Pinned It -- Did It-- and Loved It Slider Ham and Cheese Bake

Okay, It turned out to be one of those days, last Saturday. I had already gone to the store, decided we were going to have sliders, you know of the hamburger kind. I the frugal mother that I am, said, "Okay, I have hamburger in the freezer, and it is 9am and when I get home, it will thaw by 6pm" NOT>>NOT

So I had three packages of slider buns. Kroger's make an actual little itty bitty slider bun, like really cute. They are 1.00 a package of 12. You can also use the Hawaiian rolls, and I have even used regular size rolls from Sams.

As I was looking at the frozen meat, I remembered a recipe I came across on the Pinterest Site. It was for actually a ham, provolone, and Hawaiian roll one.  I always have lunch meat hanging around. So I just modified it to fit what I had in the refrigerator.

Slider Ham and Cheese Bake   package of 12

(Since I have a big family I never have anything of 12) You can make this any size you want. A 9x13 pan, or as big as a sheet tray. Just make sure you get enough ham and cheese to put on each sandwich. )


1 package of ham ( I actually cut the ham in half and put both halves on the roll, just to give it a easier stack instead of folding it)

Cheese ( I used 1/2 slice for each sandwich, I found that Swiss or mozzarella had a better taste with the sandwich.)(use what you like)(you could use shredded too!)

Margarine or Butter. I used 1 stick for 24 rolls.

1/2 onion (minced really small, could use dehydrated)

3 tablespoon of Dijon Mustard

2 tablespoons of Worcestershire Sauce


1) Spray your pan, that you are going to use.(or I use parchment for everything)

2)Lay in the bottom of your rolls. Side by side, squeezing them all in.

3) Lay on your meat and then your cheese. Put the top of rolls back on.

4) In a microwave bowl, put butter, minced onion, Dijon mustard, and the worcestershire and melt down.

5) Pour liberally across the top of the rolls, trying to kinda get some on them all.
(at this point on pinterest it said to let sit in fridge overnight, not me I popped them right in.)

6) Put in oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes.

Remove and enjoy.

This was really easy, really quick and it filled everyone up. You could do a salad and a tray of these. A pot of soup, chili and a tray of these. The mixture you pour on, flavors it and then while it is cooking it crisps up the bottom.

I was thinking though you could come up with other combinations.  Maybe an Italian twist. Salami and Mozzarella and add a bit of oregano to the top mixture. Maybe do it with hero bread and cup into pieces.

This could be a quick meal. Maybe after thanksgiving, with the turkey and make a topping using a little of cranberry, or do with the same topping as above and then make a gravy to pour over...yummy..

 Great way to use old rolls too, cause once you bake them, it will make them fresh again. A meal saved from what you would have wasted..That is right up my alley.

Gosh, I made my self hungry.


Haven't posted in awhile, and I hope I will change that, kinda been trying to get back on a diet and watch what I am eating. I find now, that I can eat anything, just in moderation, special occasions.

Be good to yourself. Take this recipe, tweak it, make it yours.

It really is that simple....


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