Avocado / Black Bean Quesadilla

I am always looking for something yummy. I am also always looking for something more on the healthy side, but with nice flavor.

So yesterday, I had just bought a package of whole wheat tortillas, I really wanted the low carbs ones, but this is what my husband brought, so I have to use these first.

Avocado / Black Bean Quesadilla


Avocado (mixed with lemon and sea salt, smooth it down or how you like the texture)

Black Beans (about a 1/4 of a cup, if from the can rinse)

Tomato (diced small, or you can use can, but only a small amount. In a pinch use salsa)

Onion (minced, just for a flavor, so add just a bit. )

Shredded cheese (just a little)



1) Hot Pan, Spray with Pam,

2) Spread on avocado onto one side of wheat tortilla and place facing avocado side up, then layer on what you have, sprinkle the beans, tomato, onion, and a little bit of cheese.

3) Put top on, and let cook till crisp on one side and then carefully flip. I have found that if you actually made these a half at a time, instead of a round it is easier to flip.
Meaning spread and add stuff to one half and fold over and brown both sides.

When nice and brown on both sides, remove and cut into 8ths and if you want add a little salsa ( I love the fresh cold salsa) and some sour cream.

I found this to be very filling, but you could add a nice spring salad, to round it out a bit.

Now that summer is upon us, my crock pot and my convection oven will go out on the carport, to keep my kitchen cool.

I love collard greens in the crock pot. These are great to make and add into a quick soup.
 I also do a pot of beans every few weeks, for salads, tacos, or some re fried beans. That makes a nice meatless Monday meal.
 I now do my baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, and niblet corn in the crock pot too. Check those recipes out. That makes for a quick meal and a painless clean up.

So now my friends, always keep it just that simple and enjoy every day. Make the day yours, and get out there and create something new.

Remember a smile just may be just that, but it could mean the world to someone else.


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