Friday, February 26, 2016

Pozole Verde-ish Soup Crockpot Friendly

I have found us an oldie but goody, this soup has been around for years. Where have I been, we all know how to make taco soup from our memories, and we have tweaked our way.
This time welcome to


Pozole is a word for hominy (you know that white stuff in the can, that I don't ever hear about many eating. We ate when we were little with butter and salt and pepper. I still love it to this day. My family not so, but I don't have much to serve it with.

Verde means green. This is a salsa made with the green tomatillos and such to make a salsa.
(here is an example of one from Wally World)

Soup, well we all get this one. This one actually depends on how you like your soup. Do you like more juice? or you like more stuff. I lean more to the stuff. Also this one is a go on meat or not. Most recipes used the shredded chicken or the pulled pork. The next time I make I will skip the meat, I didn't miss it the salsa Verde made it so flavorful. Needed no salt, I didn't even put the chips in it.
And let me reiterate....Crock pot Friendly....Freezer Friendly..

Another thing alot of recipes, have condiments at the end you can add. Thin radish slices (that is kinda appealing to me, so maybe next time) diced onion, cheese, sour cream...well you get the idea.
I again just enjoyed it plain. Actually ate it with a side of an avocado, with lemon and sea salt and a few chips.

Regarding the meat. The pulled pork and the chicken. The pulled pork you would have to make it ahead and save some for this soup. The chicken you could throw in with it and at the end of day, just shred it. I am sure that would add to the basic chicken broth flavor that it needs. Also would actually keep you from adding chicken broth.

If you didn't want to add the broth, add water and the chicken breast, and 4 chicken bouillons along with the ingredients. I found it still the same and saved me about 4 bucks. In this first attempt I used 4 cups of water and the boullion with shredded chicken and got a tasty result.

Pozole Verde-ish (cause I thought it could use a can of diced tomatoes.) Soup

This was really good and very crockpot friendly.

1 medium size jar of verde salsa (any heat)

4 quarts of chicken stock

1 pkg of hidden valley ranch mix

Here is the tricky preference part if you like alot stuff in your soup, or alot of juice.(we like stuff) 

1 -2 cans of black beans(drain)

1 can diced tomatoes (juice and all)

4 cans of homily (the more the better, i think that is what makes it)(juice and all)

1 medium diced onion

Here is another tricky preference part if you like a meat in it, you can use shredded chicken (you can put a few breasts in the soup with a few chicken boulion cubes and leave all day and at the end, pull out and shred) or pulled pork. Honestly the homily and the verde sauce was enough for me without the meat.


 1) Dump it all in, and go.

You leave on low for hours to cook or 4-5 high for a great bowl of soup.

Now at your own delights, you can top it with all kinds of topping, but I preferred mine plain.

Easy Peasy

Crockpot Friendly and I am sure this will freeze really well. Make a few extra quarts and then just throw back in crock in morning and come home to a nice meal. 

So tonight we having this. It has been chilly here Ga. and it is a nice warming soup. I am also serving refried beans grilled tacos. Yes, I will post them after I finish, came up with a quick, new way. My beans are also the batch from the dried that I froze. You know I like the savings I get from that.

So my friends, I am off to another adventure.. Please don't be jealous...I am going off to the mountains....
you know them.....sigh....sigh...

LAUNDRY       the mountain of laundry

It really is just that simple..have a great day..

Thursday, February 18, 2016


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