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Good day to everyone.

I have again, saved the leftover mashed potatoes, that were lonely in the fridge and created something really good. So good in fact that I think they will be on the menu this week. I just get so excited to share things with everyone.



1-2 cups of leftover mashed potatoes

¼ cup of cheddar cheese

Handful of minced onion (sorry, no precise measurement, depends on how much you like, and depends here on how much I get in without the kids complaining.)

1 egg(beaten)

A dash of salt and pepper ( I always put alot of pepper)

Pkg of wontons (the small square ones) I keep these for all kinds of stuff


Mix all the ingredients together and place in a dollop on the wonton and wet edges and fold into triangle.

You can make up a lot of these and keep in fridge, I can bet you can freeze them too, but I never get a chance.

Sautee in margarine or butter and a bit of olive oil till brown. After removing them let them cool a bit, I think the flavors come out when they cool.

I know that you can buy them ready made and frozen and then just cook. Very easy. But I found it more satisfying to make them, because it made it so I didn’t waste those mashed potatoes, and I know the exact ingredients of what I am eating. Also anything I make for my family has to be large quanity and the small bag at the store just doesn't justify that price.

I researched and found that some people serve them with bacon and sourcream on top. Yum, nothing is bad with bacon on it. We ate them just sautéed in the butter and olive oil. I only have a few to share a picture with you.

So when you have some of those leftover mashed potatoes hanging out (or even that last baked potatoe, take it out mash it), enjoy this dish. I promise you wont be disappointed.

School here is almost out and I am sure I will be posting more. I have more people to try things on.

I hope this post finds all of you well and happy. Drop me a line anytime, would love to hear from all of you.

Take care til I post again.


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