Monday, October 13, 2008

I am actually posting this on a Sunday. But I wanted it to be read on the Monday....

I sometimes contemplate my life and how much it has evolved and changed and changed. It seems every day, is a different challenge. I sometimes have to stop, and sit and take a deep breath, to remember all the important small things that are so precious to me and mine.

Today (well tomorrow) is October 13. That is the date of my son's birthday. This is my son that I had years ago, and was taken in a car accident. I know saying that may sadden some people, but please don't feel any sorrow.. feel only love and life. You know that old quote, "Better to love and lost, than never love at all" and it really is true. God takes and then opens so many other doors. I have been blessed with two other children and a great family. I look back at my life and I would never change any of it. I have no regrets. I only promise to keep going, keep changing, keep loving.. and isn't that our only true path. God holds him in his arms forever and I can't think of a better place to be. So I know when I sleep that he sleeps with the Lord forever.

This birthday however marks his 25th birthday. I guess a milestone. I have marked them all. What kind of person or mother would I be if I had forgotten the years?

I wanted to write something in tribute to him, but couldn't find the words this year. So I looked up in my past journals and found this one that I wrote for him when he turned 21. I hope you will take a minute and read it.

To Joshua Buchanan Watson

"Signature Upon My Heart"
October 21st 2004


You came into this world on an angels wing,
Making life a blessing and bringing meaning into my life.
You taught me the true meaning of love,
Love that has no boundaries, unconditionally, always,
Love that was full, hopeful and forgiving,

Your time was short.

Yet was it really?

The memories, They linger still:
At times like you were still here.
Unselfishly, I let you leave this world,
Leaving in the arms of the angels.
To live outside this world,
To sleep with the angels.
Timeless, never ending.

Tenderly you left your Signature upon my heart.
And took away all my fears.
And still I have more time here on this earth.
To use the gifts that you left behind for me.
Love, kindness, hope and forgiveness.
I do know this; We Will Meet Again.

Love is endless, enduring and forever.

I love you forever and that is along time.

Your Mother......

I know it was a bit wordy but it felt good to write it.
So for those who know me...those who want to know me...Have a great day and enjoy every minute you have with the one's you love. Time flies... so enjoy it...

Till I write again..


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