I have reached the 30,000 visits to my page.
Wow, I just don't know what to say.
I hope that everyone has enjoyed what they have found amoung these ramblings.
I started out just not knowing where my niche might take me and now I see a path. I hope to come back soon with a few new recipes. I have to create them and try them out first. I have a great set of guinea pigs here at the house.
It is spring starting here in GA and the sun is shining today. I have two boys waiting to get outside so I will make this brief.

Thanks for all my family and friends that have supported me in writing this BLOG. It could never had been anything without you. Also for all my new friends that are checking me out. Feel free to leave your email and comments any time.

So enjoy they day.. get out there and make it yours.. until later...



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