Monday, February 28, 2011

Tip for making Single Servings ..check it out!




I am posting pictures with this one.

Tip: This puts the leftovers and makes it so they can make their own.

Take a muffin tin and put in the paper cupcake cups. Fill each cup to the rim with the Sloppy Joe meat.

Place in freezer for an hour or two, till solid.

Pop the cups out and put in freezer bag, be sure to label.

Then when you want a quick Sloppy Joe, pop in a bowl and nuke for 1 minute and put on the bun. Just like you made them right then.

So 99 cent menu can kiss my hiney. This is a real neat way to stop throwing money out the window and know what you are eating and feeding your kids.

I am also going to do this with the pull pork bq I made last night. In my house the single servings make it easier to keep track of what I eat and easy for the kids to make it themselves.

Sloppy Joes

We just had one of those good quick childhood recipes Fits neatly in the category of less for more and for these tough money times and it works great with kids and adults.

Sloppy Joe’s is one of those quickies, everyone likes meals. Please make sure you check out next blog, with pics,and I will show you a great way to make single servings of the leftovers and maybe put an end to those fast food stops coming home. Homemade things are better because you know what you put in it. For these Sloppy Joes, I used 90/10 ground beef, because that is what we like. I do know that you can use regular ground beef and after browning it into chunks, put in strainer and run hot water over it, that will get rid of a lot of the fat. You can also use ground turkey.

My Mom used to make these a lot. Well of course with six kids you had to have a big quantity of everything. It took me years to program myself to cook smaller, since I had watched her wipe something up for eight people at a time. She is a wonderful cook, and I always like sharing what she taught me.

I want to share a favorite story about my Mother. I love telling this one,when making that late night snack. When I was little, my Mom (after we were supposedly in bed) would go in to make herself a snack, a grilled cheese. She was super quiet, but the minute she would get started we would smell it and come running... So instead of her having to make one grilled cheese she had to make everyone one. So that would be seven more and then never failed after that someone would want something sweet so she would start again and do a grilled peanut butter with jelly, another eight sandwiches with milk. Needless to say we all went to bed with full happy stomachs.

She is a wonderful Mom, always seemed to make those other sandwiches, with a loving heart and a smile on her face. Then she would clean up and send up all back to bed.

Memories that I cherish always.. Thanks Mom, yes something so small would mean the world to me.

Mom Watson’s Sloppy Joes


3lbs of ground beef (any kind you like, ground turkey, ground beef)
(don't forget tip: to defat regular ground beef)
(if you use more meat, use more spices)
(I have at time made 5lbs and froz some)(Please check out tip on how to make single servings at a snap, on the next blog)

¼ cup of brown sugar (you can taste, sometimes they like it a little sweeter) (but isn’t that what spoons are for anyway.. test away)

2 long squirt of yellow mustard

4 long squirt of ketchup


Brown up the meat and drain any fat off. Then add the brown sugar (I have used the splenda brown sugar and it worked real well, just in case you were wondering) next the mustard and then ketchup. Heat up until the sugar is completely melted into the sloppy Joe. Make sure it is extra sloppy.

We eat it all different ways here. I personally like a squirt of yellow mustard and a little bit of sweet relish on mine. Also I am always watching what I eat so I usually split my buns and make two little Sloppy Joe hills and eat with a fork.
My kids like it just the way it is. My son likes it to start with about four.

I hope you give it a try, cause it was easy, cause it did stretch the meat, and just because it sure just brings the kid out of ya.

I hope you found this blog interesting and fun. I always have fun sharing so I hope you find it as much fun to read and try it.

I hope that in reading this, it finds you happy, and healthy. I wish you the best always out of life. Enjoy the moments that come every day. May your journey always be a safe one. Love from my home to yours…..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mama Pasta

Good morning to all my family and friends that read this crazy blog.

This week my oldest son is out of school and I have been trying to keep him fed. We know how difficult that is. They are empty pits and can never be filled. By the time I serve everyone, he is finished up.

I try to be as frugal as I can, when I buy groceries, always looking for ways to save. You do know that you can save by not throwing leftovers away. At my house I have to transpose that leftover into a completely different meal or they won’t touch it.

This time we had left over spaghetti. I always seem to make a bit extra just to make another meal. A good way to store your leftover spaghetti is to put it in a container and fill with cold water. I find that if I use it in a few days it isn’t stuck together and it is still okay and not mushy.

This recipe is a quickie for a breakfast, or even for a lunch. I want to say they call it “Mama Pasta” but it has been awhile and I have tweaked it so much, so yea Mama Pasta.

Mama Pasta

Leftover spaghetti
Olive oil
Garlic (if I don’t have fresh, I use a bit of garlic powder, just a smidge)
Parmesan cheese ( the jar stuff is cool in a pinch, but I keep a container of real grated pharmasean for this and other things like cheese crisps…mmmm, that is another post..)
1 egg (beaten)


I put some olive oil in a pan, just to coat and drop in leftover spaghetti. Tossing it in the olive oil till warmed, then add a bit of garlic, then add beaten egg and parmesan cheese and keep tossing till the egg and cheese are incorporated into the spaghetti. I have also dropped fresh spinach in at the end. Really amped up the vitamins and made it a really sustainable meal.

Serve and enjoy.

I am sure you can add a bit of fresh herbs or even add some bacon bit to spice it up. Either way it was really easy, and very tasty.

So before you toss that bit of something, think about how you can make it into something delicious and enjoy it.

I really appreciate all the comments, I have been receiving. Thanks for taking time out to read my blog. I am a work in progress, so bear with me. I am always trying to share, so that maybe I will make someone’s life easier or just more interesting.

Love to all.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fried Pickles

Okay, it took me a few days but I finally just did it. I always loved fried pickles and really don't have the money or the time to go out and get some. So here is my experiment with Fried Pickles. Keep reading, I made a great little sweet treat at the end. I hope you enjoy trying them or just enjoy the reading. Everyone have a great Sunday!

Fried Pickles

The Pickles

I really liked using whole pickles and slicing them about ¼ of ½ inch thick. I thought about using the already pre-cut dill slices. The slices I cut had a much better pickle flavor. I used about 4 because they started to eat them up quick.

Dry Part

Make a flour mix ( I didn’t measure just put it in a gallon baggie, so I can flour my pickles)
In mine I put, garlic powder, paprika, and a little pepper into the flour.

Wet Part

1 egg, a dash of hot sauce, a bit of milk and mix up. (when I researched it some put in a bit of the pickle juice)


Get oil going in a pan. I just used a frying pan with about 2-3 inches of oil.
Put all pickle pieces into the baggie of flour mixture and shake till well covered.
Then I slowly picked them out and dredged them into the egg mixture (the wet part) and dropped them into the oil.

Fry them until brown, remove and put on paper towels.

Please let them cool, they are really tasty when they cool. They are really tasty when they are hot, but they really hurt your mouth.

When they were all eaten, I decided that I didn’t want to waste oil. Frugal of me. I had some tortillas in the drawer and I cut them up in half and then into strips, dropped them into the oil, until brown, onto paper towels and put cinnamon and sugar all over them (you must do this while hot)

They were really out of this world. What a quickie sweet thing.
So tonight we had fried pickles and cinnamon and sugar tortillas.
I hope you one day give it a try, it was worth the experiment. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am going to repost my very first BLOG entry. I thought that it would be a great way to reintroduce myself to those who are stopping in for the first time...

Hello and good to see you... hope you enjoy .

August 2007

BLOG's meaning... In my realm of my world BLOG is the start of a new medium in which I can share with all my family, friends, and those who want to get to know me. It is about a small look into my life, struggles, triumps, lows, highs, and lots of funny in between. So lets say that BLOG means Beware Life Only Gets....?... better, or could I guess sometimes worse, but that depends on whether you are a glass is half full or a glass half empty kinda person. In my opinion I go for the glass half full option, because atleast I still have hope.

For those of you who know me, hopefully may come to understand me better, appreciate, or even find me intensely amusing. Those who don't know me, will find me possibly odd, weird and may at times find me inspirational. I prefer the last, you know like I am contributing to the world in some odd way, by sharing my crazy life. Either way I hope that I am atleast reading worthy. Everyone is welcome to leave a comment. I love to be motivated to write even more.

I feel the only way to start out a new thingy ( that's a made up word that I have used for years describing things I have no idea what to call.) So first in my insert of BLOGGING I will take a moment and introduce myself. Later I will tackle the job of introducing my family and friends. But first thing first. Now if you are my family reading this I am sure you are all wondering why I would write about my life. I promise that I will with hold all names to protect the innocent ( unlikely that they are all so innocent.) and I will try to tell it the way I see it.

Let me start for my first BLOG, with me, I am you get what you see kinda person. I am usually so honest and blunt that I am hard to get at first. I wasn't always like this, but I have learned over the years it is better to keep it up front and honest. But you know, if you did it, you did it. If you said it, you said it. I have to own up to everything I do and say so why not everyone else. Also having a memory for the exact words in a conversation, sure doesn't help me out either. I am a Mom, a wife, sister, daughter, friend, therapist, bookkeeper, maid, cook, and all the other titles that a Mother would assume in her lifetime. I am very fortunate that I can stay at home with my children while they are inschool. I like being a Stay Home Mom. I am always busy and on the go. I am trying to become a freelance author in my little spare time. I am also an artist and very creative. In my spare time I also watch a few kids, you know just so I don't get lonely. I think they really watch me.
I am 46 years young on March the 1st. I personally just think that age is nothing. I keep getting younger all the while my mind just keeps picking up bits of wisdom for me to pass on to other people. I do think that one day I will find the time to be a Mature Adult. Probably in my 80's and in diapers.

Well I think I have given everyone enough to process for the time being. So for now, Keep Hanging on for dear life... Cause BLOG... Beware.. Life.. Only.. Gets......? Better.. I Promise

August 2007

The Beginning

Interlude from insanity is to be a place for me to take a break, share my thoughts and relax from then craziness of being a woman, a mom, a wife and just a human being. This world sometimes get to going so fast, that it is important that we can just stop for one second. Like the saying stop and smell the roses. So the purpose of this blog is for the bloggeee, ME to start a new. A beginning of a union of my thoughts printed in word. I have plenty of things to say, share, vent and write. For those who disagree with me, I welcome your comments. Please be easy on me, I am but a student in the world of Blogging, and I have lots to learn. All are welcome to read and share my ideas, hopes,dreams,frustrations,recipes, thoughts and just my day to day rambling.

So here it is a beginning..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egg Drop Soup

As an addition to my Hot and Sour Soup, thought I would add one to please the other half of your family. Especially if it is anything like mine.

Egg Drop Soup


1 can of chicken boulion
3 cans of water
2 boullion chicken cubes
2 green onions diced
1/4 cup cold water
1 tbs of corn starch
2 eggs (beaten = hold off till last)

1/4 tsp of yellow food coloring (mine like it yellow like the restaurant)


Add everything together except the cold water and cornstarch. Holding the eggs till last also.

When it comes to getting ready to boil I take the cornstarch and dissolve in the cold water and pour into soup. Then to a boil for 3 minutes.

Cut off the heat and slowly pour the beaten eggs in. Hold them above the pot and slowly stream in to the hot soup, stir slowly and in one direction.

Garnish this with green onions and of course some of those noodles I can't find.

Well gotta go our Chinese Soup Night is starting, just wanted to give you another quick option.

Remember to go out of the normal atleast once a week. Makes life so much more exciting.

Comments are welcome and good food is a must..

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

Since the crew over here has been sick, I decided to make a spicy soup to open up the senses…

So in this thought, I made the Hot and Sour Chinese Soup. I love this at the restaurant, but it seems like I usually like other things and then my soup goes to the last, in which I never get to enjoy it.

I have it cooking in my crock pot. I prefer it because I, Miss Lazy, don’t need to watch it, and then worry if I turned it off or not.

Hot and Sour Chinese Soup

I listed the ingredients in two parts, so make sure you read the whole recipe. So you don’t miss a thing


1 tbsp of vinegar
1 tbsp of hot sauce
1 tbsp of pepper
2 tbsp of soy sauce
2 cans of chicken broth
4 cans of water (chicken broth cans)
1 to 2 chicken bouillons

>>These above ingredients make the broth for the soup.

>>The above spices make it hot and sour, I found that I had to tweak it to my taste so I about doubled it all. Be sure to taste

For the soup ingredients:
(of course you can use fresh, but I used quick and canned, I drained all the cans)

4 green onions (diced) separate leave some for a garnish when soup is finished
6 baby carrots (julienned)
1 tsp of diced garlic (I used just jar garlic)
1 can of bean sprouts
1 can of bamboo shoots
1 can of mushrooms (I used regular and then found in the Chinese section a different kind, added it for texture)
1 can of sliced water chestnuts (then I Juliana them)
1 small pkg of firm tofu (I slice in long mid-sized strips) (If this soup is going to be cooking Crockpot all day, I would save the tofu till the last hour)

>some recipes add the egg to their soups, all you do is scramble it and slowly stream into hot soup and slowly swirl it in. I do not do the egg, I found it to be enough with all the other stuff I have in it.

>some recipes also call for cornstarch, I guess to give it that silky taste...but again, I found not to need it.

You can garnish these of course with the rest of the green onions (for that lighter fare) There is a Chinese crunchy chip things to put in them (like cracker) I couldn’t find them. I researched what exactly they were and they were wontons cut in strips and fried… Hey works for me. If the afternoon flows easy, I will probably try them and I will post a picture if they work out.

I just wanted to share again a favorite of mine. This one I know has a lot of stuff, but hey it is quick. I also portion size mine and keep in fridge for a quick lunch or dinner.

I hope you enjoy checking out the blog.

My wishes for everyone for a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Soda Cake

Wanted to share a quickie, cake recipe. If you have not tried this yet, it is worth trying and so quick.

Soda Cake


1 cake mix
1 can of soda ( I used diet, cause I like the illusion of guilt free) (funny right!)


Pour soda into a bowl. Pour in cake mix and stir (folding in) to get it all wet. Don’t over whip it, just enough to get the mix wet.

Pour into a cake pan.
Tip: I use parchment paper in all my pans, less mess, and clean up.

Bake at 350, keep an eye on it. I thought that it baked much quicker.

When it was done, it was delicious. The only down side that I found was that it was crumbly, but really moist. Solution that I used was to scoop in bowls, and put chocolate sauce on it. Like a spoon cake. It was really a great, quick dessert and the family loved it.

Actually it was polished off in one sitting.

I hope you take a minute to try it. I would post a picture but it was gone by the time I could find the camera.

Here are some soda, cake mix combinations that I found researching the recipe.

orange cake /diet Mountain Dew
diet orange soda/ white cake mix (like a creamsicle
cherry chip cake / A& W diet Cream soda
diet lemon + lemon;
angel or yellow cake/orange diet pop
diet peach with white cake
spice cake/ diet lemon-lime pop
diet ginger ale + white
diet cherry sodas in chocolate cake
Diet cola + devils food or chocolate mix
diet vanilla coke in chocolate cake
devils food cake with diet Vanilla coke
diet root beer with chocolate cake
diet cherry coke with chocolate cake
marble cake + diet cream soda

I also saw where another recipe added two egg white to make it fluffier and stay together more.

Well off to see what the day will bring today..

I think on the menu for today is Chili and hot dogs. Some days I just have to do simple.

Today do something “out of the box”, doesn’t have to be anything big.. maybe just a “Soda Cake”. A bit of a change up, can spark the day. Have a great time!