Grilled Chicken / Broccoli / Rice and Cheese Burritos

Grilled Chicken/ Broccoli /Rice and Cheese Burritos  (4)


1 chicken breast shredded(this was actually my leftover rotisserie chicken)

1 small bag of cut up broccoli pieces (mine was leftover from the calizones)

1 pouch bag of Uncle Ben's White Rice (next time I will use brown)

1 small bag of shredded cheddar cheese (or Mexican blend)

1 small container of sour cream.


1) Take and shred chicken.

2) Prepare the rice in microwave and dump in a container, prepare the broccoli in microwave and dump also in same container, add a little shredded cheese ( now these could all be made from leftover)

3)Prepare the burrito.
Lay chicken on, then a bit of the rice and broccoli mix, sour cream and then sprinkle with cheese, I kinda made mine kinda fat. (enough so you can roll them up.

4)Lay seam side down and grill both sides.

When nice and toasted on each side, remove and cut in half.. kinda hot, so go slow...

My family actually went nuts on these. I had to make extra stuff to keep in the fridge so they could make their own this week.

This last few weeks, I had a surplus of soup in the can. So I decided to declare it "Soup Week" and in those weeks I have come up some really simple, yet not sandwich, but just something to go with the soup.

I really hope you give this a chance, it was really good and one really filled me up. I think grilling a burrito is now my new thing, will share more innards for a burrito as I even them.

I this week also got some spinach dehydrated flakes...hmmmmmmm...


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