Gosh, I was just in a hurry and wanted to tell you what I have been up to. I know everyone know I love to cook and share recipes. I love to share stories and family.
But this time I have become addicted to the SWAGBUCK frenzy. It seems for just doing surveys, watching videos, and purchasing certain items, I can win swagbucks.
The cool thing about swagbucks is that they are dollar for dollar. I have already cashed in 3 get you this 25 dollar Amazon gift cards. I just take them and add them to our Amazon Account, we order all the time from them. There are other options available too.

Here is a link if you would like to be my referal, it gives us points to share.(if trouble with link, copy and paste into your browser)


So come on over to the frenzy. You actually have nothing to lose, Even if you dilly dally on it, it can add up. I watched the videos while I worked on the Amazon Turk site...oh my, I gotta share the scoop on that one too. I will be back soon to catch you up.
Until then.. click my referal link ( if it doesn't work then copy and paste into your browser) and join swagbucks...check it out.


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