Greek Gyro Inspired Pizza

(updated must get the cucumbers and tomatoes for it. It made it heavenly)


I again, am cooking up a storm. The end of 2015 for us brought a relief , that we survived. During the  2015 year, we survived me having 3 hip revision surgeries, 2 disclocated new hips, the youngest, ear tubes, adnoids, and with a final end of the Daddy, falling and breaking his ankle, just with that in health problems, I guess we could have done worse. But we are all alive and kicking. We go into the New Year, with a little more hope and faith, that we made it through the fire and we can revitalize our lives.

Pinching those food pennies as always and trying to never waste a thing. I created this Pizza.

I have always had such a hankering for the Greek Gyro's. I think this comes from eating such different, cultural foods that I found while I lived in NYC. In the last few years that I lived in NY, I actually live in the Long Island City, Astoria part. It was known for alot of Greek restaurants and Diners. I always was a push over for a Gyro, with lots of the Tzatziki Sauce (white cucumber sauce) I would have to have oodles of napkins. MMMMMMMM I can almost taste it. Also in Astoria there were street vendors that would sell souvalakis, meat chunks on a stick, with a little piece of french bread stuck on the end. A little hot sauce and you were good to go (I think that will be next).I can smell them in my imagination.

Over the years, I have tried to duplicate this at home. I may just try to tell you that it is a challenge. I can always get just that taste, but then, you know.. I finally found this..
 I found this in the spices at our local Walmart. They have a no salt version. I think this is as close as I can get. I did try Alton Browns way and it was pretty good too, just took more time. I like this in meatballs. I actually last night mixed it into my turkey meat. We had Greek influenced hamburgers for dinner. With the leftover seasoned turkey, I browned up, and used on this wonderful pizza. My pizza was yummy, the next time I think thin slice cucumbers and tomatoes would take it even further and finish it out.

Isn't that a pretty pizza.. Don't forget when you make it put a little tomato and cucumber on the end with the lettuce and onions.

Greek Gyro Inspired Pizza


1/4 lb of ground turkey (or any meat..lamb would throw it out a bounds)
1 tablespoon of seasoning ( I seasoned alot, because we love the taste)
feta cheese
black olives (if you have them)
pizza crust ( I used just a Pillsbury quickie on) (pre-bake for about 5 minutes)



Tzatziki Sauce

1 cup sour cream (or Greek yogurt plain0
1 lemon
1 med cucumber
1tsp dill
1tsp minced garlic

( I peeled and de-seeded my cucumber, threw it all in a food processor and blended, at end tasted if it needed some sea salt, pepper or even a little more onion.)

1) Take the turkey and mix with the seasoning and brown and make into crumbles.
2) Take pre-baked pizza crust and sprinkle a little spice on it.
3) Take the spinach and cut into little pieces (sprinkle on pizza dough) a little sliced black olives(if you have them)
4) Sprinkle on the feta cheese (you could use a little motz if you would like, but feta was good)
5) Then add the turkey meat.. Throw in oven until brown

When it is done, garnish it with cold shredded lettuce, onions (julienned), tomatoes, and thin sliced cucumber. Not to overwhelm it just to add just enough balance of tastes.

When you serve it. Give each person a small container of the tzatziki sauce (cause I love it drenched)


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