It is Fall

Hey it is fall again. Everyone around here is just going about the daily I kinda like it quiet and drama free.

Just wanted to pop on here and share a few recipes, that I have created. Well one I created and the other went with a concept and it turned out pretty good. Really easy too.

Corndog Casserole

(inspired from the 5 left over hotdogs hanging out in fridge)

5 hotdogs (diced up)( personally I would use more, I made it for the babies)
1 corn bread mix (mix as per pkg)

Mix in hotdogs and dot with ketchup and mustard. (yes, right on top)
Cook until brown and knife comes out clean

I cooked this in a 8x8 pan so that the pieces I cut would be thin enough for the baby to dip and eat.

Status: we will make this again, might just have to add a few extras...and it was cheap.

Spinach Pie (or Greek Spanakopita)

After you have made this you will realize that you could have made much more of the filling and used it for other, was incredible

16 oz (or the big bag) of frozen spinach
garlic (4 cloves - we like garlic)
diced onion (small) (sautee with garlic to soften a bit)
12 oz feta cheese
12 oz rigatto cheese
2 eggs
phylo dough (I used both packages inside box
melted butter (enough to brush between layers and on top)

I also put down parchment paper on the bottom. I used a big ole sheet pan, like a flat cake pan.
I layered each sheet of phylo dough in and brushed lightly with butter. After 10 layers (divide up spinach mixture into two) I spooned on layer of the spinach mixture
and then 10 more layers and then mix and lastly the top (10 too) then brushed with butter.
>>>>DO THIS>>>>I had read after I had put it in the oven that you can take a knife and score the portions before you put in oven, to keep it from crumbling up after done..

Bake at 350, it took mine about 35-40 minutes to brown up. Keep watch after 25 minutes.
You must let this cool a bit, the inside is very hot.

Status: this was very delicious and very was even better the next day. We took cut portions and put on a sheet pan and warmed up, and browned even more.

I will make this again. I will most probably always double it and freeze in workable portions for those quick pizzas....
Also read you can pre-make the whole thing and freeze. Would be a great appetizer on the quick.

Well I just wanted to share my new recipes with you all.

Enjoy and if you try it let me know what you think..

My love to all....


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