Chorizo Potato Hash w/ Fried Corn Tortillas

 Shipped the family off to Calloway Gardens to see the Christmas Lights. I unfortunately still am recouping from hip revision surgery and can't ride that long in a car. And to be really honest, even though these places are to be handicap friendly, they always seem to fall short. Either the chairs are too short, or the potties... That is okay, I guess, but it sure would be fun, if I could have gone.. Well is what it is..

Tonight's dinner was Dining for one. Well of course you know I made it large and could have been for 3.

I am just a maniac for Chorizo, I love things that are already spiced and ready to go. My other love is onions, that is because they soak up just about anything you cook them with.. butter, chorizo (the oil and juice that comes out of the meat as you cook it) Then my other all time is potato, because it also just loves flavor and loves salt and pepper.

So for dinner I present to you >.. A Chorizo Potato Hash.  ( I had wanted to amp it up more and was going to put a sunny side egg on top, which I guarantee would have been to die for, but I couldn't reach the egg carton...booohiissssbooo) But is was still very good.

Chorizo Potato Hash w/Fried Corn Tortillas 


3 medium potatoes (wash and cut into small bite size cubes, I leave the peel, I like the texture and the vitamins)
1 large onion (diced in small bites, same size as potato)
1 tablespoon of oil (I used coconut oil)
2 small tubes of Chorizo (they were about 5 inches long, I would say after I browned it and crumbled it up I got about a 1/2 cups worth)
Corn Tortillas (how many you would like)
Coconut Oil


1) After dicing up the onion and potatoes, put them in a large saute pan with the coconut oil and start cooking them, starting to get them tender.

2) When the potatoes are about half way scoot them over to the side of the pan and put chirozo in and start breaking it up and cooking.. Then mix it all together..
Letting it cook and finish making everything tender. If you like the crusty bits you can get it all tender then raise heat and get the crispy on the edge. Just watch and flip often the chorizo has some of its own oil and it could burn really quick.

3) With this I took corn tortillas and fried them in 1/2 of coconut oil. I think this will be how I do it from now on. I went really fast. You have to watch them, the oil must heat up fast..So Please Keep and Eye on It.

I served in a large bowl (my own bowl) I topped mine with a little shredded cheese and sour cream. I am still wishing I had the egg, but I had a whole other serving I just put up. So I guess breakfast is Chorizo Hash and I am still not sharing.

 I could have stopped

It was very, very good and filling.. still wish I had an egg....

I thought I would post this quickie meal. I know you know that I love to share.. Hope you try it and enjoy it. I will be back after Thanksgiving, I am going to break down our entire meal into recipes. Atleast if the world doesn't enjoy them, then my kids and family will have them forever.
Take care and make wonderful memories. Put those phones and tablets down. Give everyone alot of attention and lots of memories. It really is just that simple....


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