Hey I am still alive..lol

Hey everyone one.. still hanging on here.
I have picked up a few more kids to watch.. yep, now I have a year old, 2 year old and two 4 year olds..weeeeeeeeeee... they keep me young though...
I am sorry I am so behind.
I just also am dealing with the new baby issues with my brother in law.. Some people just can't see the writing on the wall. The only one that gets hurt will be the baby. He has to grow up with all that drama. We have kept him off and on. I know that is probably not the thing to do, making it easy for them. But what is the answer. I pray every night, to God. I feel this great need to hang back and assess all of the situation, not just dive in and fix it all. I am the great fixer and I am going against all my instincts to hang back.. But I have been praying for answers...
One day, when I get everyone down for a nap... I am praying for guidance and answers.. the phone rings... (now this will spook ya..) and it is a church calling to ask for people to visit.. it is pre- recorded.. didn't say...blah, come see our church.. It started like this" I have called you to tell you God hears your prayers and there is an answering come soon.. It is just right around the corner. " wow ... bout fell out of the bed.
So for now this baby drama is slowly playing out. I will keep everyone updated.. Just always when you say your prayers add us..... Like I do all my family, friends, enemies and strangers. We are all on this earth together, then we should pray for everyone.
Well enough.. on to other things

Haven't cooked anything cool lately..
Just craving...Has sonic chili cheese tator tots...ohhhhh. Remade them at my house..just as good.
Betty Crocker mashed potatoes and brown beef gravy. As good as KFC.. yes, our favs now.. just in case you need a quickie for the holidays

As for my diet, still holding on. Feeling so much better and more energized. Haven't lost but a few more pounds but did a measure tape thingy...
Head.. same size.... huge and full of brains... never could wear a hat
neck.. Sam Watson's kid never small
Mouth... still big and loud.
The upper area... I lost 3"
the waist...I lost 3"
Hips... I lost 3"
Legs still the same.. too much swimming..lol
I am happy, go to the Endocrinologist Tuesday... I hate them .. never will like them.. Just to get prescriptions filled.

Well I just wanted to touch base.. tell everyone, that I think of them often. Pray always, and wish everyone always just more love and understanding..
Keep in touch...


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