September 13, 2010

Happy, Happy Fall to everyone. It seems as if the seasons come so much quicker as the years just go chasing by.

School has been going on here in GA for the last month and half. It is now getting cooler and darker in the mornings and nights. Makes sitting on the deck so enjoyable.

The kids are all doing well. Thomas is liking school just a bit more, not much, but he is atleast wanting to try do well. Not that a new WII game is the prize for some much needed good grades.

Elizabeth is doing well in college, thinking of switching majors to Radiology, but not real sure. Gosh, she sure does have a head on her shoulders. She really wants something out of life.

Patrick, is growing faster and talking all the time. He is the sunshine around here. He has aquired the virus, "Croup" wow, it was scarey, Elizabeth and I went racing to the ER Saturday afraid he wasn't going to breath right. But all well that ends well, he is fine and up and going. These childhood diseases, I just don't remember the first two having them. But I guess that is how we cope, God erases all the scarey stuff so we are strong and ready for more. Funny how life goes.

Fun thing this weekend, I loaded the SKYPE on my laptop that has a webcam. Got to talk with my brother and my mother in WV. Wow, I was so excited, they got to take a virtual tour, see the kids, the house, and all the stuff they had never seen. I got to see my mom, and brother, and all the stuff they had changed since I moved away. It was just amazing. I recommend it to anyone that doesn't get to go home very often. I really made me so happy and I felt like I was right there.

A recipe from this weekend I wanted to share. I love sharing the easy and quick ones.

Stromboli (I think that is what the official name is)

Left over sandwich meat (makes it so much worth making if you think you are saving. Of course you can just buy meat to make it)
1 pizza crust (in tube)
any kind of cheese
dijon mustard

I spray a clean place on my table with pam and roll out my pizza dough. then spread on mayo/dijon mix and spread all the way to about 1/2 from edge. Then layer the sandwich meat in thin layers, next the cheese.
When finish roll up like a jelly roll and put on a greased sheet pan and pinch the edges. Slash a few lines to release the steam and bake. 350 for about 30 minutes. Be sure to let it cool. It tastes so much better. I also sprinkle sesame seeds and poppy when I have them.

Hope you give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Well I promise to get back sooner and share a little more. I love getting to say hello. Drop me a line any time.
Remember distance and time makes no impact on how much I love you all.


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