What am I the only one on earth that cares where their kids are?

I know that everyone thinks that kids should grow up and grow up fast. What happened to being a kid? What happen to a concerned and protective mother? Am I alone.
Today, my son did not arrive on the bus in front of our house, the neighbor boy did though. So imagine my semi panic. Never before have we missed the bus. Alone with the fact that I don' drive and my husband is atleast 45 minutes away. I also have a daughter that drives that can get him. Well anyway, I hit the phone two seconds when there was no son. I called the school and explained that my son was not on the bus. They said hold on and we will check with his teacher. Well you know it felt like forever, by the time they come back, she says a bunch of kids had missed the bus and will be catching it on its way back. I then asked was my son actually one of them. "Do you physically see my child and know you have him?" Dumb me.. I guess. They checked and said yes, and that was all I wanted to know. In between checking with the teacher all I asked was for the bus barn so I could check and see if he was on the bus. You know make it a little quicker. Well I was hung up on, or disconnected. I will give them the benefit of just a disconnection and nothing personal.
When calling back they proceed to tell me, that he was outside with teacher supervision and waiting for the return bus. " Okay, thanks"
When my son gets home, I politely call back the school and say thank you and he made it safely. Feeling okay about the whole thing, for a moment. My son says his last year teacher comes out and says" IS T Lynch here? His mother is calling the office and the bus barn and before long the school board." and they all laugh (adults) Wow that kinda hurts my feelings. All I wanted to know is that he was there, okay and someone was accountable for the situation.
I can't understand and I really dont want to generalize but since he has been at this school. They just don't seem to take things seriously enough for me.
Maybe I need to really consider homeschooling. Or just considering what .... being passive and just let the chips fall where they may.....

Please I will never change. My passion for those that I love, no matter how silly others may find it. I wish that sometimes, I didn't feel so alone in the world of all the people who judge and seem to be very casual about things.
Well I just wanted to vent...

Promise to myself:
I will not change to fit the norm.
I will always be passionate for those I care about
Not to judge the world so harshly.


Jeannee said…
I just wanted to say that I am the exact same way with my kids. I too feel like I am the only one left in the world that worries about their kids and puts their kids first. I feel like kids still need their mom today just as much as they ever did and with all the terrible things that happen in this world we have every right to be concerned. You should have not been laughed at you should have been commended for doing a mother's job.
V said…
I don't think homeschooling is the fix. I think the fix is getting an educated person to pick up the phone. If my kid was missing from the bus you best believe I am going to call and I will keep calling until I know my child is safe. She had no right to make those comments it is not as if you were asking a stupied question when you child didnt make it home. I would think about filing a complaint I just dont think that was an appropriate way for them to behave. Believe it or not :) I have a sense of humor about most thing but loosing a child in these days of all kinds of nutcases running around is not one of them.

Just passing through :)

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