June 3, 2010

Hey everyone, hope that your Memorial Day Weekend, was a restful and full of fun. We kinda stuck around the house, swimming, some projects, and just hanging out. Fun none the less.

School is officially out in our county. Summer begins. This summer I am back into the swing of keeping kids. Seems like that will be my direction for the rest of my life. lol. I really have the patience (like so many do not) so actually I see this as my one of my gifts. I really like having the kids around, the energy level is through the roof around here. I like to play, and they like to play so great combination.

My kids are all doing well. Elizabeth finished her first year of college and is doing great. She is a big hand around here. She is so much like me. Thomas finished 7th grade, boy he just doesnt like school. I hope that every year it will be different, but alas it is not. He is getting so tall and he is every bit as sweet as he is sour lol! He is also my big help this year, the kids I watch just about follow him all over. He is the coolest thing next to icepops.

As for myself, I am coming along with rehab very nicely. The main thing is that I can walk again. I do have a limp and I have to get back in shape, in time, but just to be able to walk again. I feel like a miracle. My chance to get back to life without all that chronic pain.

I wanted to share a recipe that I made this weekend (I know another one, but it was so easy and I know some of you like the easy, and this world is so busy, and money is getting tight)

Stromboli ( I think that is what they are called)

1 pizza dough (I used the pillsbury in the can)
any kind of sandwich meat ( I had leftover sliced turkey, ham, salami and provolone cheese)
parm cheese
mayo with a bit of dion mustard

unroll dough and press out on a lightly floured surface
start laying (1 layer at a time) of the sandwich meat leaving about and inch all around
last layer put the cheese slices
spread a thin layer of mayo/dion
and sprinkle with pharm cheese

start at top and roll down like a jelly roll
when finished transfere to a sheet pan ( I line mine with parchment paper doesn's stick)

bake at 350 for about 30-40 minutes
let cool 15min. ( you need this to let the cheese set)

We have had it twice and it was great. Quick and simple. Used up all the left over sandwich stuff.
Now I have been reading and some put veggies in it, some put sauce. I will have to try a few and let you know.
Well again I wanted to share.. It is now 7am and I have to get my baby and kids up.
Everyone have a great day.
Remember that I love ya....


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