BLOG's meaning... In my realm of my world BLOG is the start of a new medium in which I can share with all my family, friends, and those who want to get to know me. It is about a small look into my life, struggles, triumps, lows, highs, and lots of funny in between. So lets say that BLOG means Beware Life Only Gets....?... better, or could I guess sometimes worse, but that depends on whether you are a glass is half full or a glass half empty kinda person. In my opinion I go for the glass half full option, because atleast I still have hope.
For those of you who know me, hopefully may come to understand me better, appreciate, or even find me intensely amusing. Those who don't know me, will find me possibly odd, weird and may at times find me inspirational. I prefer the last, you know like I am contributing to the world in some odd way, by sharing my crazy life. Either way I hope that I am atleast reading worthy. Everyone is welcome to leave a comment. I love to be motivated to write even more.
I feel the only way to start out a new thingy ( that's a made up word that I have used for years describing things I have no idea what to call.) So first in my insert of BLOGGING I will take a moment and introduce myself. Later I will tackle the job of introducing my family and friends. But first thing first. Now if you are my family reading this I am sure you are all wondering why I would write about my life. I promise that I will with hold all names to protect the innocent ( unlikely that they are all so innocent.) and I will try to tell it the way I see it.
Let me start for my first BLOG, with me, I am you get what you see kinda person. I am usually so honest and blunt that I am hard to get at first. I wasn't always like this, but I have learned over the years it is better to keep it up front and honest. But you know, if you did it, you did it. If you said it, you said it. I have to own up to everything I do and say so why not everyone else. Also having a memory for the exact words in a conversation, sure doesn't help me out either. I am a Mom, a wife, sister, daughter, friend, therapist, bookkeeper, maid, cook, and all the other titles that a Mother would assume in her lifetime. I am very fortunate that I can stay at home with my children while they are in school. I like being a Stay Home Mom. I am always busy and on the go. I am trying to become a freelance author in my little spare time. I am also an artist and very creative. In my spare time I also watch a few kids, you know just so I don't get lonely. I think they really watch me.
I am 46 years young on March the 1st. I personally just think that age is nothing. I keep getting younger all the while my mind just keeps picking up bits of wisdom for me to pass on to other people. I do think that one day I will find the time to be a Mature Adult. Probably in my 80's and in diapers.
Well I think I have given everyone enough to process for the time being. So for now, Keep Hanging on for dear life... Cause BLOG... Beware.. Life.. Only.. Gets......? Better.. I promise.


lynnlc said…
lynnlc from fv here...Pleased to meet the woman behind the avatar! Look forward to future blogs!

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