I bet you thought I forgot to come back

Actually I have been trying to get myself back on the self improvement track. I have found that since I have been a wife for the last 18 years and a mother for 16 of those years, that I have lost myself along the way. I guess it is only natural. I always did say that I was on hold until the kids got old enough to come home and be safe without the mother hen around. The time is coming to an end, the kids are starting to become independent and self sufficient. Well I take that back my 10 year old son, I feel will live with me until he is old and in diapers again. But that is a whole nother subject.
I have really through out the years, tried to watch my weight, exercise and do all the right things, but with kids, husband, family, stress and just over all life, I never felt that I could get it down pat.
So for the last three weeks, I have changed eating to portions and incorporated exercise into my day. It just kills everyone when I say, " Can't talk I am in the me zone". I am hoping that I can succeed with this routine. It will make my life healthier.
I am also feeling like my creative brain is coming back to life. So we will see what it will be producing in the next year to come. I am dusting off all my children books (that I wrote and never tried to publish) and articles for children magazines. In the hopes of revamping and seeing if I can get published. Maybe accomplish just a little bit of an adult life.
Well just thought I would come and post, what I have been up to, will come back soon.


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