I am back.....

Hey first post in a long time.
Gotcha a good food save from a great leftover that I am sure that we all have.
Tator tots = big hand for the tator tot!!!

When I make tator tots for the kids I usually cook a bit extra. Sometimes, just so I can smother the leftovers with chili and cheese and pop in the micro. I have even take them and put them in a casserole and chili and cheese them. Makes a great side.
But today...tried this. ( If you try it left me know!!)

Leftover tator tots = turned into hash.

I took all the leftover tator tots in a bowl and broke them up into pieces, add a bit of minced onion (just minced and not too much, just to give it another side of flavor) Next I took canadian bacon(You can use the real bacon bits too) and cut it into little pieces, add a bit of garlic salt and pepper. Mixed together well. I then put a bit of olive oil in a pan and put mixture in. I stir it and make it all brownish and then I patted it down and crisped it on both side. When i was finished I plated it and put two nice sunny sided eggs on top.
From my husbands view he said it was one of the best things I have made..weeeeeeeeeeee...
You know as I am writing this I am thinking, gosh this could go on a pizza too.. Lots of carbs, but for something different.

Well again I just wanted to share a good save from my kitchen fridge.. come back soon and see what I can find next
From my kitchen to yours...
thanks for stopping bye..


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