Brooklyn (missing since 7/31/2016) Family Cat

What a beauty. What a kind, sweet, loving hearted cat.  Brooklyn She was so little when we got her, I was so really afraid she wouldn't make it with our two big old dogs. I was so wrong. From the minute her little self came, my River (my lab) layed down and let her lay between her long front legs. I really actually think she thought River was her mother.
My River passed the summer of 2015 and the world just stood still. She had been with us since a baby and she was almost 17 years old. That is a long time. When she passed the other animals were just lost, as we were.
This summer, actually a week ago, our Brooklyn, strayed off and has yet to return. I really cant imagine her going far. She just always stayed in the yard, but I guess since River passed, she got braver and ventured out further.
I have spent a week, just in a  funk, we have checked, looked, called just about everyone and everything. I just don't know.
I am praying that if she is gone (passed) then I pray God takes her over the bridge and I sleep with the thoughts of what a great gift she has been.
If someone has her then I guess, I need to be faithful and hope that she has found a forever home. And maybe we were to train this beautiful animal to be for someone else. Someone who needed her. Because we really can't ever fathom Gods Plans.
And though my heart breaks, I can only pray that God finds the mercy to bring us peace and comfort.

I just thought I would write a little about her, it just seems that when you share the pain, it becomes smaller and sometimes, just posting it, kinda immortalizes her. 

So I bid you sweet sweet, baby Brooklyn...


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