Chorizo with Potatoes


Welcome to my Blog and to the month of May. In the end of the month, I will have my kids home from school and the eating and cooking begins. I am ready, down here in the South. It gets hot. I put my convection oven on my carport outside. every summer it makes a convenient pizza or something quick and doesn't heat up my kitchen. No matter how good the AC is the heat from a stove can eat that up, and since I do cook a lot, well you get it.

This recipe I am going to share, is really very easy, and quick. I usually make this when I look to see how my potatoes are holding up and if it is time, I will make fried potatoes. I buy the chorizo when it is on sale and keep in my freezer. I have also purchased some chorizo spices, but I find I like the little bits of the meat in the potatoes too. I always have onions on hand. This works real well, if you find your onions are going, dice a small bag of them, Julienne a small bag and put in the freezer. I pull them out when I need an onion to cook with, and what kind of chop.

I also have found a cool way to enjoy my corn tortillas. I sit and lay them on my stove top burner, It kinda chars the edge and makes them taste even better. Brings out the corn taste.
corn tortillas

This makes them taste so much better, I will sit and do a lot of these if everyone is eating. As I do them I wrap them in a foil packet and keep them warm. 

I make an uber batch (large, one because I feed a family of 5) but also I can make this into other things. This chorizo and potatoes can become a morning hash, with an runny egg on top. I also make a breakfast cup to go, with the same idea and a runny egg. We also have had this just on a biscuit.
You can choose how you like it.

Chorizo with Potatoes


Chorizo (any type you like, I like the spicey)

Potatoes (again, how many that you like, for the extra batch I did about 7 potatoes, what fit in my pan)

Onion - one whole-diced

Sour Cream

Saracha (optional)


1. Cut the potatoes in bite size, all the same size they cook faster. Put in pan.

2. Cut the onions up to the same size. Put in pan.

3. I push  the potatoes and onions, over to one side (the best you can) Then I put the chorizo on the empty side, and break it up, and try to cook it a bit, kinda letting the side with the potatoes off the burner more, when I get the chorizo, cooked enough and broken up, looks like a red saucey stuff. 

4. I start to incorporate the potato, onion stack into the chorizo, I kinda tilt the pan and scoop and toss around, you will get the hang of it. Getting the red chorizos color on everything. I also add Sirachi too make them spicey.

5. Then start cooking to soften all the potatoes and onions. I turn it down to medium and put a lid on it. About 10 minutes, then toss again, if it looks like the potatoes are still not cooked, do it again. When everything is softened, I then turn up the heat, and toss again. Wait a few and toss again. this starts to make the potatoes a little crusty and that is yummy. Get the potatoes to how you like them and turn off.

6. Serve them how you like. I like mine in the corn tortilla with a little sour cream.

Now that looks good, see the char on the tortilla. It was a really yummy lunch. 

I have put the rest in a container, on the counter, my son will be home in a few and he will want first crack at it. Then I will put up in fridge. I may bring it out to share for a breakfast dinner. Or I may wait and get another Mommy Lunch first. 

Give it a shot, it was really tasty and really filling. Although  I had no motivation to start with, I now want my nap. A nice little nap, it will be hard to come by in a few weeks, when the kids are home.

So get with it, bring that family back to the table. Make it simple, cause it really is that simple.


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