Just dropping in to leave a few recipes

Well now that it is fall....
Happy Halloween to everyone
I tried a few things this week that I wanted to share. You know the prices of groceries and keeping it simple.

I made a thing called "crash potatoes" I found it on the internet..
It is just what it says it is...hahahha

In the internet recipe it said to use the red small potatoes, but I couldn't wait so I used the regular brown potatoes. I wish that I could tell you all about the differences of a potatoe.. but if it works.. why waste the words.

I took about 10 of the small ones, washed them, poked them and boiled them tender. On a sheet pan, I used parchment paper. (Let me talk about this stuff. Wow, I love it for everything, I know a bit pricey, but sure keeps stuff from sticking. Wings, potatoes,you get the idea. )
I liberally poured some olive oil on sheet pan. Put the 10 potatoes on it and took my potatoe smasher and smashed each one into a neat pile. I used a knife to push it back in one piece out of the smasher thingy. And on each pile I used garlic powder and sea salt and some more olive oil. Put the oven on 350 and they went on the top till they were really crunchy and brown.
The family loved it. I will definately make more.. a real quick side to a meal.

Now the next cool thing I tried.
Was Meatloaf minis rolled in bacon. I used the ground turkey I had hiding in my freezer, did the usual oats, bq sauce, garlic, onion and rolled in big balls and wrapped one piece of bacon around each and put in my muffin tin. I also put a sheet pan underneath, so I wasn't scrubbing the stove for dessert.
(See I love to clean..)

These turned out really cool. Leftovers were none. But I bet the could have been good. Made portions really easy.

Well I gotta get ready for the Halloween Night...BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


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