Microwave Lava Cakes (all flavors)

Chocolate Lava Cake
Red Velvet Lava Cake

These are the two that we have tried so far. This is now our "go to" dessert. Let us also talk very simple and very easy.

All you need is a cake mix, an appropriate flavored icing to go with what you choose.
Chocolate - Chocolate Icing
Red Velvet - Cream Cheese Icing
Lemon Cake - Lemon Icing (you can also zest lemon in it too)
Lime Cake - Lime Icing (you can do zest too)
Orange Cake - Orange Icing (with zest) or a vanilla icing..like a cream-cicle.

A nice size bowl. We used the largest we had. When we mixed the cake mix it left us with a good six inches from the top of the bowl. It needs room to rise and sometimes it rises above the bowl so don't panic.

Microwave Lava Cakes 


1 box of cake mix ( mix as directed on box)

1 can of icing


1) Make the cake mix as per the box. (wipe the edge of the bowl, I do this as a good measure that it won't overflow)

2) Drop the icing, exactly in the middle by spoon fulls.

3) Place in microwave for exactly 10 minutes.

It will raise up high and then go back down. BE CAREFUL VERY< VERY HOT

This is also sooooo very hot. We just couldn't leave it alone. You could let it cool a bit and just dig down into it.
Nope not us, we had to flip it.
This one is the red velvet with the cream cheese lava...

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

We actually that day, we made three of them and gave some away.
I have a lime and an orange mix I want to try..This weekend I am sure.
Ice cream would be a good addition too.

So my friends, sometimes,,,It really is just this simple.



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