Elizabeth has turned out to be such a great adult. She is so responsible and caring. Maybe too much sometimes. Passionate about life and goals that she wants to attain. Her family means so much to her. Over this past few years she has been my rock, she has helped me through this hip ordeal. As well as my husband and sons they have done alot too. I wouldn't have made it through without them.

I just wanted to take the moment to wish her a very Happy Birthday! I hope all your dreams come true. I wish for you always the best and the strength to handle all that life throws at you. Love you always Mommy!

My status is 6 weeks post op. Doctor thinks I am doing great.. just one cane now, hopefully soon it will be none. I am whole again, just got a pretty limp, but I can deal with that and hopefully with the summer coming I will be able to exercise it away.

Got a good recipe that I have made a few times and the last time I even made an extra to freeze.

Shepards Pie (some one also called it a chinese pie???)

1lb of ground meat
1 bottle of bq sauce
minced onion
minced garlic

1 can peas
1 can corn
l box of mashed potatoes.. ( I guess, I make this with leftover mashed potatoes)
1/2 cup of grated cheese

Take a ziploc gallon bag and put in meat, onion, garlic, and 1/2 bq sauce. Close up and mix well. Put this mixture into a 9x13 pan. (tip:I flip my hand into the clean side of bag, keeping from having to touch the meat)Push it down to make about 1-2 thick. ( I use parchment paper alot. I measured a piece to fit in bottom before I added meat, it just comes out easier)

at this point you can wrap and put in freezer.

Cook this at 350 for about 30-45 minutes check it cause it cooks quicker cause it is thinner.

When finish pour 1/2 bottle bq on top, pour drained peas and corn on top. Take mashed potatoes and mix in the shredded cheese and plop on top. Put back in oven and cook just a bit to brown and melt cheese.

We really thought this was good and I wanted to share it with everyone. If you try it leave me a comment. I love to see that people have been to my blog.

One of my biggest tip, that I use is portion sized containers to store leftovers, I have grown kids that will just reach in and put one out and then I am not having to buy alot of pre-made stuff and I know what is in it all.

This week I bought some gladware containers that were kinda rectangle and premade salads in them. It made about 5. The meat toppings I put in snack baggies (like chicken, ham) I also put the grated cheese in small baggies too. And crazy me, when I get a box of croutons I pre-baggie them and put them back in box. It just seems to take a bit of time, but it saves on waste and it is easier all around.

Well gotta go, I am working on my garden, I have cucumber sprouts coming up.. wish me luck .
Everyone take care till I post again. My heart and thoughts are with you always.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lemonaide Pie

Okay I wanted to give the "Neeley's" Food Network "Lemonaide Pie" a shot.

It was so delicious and so rich.

The recipe ingredients are:

graham cracker crust
1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk ( I used the low fat green can)
1 12oz tub of cool whip (I again used the lower fat one)
1 6oz can of frozen lemonaide

My take on it is this:

I bought two packs of the 1/2 cup gladware containers (you can use them again and again, and this dessert is rich)

In a bowl, I mixed graham crackers crumbs, 1/4 cup sugar, and a bit of melted butter. Pour them onto a cookie sheet, I placed in a 350 oven just to brown a bit, going in every now and then and stirring. Remove and let cool.

chill your sweetened condensed milk. Then fold the sweetened milk with the cool whip, (gently) and then fold in the frozen lemonaide (right from the freezer) Just fold don't let it get soupy or too wet.

I then took cooled graham cracker stuff and put some in each little container, filled with the mixture just a bit below the edge. These all need to be placed in the freezer for a whole day.

This is a very good dessert and by making the single servings there is no need to be pulling a whole pie in and out of a freezer and you can take your time to eat it..

Now if you are having a big blast and you think it will all be scarfed up.. Then by all means make a big old pie...
I just wanted to share with everyone, hope you give it a try.
The next time I make it I might do strawberry or lime..mmmmm

On a parting note, you can use those little containers over and over again. I use them to also put jello in. Adding pieces of fruit and filling with jello. You can also take small pieces of cake and pour jello on top, just till it soaks up a bit and then put in fridge. Finish all these off with a squirt of whip cream. There you got it single serving desserts and snacks without the price.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Hello to everyone that is stopping and reading my blog. I hope over the months I can get all my ideas in order for me to share.
I usually come up with these ideas out of necessity.

Everything here in Ga is doing fine. The kids are growing, and I am re-cooping nicely. I start physical therapy on Tuesday. If you really know me, all I need is to get into my pool. We are actually getting it opened this weekend.

I wanted to share with you guys, Is the frozen pbj sandwich. I went to Walmart and saw the Smuckers Frozen PBJ's and yes, I must admit I bought some to try. They were quite expensive. I also saw that they were just a bit too thick for the little baby to eat. I love the round compact size of them. You could just also pop them in the baby bag and by the time someone wanted to eat they would be great.

My take on this is..
I guess you could cut them and freeze them, but I went one better. I have a pampered chef cut and seal $9.00. It presses down the bread and cuts the circle and seals it great. (I posted a picture above)

Peanut Butter and Jelly (on the go)

1 loaf of really fresh white bread (or you can get wheat)
Peanut butter
12 cheap sandwich bags
Ice cream gallon bucket (walmart is now selling rectangle ice cream buckets they are even better)

I spread each sandwich as thick as I like.
Press each one with the cutter into a round. Slip them into a sandwich bag (you can use the cheap ones they are just to hold them) and then put them in the icecream tub. This keeps them fresh from the freezer.
I got about 12 out of a sandwich loaf. Which I figure I did well, cause in the box I think you get about 6 and they are atleast 4 bucks.

My kids loved them. I would pull out two at breakfast and by lunch I would just hand it off to the kids.

I hope that if you get a chance you could give it a try.
Some other ideas could be other sandwiches, ham, balogna,cheese and freeze.

If you want to comment please do.

Also wanted to tell you in note: I tried the new Koolaid Fun Fizz tablet.. very cool, very convient, they come in a tablet. I can take a 9oz baby cup with water and get a quick cup of koolaid. I do not do this all the time, I am a big advocate for water in your cup, but for a quick switch it worked great. If you check your newspapers I also got $1 off on a pack. At Walmart they were $1.96 so that is not too bad.

Well now that I have blabbered on this Friday morning, I will finish up and post.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Please keep in touch and enjoy.

May your days be wonderful and God watch over you always.

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

Hey I am back and now I am the proud owner of two new bionic titanium hips. I did really well in surgery and now 2 weeks post op I am recovering much quicker than the last time. I really at one point had given up hope to ever walk again and now the future is unfolding very quickly and walking is really starting to become easier. People dealing with chronic pain, I sympathize with you always. It has been a really rough 3-4 years. The pain becomes very consuming. I must say that I did do just about everything I needed to do, but with a lot of pain. Now that I am pain free from the arthritis, I am going to get back to living. I have great plans to drop the weight, and get back to being healthy. I am also going to try to get this blog off the ground. Cause I have lots to share and can't wait to get it out there.

I must also take a a minute and thank my family, they have really gotten me through all of this and taken up where I couldn't. I also must thank all my friends and family on facebook, the constant day to day support was the very thing I needed to keep focused. The most important person I must thank is God. Without His true guidance. He stripped me down to nothing and made me see His path, at times, being only human, I doubted Him and every time He would send a sign, a thought, true love to pick me back out of my doubts. During a lot of these times, He taught me to make a prayer list and pray for others instead of myself and wallering in the sad thoughts of what I couldn't do.

Well enough said for now, I am sure I will share more as I recover and become my usual funny self.

Wanted to share a great new idea and tip.
Frozen Pizzas

pk of pita breads
spagetti sauce (pizza sauce)
topping for pizza
a round ice cream tub
wax paper

take each of the pitas and fix them up with your fav topping..(easy) then lay them on a cookie sheet, slide into freezer, when frozen, lay one in ice cream tub with a sheet of wax paper to separate, continue doing this till you fill tub and put back in freezer.
Now when my kids want a pizza, I know whats on it and they are individualized. Pop in oven till warm and meltly..

I hope you give it a try. Feedback is always appreciate

So this is for now... see you soon and always remember.. no matter how long, no matter how far away, the heart knows none of these restraints...Love you all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Potatoe Skins

I wanted to share this.

I went to Sams a while back and bought a box of potatoe skins (thinking: wow, easy and quick) nope, easy, quick, and expensive for nothing.

I usually do this now with a whole bag of med potatoes.

wash potatoes (leaving the skins on)
poke with a few holes
toss in a bowel with olive oil and sprinkle lightly with sea salt.

Next lay these right on the oven racks and put a cookie sheet on the bottom rack to catch any drips (since I love to clean ovens)

In about 45min (med) 400 degrees (poke with a fork to make sure tender) take them out.

Now if you plan your meals like I do, I will use about 4 of these for dinner as baked potatoes and let the others cool. Put cooled potatoes in a bag and store in fridge.
(now if you are in a hurry you can do it all in one day. But I am usually got four other things going on. They also can last about a week)

The next day. I cut each potatoe in half long ways and take a melon baller (a spoon if you don't have one) and scoop out leaving about 1/2 inch.
Next cut the potatoe in two or three sections depending how large you want them. Lay them on a sheet pan spaced out and slip into the freezer. When they are frozen, take them out. I will portion them into a freezer bag. I also put them in bag and then into an icecream bucket.(keeps them less likely to get smooshed)

Now they are ready anytime to make potatoe skins

Potaoe Skins

take out frozen skins
toss in bowl with olive oil
lay on sheet pan ( I again put parchement paper or foil with Pam spray on it, cause I just love scubbing pans)
sprinkle with garlic powder
Bacon Bits ( I buy the real bacon bits an sautee them a bit to give them a crunch)
sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese.

bake till bubbly..

Serve with sour cream to dip

Now what do to with the insides.. Sometimes I make potatoe salad with it. Save it and make a lumpy mashed garlic potatoes

I hope this is handy for someone. My kids and family all like snacks and they get real expensive. I like to help when I can.
Let me know if you try it and how it worked for you..

I would love any comments..

Keep your eyes out for the next post.... Got a new idea for personal pizzas.. quick and better than the frozen in the store at less the cost..

March 18, 2010

Hello to everyone.. I know that again it has been awhile.. and I could go on about my troubles, but that is all they are and I am dealing with them as well as I can.
I actually have my second hip surgery on March 29th. Please keep me in your prayers. I will in time, write again about the things I have learned and cooped with during this time. I find it important to share, therefore, someone one may be feeling or doing the same and find comfort in my post.
Quick Update.
Elizabeth is doing well her first year of college. I am really impressed with the determination and drive she has. She has really been my rock and help during these times. Let us just say she has really stepped up and taken the lead. One day when she finds a man to love, he will know he got the very best cream of the crop.
Thomas is still hating school. But he does well, when he isn't fighting it so hard. He is again into the Pokemon. I just can't understand how we know all the pokey names and can't get the math..I am sure he will be just fine.
Patrick is now 20mths old. He is allllllll boy. He is into everything. Just when you don't think he will do it, he will. He will do things just to get you after him. He seems to love my walker. Takes it and moves it so I can't get him. Or another fav.. throws himself low down on the floor where I can't reach him. I also swear he will eventually give the rabbit a concussion. He throws things at him in his pen. Needless to say my kitchen, dining rm and living room are a sea of baby gates..
My husband Tom, is doing great. Just still working and providing for this crazy bunch. Hopefully I will be back on my feet soon and I can carry some of the financial weight.
I am hoping this summer We will get to take a break from all this stuff and have a great one.
I will try to post more and closer together.
Please remember that no matter how far apart we all are, I always love each and every one of you.
Take care and always keep in touch.