August 2015 Menu Plan

Hello from GA, and the Lynch household,

School started here and I have one in public school and two in college. I am running behind this month. I apologize for posting this late.

Hey, if you ever have an easy recipe or something you would love to share always feel free to comment it. I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes.

Menu Planning is one way that I keep our food costs down. It has changed over the years however, because prices these days are really outrageous. I used to right down menus and then shop. Now I have to write menus, while keeping mind all the things I have a home first. Almost like shopping at home and then the small add ins I need to finish the menu's. I rarely do a menu for breakfast and lunch. Those I always have on hand eggs, cheese, bagel thins, English muffins, spinach, onions, sandwich meats, and usually I will do a pot soup for the week. Some dinners I always make an extra pasta, or ground been to put up for another spot on my menu. I will freeze the extra and have it a week or two later, to keep it fresh and new. Nothing like a boring menu.

Keep in mind, that there are some days when the menu is cool, but I am not in the mood. That is where breakfast, frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, or even can soup and grilled cheese fills in. If I miss an item on the menu I usually see how to move it or re-think it. I also try to find a balance with things, like Pasta once a week, bread, potatoes..salad. Sometimes I really am very good at it. I also make sure that these are just one portion per person, so we don't get fat and happy. On days where I know the kids won't eat I add an extra entree for them. Also making these meals, I think about what would re-heat for them to take for lunch.

It is a juggling act.

So far this is what I have

August Menu

Week 8-14

Soup of the week is Spit Pea Soup  and possibly Collard Greens
Sweet of the week Chocolate Cherry Crumble Cake

Saturday - Wings and Pizza
Sunday - Chicken Parm / Pasta / Salad
Monday- Skillet Cajun Talipia / black rice / small vinaigrette salad / kids - fish sticks
Tuesday - Omelets / English muffins / fried potatoes
Wednesday - Baked Ziti / Salad
Thursday - Tomato Soup / tuna melts / kids - grilled cheese
Friday- Hamburgers / parm oven fries

Week 15-21

Soup of the week is Chili
Sweet of the week Pineapple Angel food cake

Saturday - Anything Day ???
Sunday- Chili / Hot Dogs / coleslaw / tator tots
Monday - enchiladas crock pot / small vinaigrette salad / kids- hamburger helper
Tuesday- Grilled Chicken Salad  - Paddy chicken nuggets and mac an cheese
Wednesday - Broccoli / Alfredo Pasta / Salad
Thursday- BLT Pie / k- spaghetti pie
Friday - Sloppy Joe / fries

Week 22-28

Soup of the week is Lentil
Sweet of the week is berry cobbler

Saturday - Anything Day???
Sunday - Tacos / burritos
Monday - Pancakes / sausage links/ Fried eggs
Tuesday - Cobb salad / grilled chicken salad / paddy nuggets and mac and cheese
Wednesday -Shrimp Alfredo / salad / k - shrimp and cheese grits
Thursday - Reuben Sandwiches / Choice of Can Soups / k- grilled cheese
Friday - Tyson Chicken Patties Sandwiches / Parm oven fries.

So there you go... I hope you peruse it, I am always curious what other people are cooking. I love food, creating food and sharing food.
So welcome to my world.


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