Blue Cheese and Homemade Potatoe Chips

I couldn't help myself. I am an addict to this, Blue Cheese on Homemade Potatoe Chips.

The month of March has flown by and I still haven't celebrated my birthday. So yesterday, I talked my husband into going out early and getting stuff to fix some things around the house, and stop at the store on the way home. All intentions of making something at home. Well being as we snuck out of the house, with the baby, and the other two opted to sleep, we were almost alone.

My husband commented that they just open a 3 Dollar Cafe, and would I like lunch. Well heck yea! So we went in and started with an appetizer, well we should have just stopped with the appetizer. It was so good, so sinful I am sure. It was there homemade potatoe chips with a blue cheese sauce. I was in true heaven. Actually I wanted more all day and into the night.

Sunday morning comes and I am still talking about these chips. They were about $8.00 for a large order. So I decided that it was time to purchase a deep fryer. I had one years ago, but I couldn't stand the mess and how it was all one piece. So for my birthday present, I bought a deep fryer. It is really nice, and I researched ways to stretch the oil and how to do it. Of course trying to say a little money, and justify this purchase. Now I can make fried pickles, egg rolls, wontons and all kinds of quickie treats. I know, I know, it is fattening, but we usually don't fry too much and this is just a treat.

After buying the fryer, I decided that I needed to make those homemade chips and blue cheese.

Blue Cheese and Homemade Potatoe Chips


Blue Cheese Crumbles
Blue Cheese dressing (I used a nicer one, that was in the cold section of store)
Potatoes (12 nice potatoes)


Prep Potatoes, Wash them (I left the skin on mine)
thinly cut them (I had a mandolin cutter, but a nice sharp knife will work)
Put them in a bowl with cold water for 30 minutes

I put out three cookie sheets: two with paper towels for draining on them. The last one was lined with foil.

Prep the oil to 375 (and my little new fryer did this for me)

Pull out handful of potatoes and lay on one of the towel lined pans and dry off.

Dropping them into the fryer. It took mine about 7 minutes to brown and crisp.

When done I put them onto the other pan to drain.

Then I moved them to make a large flat mound on the foil lined sheet, cause I had planned to add more, of course.

Be sure to throw in another bunch, you will need it I promise.

I salted them and dripped blue cheese dressing on them and then sprinkled crumbles.

Then place them in a warm oven to melt that crumbles (and to wait for the next batch)

After saucing the second batch on top of the first, I now had created a potatoe burial mound, and slid back in oven turned on broiler and really melted that blue cheese.

I wanted to quickly post this, so you can give it a try. Either out or in your own home. If you do try it, let me know.

Well off to clean up the mess I made and get my kids started for the bed. Everyone have a wonderful night.

Love to everyone.

When all the work was done, A cold diet coke and this wonderful appetizer. We polished it off really fast. I think I still want more, but I gotta wait till another day to have a really great treat.


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