March 18, 2010

Hello to everyone.. I know that again it has been awhile.. and I could go on about my troubles, but that is all they are and I am dealing with them as well as I can.
I actually have my second hip surgery on March 29th. Please keep me in your prayers. I will in time, write again about the things I have learned and cooped with during this time. I find it important to share, therefore, someone one may be feeling or doing the same and find comfort in my post.
Quick Update.
Elizabeth is doing well her first year of college. I am really impressed with the determination and drive she has. She has really been my rock and help during these times. Let us just say she has really stepped up and taken the lead. One day when she finds a man to love, he will know he got the very best cream of the crop.
Thomas is still hating school. But he does well, when he isn't fighting it so hard. He is again into the Pokemon. I just can't understand how we know all the pokey names and can't get the math..I am sure he will be just fine.
Patrick is now 20mths old. He is allllllll boy. He is into everything. Just when you don't think he will do it, he will. He will do things just to get you after him. He seems to love my walker. Takes it and moves it so I can't get him. Or another fav.. throws himself low down on the floor where I can't reach him. I also swear he will eventually give the rabbit a concussion. He throws things at him in his pen. Needless to say my kitchen, dining rm and living room are a sea of baby gates..
My husband Tom, is doing great. Just still working and providing for this crazy bunch. Hopefully I will be back on my feet soon and I can carry some of the financial weight.
I am hoping this summer We will get to take a break from all this stuff and have a great one.
I will try to post more and closer together.
Please remember that no matter how far apart we all are, I always love each and every one of you.
Take care and always keep in touch.


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