The Beginning..

Interlude from insanity is to be a place for me to take a break, share my thoughts and relax from then craziness of being a woman, a mom, a wife and just a human being. This world sometimes get to going so fast, that it is important that we can just stop for one second. Like the saying stop and smell the roses. So the purpose of this blog is for the bloggeee, ME to start a new. A beginning of a union of my thoughts printed in word. I have plenty of things to say, share, vent and write. For those who disagree with me, I welcome your comments. Please be easy on me, I am but a student in the world of Blogging, and I have lots to learn. All are welcome to read and share my ideas, hopes, dreams,frustrations,recipes, thoughts and just my day to day rambling.
So here it is a beginning....
See you soon.


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