Mother's Pickled Eggs with Beets (wwpp=2pt per egg, if you use splenda)

Some say this is an acquired taste. I call it heaven. The longer they sit in the pickled beet juice, the deeper the color goes, I like them all the way, but you have to really keep shifting it to the back of the refrigerator, to keep them long. I have three here at my house, that could eat them all up in a day.

Growing up my mother would make a batch of these, I would just be so happy. Usually a good time for a batch was Easter, when hard boiled eggs were all over. Egg salad and pickled eggs. She really knew how to keep us fed, and in a way where nothing was ever wasted. Then there were those occasions with a little begging and she would just make a batch because she loved me.

This is really easy, and if you are not sure that you might like them, try a few in a jar and see.

Mother's Pickled Eggs with Beets   (wwpp-2 per egg)


Large jar ( I save my large pickle jar for this, you must have a jar big enough for the beets, juice and eggs)

12 Eggs hard boiled and peeled

2 cans of beets

2 cups of vinegar

1/2 cup of sugar ( I used splenda - that is what the ww points are for the splenda version)


1) Boil and peel eggs.

2) Take jar and pour in the beet juice (hold beets out).

3) Add vinegar and sugar (splenda). Shake until blended together.

4) Add 1/4 beets, then a few eggs and then layer beets and eggs  down into the pickled juice you just made in the jar.

5) Put lid on shake gently and put somewhere in back of fridge, so no one touches them for at least a full day.

I really couldn't tell you how long they keep, because ours never last.

I love a few beets and an egg, as a snack, as a side with dinner.

If you give this a shot, holler, I love feed back.

So here is another one of my Mother's recipes that I am sharing from my home to yours.

Keep those memories alive.

Get out there and make the day yours, create something, enjoy the memories of the past.

Have a wonderful day1


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